Kellen Moore's anticipation, Broncos' offense draw raves in Jon Gruden special

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The “Gruden’s QB Camp” episode featuring Kellen Moore is airing on ESPNU. Here are running highlights:

— Gruden on Boise State: “They’re as complicated and as diverse as any offense I’ve ever seen in college football.”

— Gruden put the word “anticipation” on his monitor. “This is the one word that I use to describe Kellen Moore,” he says. He asks Moore to explain what the word means to him. “From a quarterback, it goes back to building that base Monday through Friday,” Moore said. “When you understand your concepts, when you understand where guys are going to be and understand what you’re trying to adjust to the defense, you can anticipate routes and throw it before guys are breaking because you know the spot where they’re going to be.”

— Gruden marveled at some of Moore’s throws on anticipation. “Some of these throws are the damndest throws I’ve seen,” Gruden said. “It’s not a 103 mile an hour fastball, but the ball is placed perfectly with great anticipation. … It’s the kind of anticipation you have to have to play at the next level.”

— Gruden on Moore: “Kellen Moore’s like a football wizard. He has a great big-picture understanding of how football works.”

— Gruden reminded Moore of his three college losses and asked him to reflect. “We had opportunities in there,” Moore said. “You don’t sleep very well after losing those. You sleep maybe a couple hours if you’re lucky.”

— Gruden asked Moore about the lack of respect for the Broncos: “That’s the way we know our situation is. If we’re going to play a Georgia or a Virginia Tech, we better take advantage of the opportunity.”

— Gruden told Moore he was upset by the lack of a playoff. “I would have loved December madness,” Moore said.

— Gruden on the Broncos’ offense: “It’s a ton of formations. It’s a multitude of shifts. And the offense is exclusive to Boise State. I want to know how you have such a great command of so much stuff.”

— Gruden frequently talked about the Broncos’ variety of plays. “Our whole goal from an outside perspective is to make it look as confusing as possible,” Moore said. “And at the end of the day, it’s pretty simple for us.”

— Gruden had Moore name some of the Broncos’ shifts and explain their silent snap count. “You’re going to teach me some new shifts,” Gruden said.

— Gruden on the Broncos’ trick plays: “Who calls these plays at the 5-yard line?”

— Gruden also had Moore demonstrate how he uses his eyes to affect the safeties.

— Gruden asked Moore about the blue turf and made a point of writing down Gene Bleymaier’s name. “I’ve gotta call Gene,” he says. “I love this guy.”

— Gruden, again lamenting the system: “That’s cold. Why do they put the winningest quarterback in the history of the game in a bowl against a 6-6 team. I want to see you against Nick Saban. I want to see you play Stanford.” Moore says, “We understand in our situation if we don’t win ‘em all, we’re leaving something out there.”

— During the on-field workout, after Moore hits a deep ball, Gruden says, “I love this guy. Just completes passes, is all.”

— When it was time to break the huddle with the receivers at South Florida’s practice facility, Moore decided on, “1-2-3, Big East!”

— Gruden’s wrap-up: “Kellen Moore is going to have a great future in football. And if football doesn’t work out behind the center, he’s going to be one heck of a football coach. I wouldn’t want to play against his team.”

— As Gruden and Moore walked off the field, Gruden told him, “I wish I could spend about three days with you.”


The Moore episode also will air at 10 p.m. today, 8 a.m. Friday and 3:30 p.m. Monday on ESPNU.

He also will be featured on a 1-hour special that includes all 10 “QB Camp” quarterbacks at 5 p.m. April 19 on ESPN.

I felt it was a good show,

however I really thought that Gruden was going to be much harder on Kellen than he was. But I sensed a substantial amount of respect by Gruden because of Kellen's vast knowledge of the game, and also because of his (and the Bronco's) accomplishments while operating such a complicated system Very interesting...Sunny...


Who cares. It's history...old news. Move on...let it go. It's over.


If it's so over, why are you posting here?

Kellen Moore

I think he is so underated, Any NFL tema that acquires his services will suprise many of the competition. I feel he will be an asset for any Team.. Im hoping for the Seahawks, He's close to home and in my neck of the woods.. GO KELLEN!!!!!!

I liked it.

Gruden threw a lot at Kellen and Kellen came thru, as always. Gotta feeling a lot of the non-respect, if you will, is because he looks and comes across like a HS sophmore until you get into particulars. Someone is going to give him a chance and he's going to blow them away.

kellen moore

Montana is my favorite QB of all time. One of the reasons is he doesn't throw the rocket ball if he doesn't need to. A soft touch makes a more catchable ball instead of bouncing off the recievers hands into the secondary. kellen moore, if given a chance, will be a great nfl QB. Coach Pete, facing this years QB dilemma said he was looking for consistance not a rocket arm. How does consistancy/accuracy not translate to the NFL?

Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore will never start in the NFL. Of course by the time the season comes around he'll apparently be 6'5". He doesn't have the arm strength, and he would shatter the first time he got sacked by a NFL linebacker.

He'll be on a practice squad for a little while, and then be dropped. Like Ian Johnson.

Same was said about the Georgia game

How many times was Kellen Moore knocked down by that dangerous SEC defense? The point is that Moore has a great ability to avoid the sack. He's not very mobile, but he has a talent for stepping up in the pocket to avoid sacks and throwing a lazer to his WRs.

B43S42U, you are good with stats. How many times has Kellen been sacked in his BSU career? I wish we could determine how many of those were true sacks and not a "Bad-snap-fall-on-the-ball" situation. Those are considered sacks, right?

Sacks Allowed

By BSU (not all are Kellen's)

2011 - 8 - Rank #1

2010 - 8 - Rank #3

2009 - 5 - Rank #1

2008 - 13 - Rank #4


You sure liked Drew Brees though..................

Kellen will need to adjust....

Kellen will have to do the following to make it in the NFL, or rather "last in the NFL:"
1. Adjust to the speed of CB's and their cover and closing skills. 2. Bulk up, get stronger head to toe. Height won't matter because he has brains. It will work if he has wise coaches who support taking care of #1 and #2 above.

None of that is necessary

1. He adjusted to the speed of the SEC defense just fine. He'll be fine against NFL CBs.
2. Bulking up is overrated. All it does is allow you to hit harder (unnecessary for a QB), but slows you down too much (unwanted for a QB).

Even Mike Singletary came to the determination that being a gym rat was stupid. He bulked up one year, and posted the WORST stats of his career. He came to the conclyusion that although he was hitting folks harder, he was considerably slower getting to the ballcariier. The next season, he decided to skip the gym and focus on pushups, situps, and sprints. The next season was one of the most productive of his career. And that's a LB that relies on those abilities. Do you honestly think Kellen Moore needs it?