QB Joe Southwick leads offense to victory in Boise State's Spring Game

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State junior quarterback Joe Southwick tossed an 18-yard touchdown pass to senior wide receiver Chris Potter on fourth-and-4 to give the offense the victory in the Spring Game on Saturday evening at Bronco Stadium.

The offense won 22-19, with two touchdown drives and a field goal drive led by Southwick and one touchdown drive led by true freshman Nick Patti.

Southwick was 14-of-19 for 145 yards and a touchdown. He entered the spring as the favorite and still seems to be in that role. No other quarterback threw more than eight passes. Southwick also rushed three times for 8 yards.

“It was good to see him (in the 2-minute drill),” coach Chris Petersen said of Southwick. “He needs a situation like that probably more than the other guys because he’s been around running the base stuff. That’s a great opportunity to get in a situation we don’t see every day.”

Patti was 4-of-8 for 60 yards and a 35-yard touchdown pass to Troy Ware. Patti rushed four times for 15 yards.

Sophomore Grant Hedrick, who shared the first-team snaps with Southwick, was 2-of-6 for 5 yards with an interception. He rushed two times for minus-7 yards.

Redshirt freshman Jimmy Laughrea, who shared the second-team snaps with Patti, was 3-of-7 for 13 yards. He rushed twice for 3 yards.

“(Patti) might be the most impressive guy in the quarterback race right now just from being around such a short time and just throwing as much as we did (at him),” Petersen said. “… They’re all getting better. They’re all learning. Jimmy and Grant have done a nice job, too.

“It’s really on (the quarterbacks). We’ve told them they’re all capable of being the quarterback here. ‘Don’t worry about the guy next to you. Just worry about playing your best and it will work out how it’s supposed to.’ ”

Petersen said he didn’t know the specifics of the quarterback rotation other than that he expected Southwick to get the most playing time and the other three to get equal reps.

Other quick notes (I’ll try to post more later, but I’ll have a full story in Sunday’s paper):

— The defensive ends played well. Demarcus Lawrence made five tackles, Sam Ukwuachu had a sack and forced an interception by Potter on a trick play and Darren Koontz had a sack and a blocked PAT.

— The kickers struggled. Dan Goodale missed a PAT and Jake Van Ginkel had a PAT blocked. Van Ginkel did make the only field-goal attempt of the game.

— Senior running back Raphiel Lambert will miss the season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament, an injury sustained this spring. He re-injured the same ligament that he tore earlier in his career. The Broncos used senior Drew Wright and redshirt freshman walk-on Phil Hogan in the scrimmage. They rested senior starter D.J. Harper.

— Petersen said the rest of the players who didn’t participate in the Spring Game are expected to be healthy for the season. Tight end Chandler Koch left the scrimmage with a sprained ankle.

— The quarterbacks were not available to the media. That has been the case all spring.

— Potter had three catches for 39 yards, Kirby Moore had three catches for 27 yards and Geraldo Boldewijn had two catches for 33 yards. On defense, Darian Thompson made six tackles and Blake Renaud intercepted a Hedrick pass.

— Not participating: WR Mitch Burroughs, OL Joe Kellogg, RB Jay Ajayi, DE Kharyee Marshall, TE Kyle Sosnowski, DE Nick Alexander, OL Cory Yriarte, DE Tyler Horn, CB Jerrell Gavins, OL Brenel Myers, FB Dan Paul, Lambert, WR Tyler Jackson, S Taylor Loffler.

— The attendance was a school-record 17,123. The previous record, set last year, was 14,445.


Listen to Petersen's post-scrimmage press conference here.



First quarter
Offense — Drew Wright 11 run (Dan Goodale kick failed). Offense 6-0
Defense — Three-and-out. Offense 6-1
D — Three-and-out. Offense 6-2

Second quarter
D — Jeremy Ioane interception. Offense 6-5
D — Fourth-down stop. Defense 8-6
O — Troy Ware 35 pass from Nick Patti (Michael Frisina kick). Offense 13-8
D — Blake Renaud interception. Offense 13-11

Third quarter
O — Jake Van Ginkel 37 field goal. Offense 16-11
D — Held offense to a field goal inside the 25-yard line. Offense 16-12

Fourth quarter
D — Darren Koontz sack and three-and-out. Offense 16-15
D — Sam Ukwuachu sack and three-and-out. Defense 18-16
D — Three-and-out. Defense 19-16
O — Chris Potter 18 pass from Joe Southwick (Van Ginkel kick blocked). Offense 22-19

Impressed with the team and fans

Glad I'm not the poor ole coach trying to pick starters. Every year I cant believe the lanky size of players BSU is recruiting. Goodness their getting tall and big.
As for Southwick, great day except maybe 2 minute drill before half time. Course dont know about a draw on 3d and 4-5 yards in 2 minute drill. Guess maybe the coaches wanted to see something??
Boys looked good to me, already excited about this years team and even more so now.
Hello Mich St------

Go Broncos!

