Two new blogs for you to check out

We've created two new blogs recently.

* Election Central and

* Retail Rodeo

Election Central will have posts from the reporters who are covering the primary election. They'll post press releases from candidates, notes about events, fund raising and more. You'll find stories on our Election page. Later this month, we'll launch our Voters Guide where the candidates answer questions in their own words.

In addition, editorial page editor, Kevin Richert, will post the editorial board endorsements and we'll have a page with links to audio of all of the candidate interviews with the board.

Audrey Dutton is writing the retail blog. She'll tell you about store or restaurant openings (like Thursday's Nordstrom Rack opening), events and other happenings. You can follow Audrey on Twitter as well here.

* * *

Don't forget to vote in Best of Treasure Valley here. I know votes are close in a couple of the categories.

Darlene Carnopis
Online Initiatives Editor

Retail Rodeo is only to hide all the criticism you had...

Writing all of those crappy real estate pieces you put out during the economic collapse.


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It is my identity and my philosophy

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