Who sent the KKK mailers to Idaho lawmakers? Here's one theory

The Ku Klux Klan membership letters, received recently by several Idaho legislators, may be the work of a former U.S. House candidate in Montana.

Citing the Montana Human Rights Network as its source, a Great Falls, Mont., Tribune article links the mailers to John Allen Abarr.

Abarr pulled out of the congressional race in October, writes the Tribune, "after being shunned by GOP leaders.

"The 42-year-old night auditor at a Great Falls hotel was a former KKK organizer, who told reporters in June that he believed people would back him as part of a backlash to President Barack Obama's election."

The Montana Human Rights Network says Abarr also confirmed sending KKK mailers to lawmakers in Wyoming and Montana.

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Wow. There's a shocker.

One of the GOP candidates. You don't say.

"after being shunned by GOP leaders.

Have someone draw a picture.

Operative word being

Operative word being shunned, as in no GOPers wanted a thing to do with him or his message.


"former" organizer.

Still not very good at it.

One of each

A "Republican" spewing KKK venom. A "Democrat" under psychiatric evaluation. It proves at least that the barrier to entry to running for public office is pretty low.