Congratulations to the team! It appears that both the defense and the offense is improving once again. They seem to need more and more practice before the first game. The quarterback competition seems to be getting more and more interesting. I am looking forward to the resolution of the quarterback job, even if it is finally resolved the week of the first game! Special teams may need a bit of work. It will be important to kick the PATs and the field goals this year once again. I am just looking forward to the new year! Go Broncos!

SeniorChief plus

We really do have a Senior Chief, barnacles and all. Pleased to make your acquaintance, sir.

Demarcus Lawrence at DE. Whoa ... look out. The guy has serious quicks. He spent a good amount of time in the offensive backfield.

ILB Blake Renaud looks all of 242 and a potential stuffer in the middle. Several of us commented about his size and mobility.

OLB Dustin Kamper had a nice pass deflection and a few other solid plays. Had to have helped himself today.

DL Greg Grimes stuffed a pass over the middle and looked solid against the run.

Of course there were others on D side of things, which, overall, looked really good. Other than Patti hitting Ware, Geraldo getting loose once was the only other time a receiver got behind the secondary (and the pass went underneath on that play). Southwick's pass to Potter was excellent execution more than bad D.

Running game was marginal, as could be expected. Drew Wright did a very nice job overall.

Southwick #1, Patti #2. Joe did look very good on the opening TD drive and at the end. The crowd welcomed Nick with anticipatory applause. He didn't disappoint. Kid's got wings on his feet. His TD to Ware was perfect recognition and was across the field, rolled a bit right then threw back to his left.

Holden Huff had a couple of great grabs at the TE spot. One (from Patti, I think) was behind him on the hip. He snared it without a bobble. At 6'5" he could become a major problem for defenses.

Kicking game offered no resolution. At least we know Van Ginkel truly exists.

Good crowd, positive energy all around. Go Broncos!

Agree with you on players

Also was impressed with bunch of young players---almost to many to remember, Renaud, Odhiambo (think that was him), Ukwuachu, Thompson, Pinke and the jr Jungblut. Both the Jr college kids looked great.
Think this old man needs some nick-names.

§ iffiy

It's hard to mention any players without overlooking some who also made good plays or had solid contributions in some way. I think, overall, the team looked very good given the number of new faces who now will be thrust into the action and with entire stadium looking on in keen anticipation.

This is, of course, all part of Coach Pete's prep work for this edition. Nothing will be singled out as too high or too low ... just revamping and trying to progress towards the fall.

This is the hard part for Coach Pete. Selection is done. Now it's molding, fitting, adjusting, and tuning all these parts. Never mind unauthorized cheeseburgers or errant air mattresses. We're beyond fortunate to have Chris Petersen running this show.

At defensive end...

We're going to hear a lot about Demarcus Lawrence this season. He just looks outstanding. Explosive, great speed off the edge and always around the ball. What a relief to see him out there doing great things...we're going to need him with McClellin and Crawford gone. A hearty welcome to Boise, Demarcus.


Today he appeared 2d best, but showed some happy feet few times and little lack of playbook on last series. He does have a nice arm and release though. Coaches may have the problem of making him a backup and blowing a year on a good Qb who cant beat out a Southwick who has 2 years left. Kinda the Kirby Moore problem as a sophomore.
As of today I dont see him or the other 2 kids even close to Southwick.
Way Southwick stepped up in the passing pocket all day and the last td throw appears he learned a bit from Moore.

Was it on "T V"?


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

I don't think so

A few of us actually went to the game. There was a decent sized crowd (maybe 17,000).

That's the point. It's downhill even further.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Its downhill for espn anyway

Coach wouldnt let espn on the field last year if I remember right. "Think" he said they were along the lines of being a pain in--make that a distraction?