Boise nursery Madeline George grand opening Saturday

Leaf Greenhouse and Madeline George Garden Design Nursery are both opening this month in Boise. They're women-owned businesses with unique twists. Here's a look at Madeline George.

Owner Kecia Carlson, born and raised in Boise, founded a garden-design business about a decade ago. Saturday is the grand opening of her nursery that combines plant-buying and garden-designing in one place:

Madeline George welcome

Carlson likes to help people build the garden they want. Not sure what that means? Let's say you're a big fan of bamboo. The high desert of Idaho isn't exactly bamboo territory. All plants have sun, soil, water and upkeep needs — and a southern Idaho garden can't always meet those needs without careful planning. That's what Carlson wants to help with at her nursery.

The 1.5-acre nursery doesn't "carry gobs of stuff," just a selection of various plants — perennials, pear trees, vegetables, tropical plants — and items like containers and stones.

At the grand opening Saturday, nursery staff will plant vegetables with customers. (The nursery will offer classes.) A preview of the vegetable garden:

Madeline George vegetables

Prices range from as low as a couple bucks for groundcover plants to $1,000 for an unusual conifer or ornamental tree.

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