Here are the details of Boise State football coach Chris Petersen's new contract

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen’s new contract is worth $11,748,333 over five years — including a new $250,000 annual payment to purchase a license to use the coach’s likeness.

The contract must be approved by the State Board of Education at its meeting Wednesday and Thursday in Moscow. The State Board previously approved Petersen’s raise for this year.

Deal points:

— The annual salary, which includes longevity incentives, deferred compensation and pension payments, will be $1,706,333 in 2012, $1,898,000 in 2013, $2,098,000 in 2014, $2,298,000 in 2015 and $2,498,000 in 2016. The salaries include longevity bonuses that are only paid if he is still employed on Feb. 15 of the following year. For the last three years of the contract, that amount is $200,000.

— Petersen also will receive a $250,000 annual payment for the life of the contract as a licensing fee so that the university can use his “name, image, voice, signature, etc.” for marketing, promotion and merchandise. The licensing agreement is with Chris Petersen Enterprises, LLC. The agreement gives Petersen the right to veto any use of his likeness. It is an exclusive license.

Under his previous deal, Petersen would have been paid $1.625 million in 2012 and $9.125 million over five years. His pay in 2012 under the new contract is $1,956,333.

— As before, the contract is extended by a year each time the Broncos win eight games. It currently runs from Feb. 1, 2012, to Jan. 31, 2017.

— The performance bonus is $80,000 for winning a conference championship or reaching a conference championship game; or $35,000 for a bowl appearance; or $150,000 for a BCS appearance; or $250,000 for a national championship game appearance.

— The academic bonus is $40,000 for an APR of 955 or higher. The football program’s APR was 981 last year, which ranked in the top 10 percent of all FBS schools. The FBS average was 949.

— Petersen’s buyout is $750,000. The school’s buyout of Petersen is $250,000 per year left on the deal, plus any guaranteed money left in the deal, plus the pro-rated amount of his longevity incentive for the year he was fired. If Petersen leaves, he must do so after the end of the season, including a bowl game. The buyout applies to three kinds of jobs: FBS head coach, assistant coach at a school in Boise State’s conference or a conference Boise State has contractually agreed to join; or NFL head coach.

— Petersen receives a $100,000 raise for each extension year.

— Petersen can earn additional money from university-sponsored camps.

— Petersen must provide written (or e-mail) notice at least 24 hours before interviewing for a coaching job at another college or with a professional team.

— Petersen’s pay comes from athletic department revenue, not from state-appropriated funds.

The numbers are a little short of what Boise State previously announced, which was $2 million for this year and $12 million over five years. There are two reasons: Petersen pushed $25,000 per year from his contract to weight room salaries, and the rest of the difference is money the university contributes to Petersen’s retirement plan but is not reflected in the contract.


The Beat Coach Pete Scholarship Run/Walk on Saturday drew a record 2,300 participants and raised $40,000 for student scholarships. Petersen donated $5,310 — $5 for each of the 1,062 racers who beat him. Petersen ran the 5k in 28 minutes, 50 seconds.

The race has generated $138,000 in five years.

The 2013 race has been scheduled for Saturday, April 13.


Boise State held a shorter-than-usual, no-pads workout Monday to conclude spring ball. I’ll have my list of spring standouts in Tuesday’s newspaper.


The defication's gonna hit the fan. The haters will be all over this like they always are when Coach Pete's salary is discussed. It's surprising how many folks still think his salary is 100% funded by the taxpayers. IMHO, he's worth every bit of what he gets paid....Sunny...

Pete's Salary

You are right. Teachers seem to be the biggest complainers. You would think they of all people would understand Pete is paid the going rate for professionals in his field. Teachers get what teachers all over the country get - plus or minus - and it isn't the same as big time coaches who generate million$. When teachers start bringing in that kind of bread they can demand that kind of money. Until then teachers are a dime a dozen. No disrespect intended to the good teachers.

Glad it is only the Coach that does anything

Apparently, the players and other coaches have little to do with the success.

Professors brought in about $50 million in funded research last year. What did the athletic department bring in? Oh yeah, they barely broke even. If you want the football team to belong to a conference that actually matters one day, this is the area you want to develop, not just the athletic department.

Am I seeing things?

Cause I thought there were about 100 building projects underway on the ACADEMIC side.
It doesn't get the glory, but they are getting attention despite the legislature not giving any additional money to do it with.

Coach Pete makes more than

Coach Pete makes more than teachers?

All coaches make more than teachers

It's a way of life. Even Harvard's football coach makes more than their professors.

Nice try

check out national teacher salary. idaho is not even sniffing national average.

Not saying that pete should be paid like a teacher, but find a clue about actual salaries in the nation prior to looking like a football crazed moron.


