New Nike deal worth more than $1 million annually for Boise State athletics

By Brian Murphy

Boise State's athletic department and shoe/apparel giant Nike have agreed to a new six-year contract worth more than $6.24 million.

The State Board of Education will consider the contract (pages 69-72) at its meeting this week. The contract will be applied retroactively to Aug. 2011 and runs through June 30, 2017.

Under three existing contracts with Nike, Boise State receives approximately $280,000 per year in cash and products.

Under the new deal — which includes all sports in a single contract — the Broncos will receive $6 million worth of product and equipment.

Breakdown by year:

2011-12: $850,000

2012-13: $850,000

2013-14: $1 million

2014-15: $1 million

2015-16: $1.15 million

2016-17: $1.15 million

Additionally, the contract calls for an additional $75,000 per year in product allowance when the Broncos' football program joins the Big East.

Nike will also pay the university $30,000 each of the first two years of the contract, $40,000 in the third and fourth years of the deal and $50,000 per year in the final two years.

Nike can reduce those cash payments if there is a change in Boise State's football coach from Chris Petersen.

Nike will be Boise State's "exclusive footwear, apparel and accessories sponsor." The teams, coaches and staff are required to wear Nike product at games and events.

There are also bonuses that Boise State can earn in certain sports:

Football bonuses:

• non-BCS “Tier I” Bowl Game** $10,000

• Plays in a BCS Bowl Game $25,000

• Wins National Championship $25,000

Men’s Basketball Bonuses*

• Wins Regular Season Mountain West Championship $ 5,000

• Wins Mountain West Tournament $ 5,000

• Plays in NCAA Sweet Sixteen $10,000

• Plays in NCAA Final Four $25,000

• Wins NCAA Championship $25,000

Women’s Basketball Bonuses*

• Wins Regular Season Mountain West Championship $ 2,500

• Wins Mountain West Tournament $ 2,500

• Plays in NCAA Sweet Sixteen $ 5,000

• Plays in NCAA Final Four $10,000

• Wins NCAA Championship $15,000

* Bonuses shall be cumulative, i.e., if men’s basketball achieves all of the above performances, BSU would earn $70,000 in bonuses.

** A Tier I bowl shall be deemed any bowl having a team payout of $1.9 million or more.

For some context, here is a story from The Oregonian on how much the (former) Pac-10 schools receive from their shoe/apparel contracts.

Memphis, like Boise State a future member of the Big East, receives $1.5 million in product and another $400,000 in cash contributions from Nike. The Tigers' five-year deal expires in 2013. Nike reduced its payment from $600,000 to $400,000 after men's basketball coach John Calipari left for Kentucky, according to details of the contract.

Beat Coach Pete Scholarship Run/Walk

Saturday's fifth-annual "Beat Coach Pete Scholarship Run/Walk" attracted a record 2,300 participants to race against Boise State football coach Chris Petersen.

The event raised $40,000 for the general student scholarship fund at Boise State, including $5,310 paid by Petersen. Petersen paid $5 for each of the 1,062 racers who beat his time of 28 minutes, 50 seconds.

Kameron Ulmer ran the 5K course in 13:52 seconds, setting a new race record.

In its five years, the event has raised more than $138,000 in emergency funding scholarships for Boise State students. The 2013 run/walk will be April 13.

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"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

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I would welcome this infusion of money if it were to be split and benefit the players equally with the program but alas it's all about the program. The NCAA is a slave labor organization and BSU Sports is just a willing subset.

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"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

oh, wait, we all resemble that already.



"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

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