Yes, and the cost of living in Idaho is also not even sniffing the national average.

Teachers salary in Idaho goes a long way. Especially after you've been teaching for a few years. Most teachers I know went into teaching for the job not the salary anyway. Now take into fact that an overwhelming majority of teachers marry other teachers. If you search online at, you get a good idea at how well our teachers are paid for Idaho especially due to the cost of living. I sure wouldn't mind graduating college and making a starting salary of 32K a year the first year. And I remind you it goes up every year, get your masters degree that the State pays for in the Summer and you max out at around 65K a year. Plus if you teach sports you can add another 5-10K to that. Now recall if you marry another teacher your household salary is likely well over 100K a year. Plus you get summers off together.

This is why I'm encouraging my eldest getting ready to go to college to look into teaching. Pretty good money and quality of life. I have dozens of friends that teach and get to hear about all the travel they enjoy in the summer.

Pay for performance.....

what a concept!

Finally one that doesn't suck

Idaho Teacher's Pay for Performance.

1. Steal money from every other teacher, classified person and admnistrator in the state to pay for it.
2. Offer personal bonuses up to 8k that you'd have to have no life and join every committee, etc. to get close to.
3. Offer school bonuses for passing the test, not necessarily your test just the ISAT (only 3 subject areas).

Intriguing question, where does the money not distributed go? IF it all gets distributed, then shouldn't a teacher hope for more schools to fail then that way they get more of a bonus each year? Sets up a pretty picture.

Gee what a concept.
I have one, ask teachers how to do it. One idea, student portfolio measuring their work across the course not a single test written out of state.

Congrats Coach Pete, you'll earn it, GO BRONCOS!!


When is it that the public college sector deserves less pain than the public sector that supports it? I for one am tired of the constant 10plus% annual increases for public college tuition when the public that supports such a tax funded university is seeing zero or negative increases in their very own salary. Yet these tuition increases go on year after year with no consideration to the poor souls who support it. I will shed a tear for the professer who does not get a pay raise year after year when those who are paying for it start to see their income do the same,... if they in fact have a job at all. If this is hard to understand, then join the reality of the average taxpayer and join the public workforce and then see what your true worth really is. Either that or if you are worth your salt, then go work for an IVY league college. Coach Pete's salary has nothing to do with this conversation. I will leave my compassion for the taxpayer rather than those who want more of their hard earned money spent wisely, rather than thrown away due to a perceived right for an increase. When considering teachers within the public school system(k-12), the thought is the same... As much as I would like to pay a performer(currently the union and administration prevents this), they are still a public empolyee who must be conjuled to the fact the public money is limited. Government is upside down and will collapse if this mindset continues.
Teachers have a very difficult job within our public school systems... I understand that. Unfortunately their unions are screwing the very people they represent and are otherwise preventing the true performers from succeeding.

Check u'r facts boisestfan

1. Wrong....JFAC paid for bonuses with new money...over 38 million....average for all teachers in Idaho will be over $2,000. Did NOT take money out of salaries to pay for the program.
2. You are Confused.....The bonus is for doing well in what you are doing now, which is getting kids to learn...You are confusing leadership pay with bonus pay. Leadership pay doesn't even start this coming year.
3. 4 subjects, (Reading, Language, Math, Science)
4. Wrong again. If a teacher does not earn ANY locally determined bonus, or does not earn ANY state bonus, he/she gets no money. About 83% of Idaho's teachers will earn a bonus. All grades & subjects in a school are part of P4P, so if low in one area hopefully the school will do well in others to bring up overall performance.

All money will be distributed on a share basis each year. Schools are in quartiles, so top quartiles will get more money. It is not based on passing or failing.

Concept: The law is written to allow schools/teachers to use student portfolio's as one of the approaches for earning Pay For Performance. The teachers in several schools chose to use this approach, and they will earn money this year based on their student's portfolios.

I sincerely hope not many people are as ill informed as you. Would explain why there is still some negativity.

You got one thing right. Congrats Coach Pete....

Well said.

Well said.

Normally, I wouldn't have a problem with this, but....

Didn't Coach Pete just get a new contract within this last year? Why isn't the school sticking with that original contract? What was the reason behind this new one?

Although I believe Coach Pete is worth this new contract, I think the old contract should be honored before we even think about a new one.

This isn't new

This is the finalized contract that he just signed. It is what has been reported on for the last few months.


Another duplicate post. I'll try to put something witty in here via Edit. If not....oops.


And worth every last dime of it. 17000 come out for a lousy scrimmage? Ask Nevada fans what that would be worth. They can't give tickets away and fill 17000 seats.

Happy to have him.

He's worth every cent.

this was earned

There is no coach in the country that deserves this $$$ more than CP. Seriously. What he has been able to do is amazing, and he has earned every dollar and every ounce of respect.

That being said, I am confused as to why the buyout figure is so low. For anyone who wants to hire this guy, and where he wants to go (*cough*NIKE/OREGON*cough*), $750k is going to be a drop in the bucket.

Comparatively, UI had Akey agree to a $1M buyout against a $1.2M contract. CP's new deal is 10x bigger, with a smaller buyout. And, to be clear -- this must be a term specifically requested by CP, as its not in the school's best interest to make it easy for him to walk.

Doesn't seem to bode well for the future. CP has resisted advances by other programs to date, but sooner than later someone is going to godfather him and this $750k buyout is going to feel like a HUGE strategic mistake on the school's part.

Agree with wakeup, worth every cent

And, I think all the naysayers should wakeup too. The new AD said up front that his top priority was to keep Coach Pete at Boise State. He would be virtually irreplaceable if he left, even if a new coach was offered twice his salary. Moreover, Coach Pete's pay is just beginning to get up to being comparable to what most coaches in the AQ conferences earn.

His program is admired nation-wide, and his value to the institution in terms of increased revenue, new facilities, increased scholarship funding, etc. is undeniable. Coach Pete has mentored and developed top-notch assistant coaches who have learned and gone on to better their careers. It's no wonder that other aspiring coaches want to come here for the same benefit of having Boise State on their resumes.

Without Kellen, they only win 8 games this year

Sad but true. Pete's fall from grace will be sure and swift.


If a down year is still 8 wins. I am ok with that. Alot of teams consider 8 wins a great season. That is no fall from grace, just reality of the biz.


Weisberg, is that you? New screen name maybe?

Oh. least this tool could spell and has a basic understanding of grammar.

Coconut63, you're hereby dubbed, Weisberg the second. Or, Mr. Non-positive if you so prefer.

8 reasons this makes sense....

1. Bobby Petrino - Arkansas
2. Jim Tressel - Ohio State
3. Pete Carroll - USC
4. Jim Leavett - USF
5. Butch Davis - North Carolina
6. Gary Barnett - Colorado
7. Lane Kiffin - Tennessee
8. Joe Paterno - Penn State

Coach Pete has done a lot to build this program and has not been an embarrassment in the process. If there is anyone else at Boise State that is as marketable as Chris Petersen, they should have a marketing clause in their contract as well.

Uh, say what?.

Cupcake State is on probation with a loss of scholarships and other penalties under "Pete's" watch. Pull your head out.

He will never run out of toilet paper before he's through, -FIN-


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Troubled Times Ahead....

1. Stadium built in troubled times....
2. Food Stamp Growth faster than Job Growth.
3. Big East is 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters'
4. Inflation way ahead of ticket prices....

Hope Boise makes good decisions....

Broncos look pretty good....just need better scheduling so revenues go up too....


I accepted a new job and moved over to the Oregon Coast so I've been to busy to stay on top of the news. I was wondering how The MTN shutting down was going to affect the TV revenues for the MW athletic budgets. I'm assuming BSU will not be affected because they are leaving the Conference but I don't know that for sure. What do you know? I had a feeling the MW was pretty shaky for TV after Utah and BYU left so I'm not surprised it folded...that's life but I was wondering about the impact.


Congrats on your new employment....Oregon Coast must mean somewhere along Newport to Coos Bay?

I think your observations are correct, the MW will fold unless it forms a new conference by aligning with another conference and attracting several popular cfb my opinion, the BE isnt too far behind in its future of irrelevance as well....both the MW and BE will have tv revenues with very low ratings that only a used car salesman will advertise on....

good luck on your new career, or at least your career in a new does this mean you are a Duck now?

For the record

Industry sources are predicting that the new Big East TV deal will bring between $130M to $160M per year.

That's a lot of used car salesmen..........

I'll just copy Eagle Daves's post

1. Bobby Petrino - Arkansas
2. Jim Tressel - Ohio State
3. Pete Carroll - USC
4. Jim Leavett - USF
5. Butch Davis - North Carolina
6. Gary Barnett - Colorado
7. Lane Kiffin - Tennessee
8. well not sure that 1 is proven---
Coach Pete has done a lot to build this program and has not been an embarrassment in the process. If there is anyone else at Boise State that is as marketable as Chris Petersen, they should have a marketing clause in their contract as well.

Good stuff..

A salary raise for what? "Pete" hasn't won a conference title in the last two years while playing the usual lineup of spoon fed cupcakes by Blowmeyer. His coaching gaffes have cost Cupcake State millions of dollars by losing to mighty Nevada and TCU the last two years. Way to reward a stiff who can't even win a cupcake conference two years running. Chris Petersen LLC Enterprises? Hope they don't run a kicking school.