Boise State breaks ground on football complex; Broncos won't play a 13th football game in 2012

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State broke ground Thursday on its $22 million football complex behind the north end zone of Bronco Stadium. The building is scheduled to open July 1, 2013.

Coach Chris Petersen told the supporters gathered for the event that the facility already has made a difference in recruiting players and assistant coaches. The Broncos will have 15-20 prospects in town Saturday for the Spring Game, and they’ll be able to see that progress is being made.

“We’re in the business of trying to get 18-year-old kids to say yes and come to your school, and those kids are looking for the wow factor,” first-year athletic director Mark Coyle said.

Coyle steps into his job at a time when Boise State is building Dona Larsen Park for track and softball, the football complex and expanded bleachers at both ends of Bronco Stadium.

“The support here is just unbelievable,” he said. “… It’s really a good time to step in here and be a part of it and watch it grow.”

Here is a story I wrote a couple weeks ago on the construction projects. The weight room will have blue turf.


A couple other notes from Coyle:

— Boise State will not play a 13th game in 2012, the extra game permitted because of the Hawaii rule. The Broncos wanted a home game and couldn’t find one. “We tried everybody, trust me,” Coyle said.

— Coyle on scheduling: “You want to build a schedule that’s competitive and helps you achieve your goals. … Your goal is to have an opportunity to compete in postseason play. With scheduling, we want to be smart, we want to be strategic. … What I’m learning here, it’s hard to convince people to come out and play here. I’d like to get some of those programs to come out here and play here. Boise State has done an incredible job of being flexible and going out and playing other people, but we want to have conversations and develop those series where we’re going to have people come here.”

— Coyle isn’t sure how the Mountain West TV situation will shake out. Boise State does expect to get all of its games on TV somewhere.

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Tennessee-Martin wasn't available?

You're so smart .......

did you think of that one all on your own?


Is there any chance that the football games will be back on BroncoVision?

I guess that means that

I guess that means that every single school in the nation, whether division I or IAA, is afraid to play Boise State on the Blue Turf!

Or, does it mean that no "real" team is willing to lose millions of dollars in gate receipts by playing in the small Bronco Stadium?

Rather than playing a good team on the road like many other teams are doing, (even the lowly Vandals), BSU will take their ball, go home and pout while their strength of schedule continues to go down the tubes.

Oh wait, they do have T-Martin!

Once again Joc

you prove what an idiot you are.....

I guess that means that

SchlockCrock is too stupid to realize that Boise State already has two quality road opponents OOC this year. It also means he's too stupid to realize that since Boise State is shut out of the good ole boy cartel, they have to try to get a home game to maximize revenue. It also means he's too stupid to realize that no program opens the season with consecutive road games against top opponents, which is what would happen if Boise State were to travel again the week after the MSU game. If I was that stupid, I'd keep my mouth shut instead of advertising it here.

Do I smell a Troll?

You know, you don't have to post here. You really don't.

Guess all the...

real cupcakes had other games or the puny $ offer from playing in podunk stadium couldn't reel one in. Hmmm - maybe the real good cupcakes are now becoming hard to find on the lite beer Cupcake State budget. That new AD should contact Blowmeyer on how to get it done.


Don't look in a mirror.....


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congrats to the both of ya

whatever Ponyboy

Why don't you call the AD at your beloved Michigan, and tell him to work a deal with the broncos. I understand your hatred for Boise st. though, they are the anti-Michigan. Comparatively poor facilities, 2 and 3 start recruits and constantly over achieving, where Michigan has as good as facilities as anyone, a roster full of 4 and 5 star recruits and constantly under achieve.

If my memory is wrong and you aren't a Michigan fan I apologize, its hard to keep track of all the overrated schools you haters cheer for.

Maybe he's upset

because when Boise State played Appalachian State, Boise State actually beat them - and that's when Boise State was a I-AA program. Michigan tried the cupcake approach and that cupcake didn't taste very good.

scheduling another game...

If I recall, Coyle said "they tried everybody." So rather than blame Boise State when they seriously tried to get a game, turn your energy to those who won't show up.


they could actually swallow their pride and just take another road game?

But they don't wannna![insert pout stomp]

It's not pride, idiot

Teams are allowed a 13th game to help offset the costs of traveling to Hawaii. How does Boise State taking a seventh road game help that? Nobody is going to offer them anywhere near the revenue a home game will bring, because nobody wants to pay to get beat at home. Look at Nebraska, who said Boise State's $1M asking price was ridiculous, but then paid $900k to pound Idaho instead. Educate yourself, it won't be too painful.

so you're saying making a

so you're saying making a little less money on a road game is better than making no money at all?

cause that's just logical right?


I can actually see you doing a "pout stomp".....

There are

currently three (3) fields from which the Broncos can choose to play or practice, all within walking distance from each other.

1. the stadium
2. the indoor practice field
3. the new field at the former East Jr. High (under construction and soon to open).

When is enough too much? There are pro teams that don't have this sort of expensive luxury.
If people supported scholastic aptitude in the manner that they support athletic aptitude, it would be a different and better world.


If you took the time to do a little research you would realize how silly your post is.

Just schedule another road game

I understand that we won't get home game revenues, but by forfeiting the 13th game we're already forfeiting those revenues. We may as well make SOME money by playing at another school's home.

Bad idea, Coyle.

Probably not Coyles doing

Be willing to bet Pete shot down any thought of another road game.

Crazy fact of the day: BSU will travel more miles in their 2012 non-conference schedule than the entire SEC will travel in their combined 2012 non-conference schedules..

Global Warming

If we really want to diminish the amount of green house gases in Idaho then we should find a way to stop the vandal diatribes of verbal flatulence.

2 thoughts

1) Mr. Coyle - failure is not an option.

2) Mark "Check That" Johnson and Tom "I don't sell used cars" Scott are doing backflips hoping they can once again put the games on Channel 7. Maybe they can track down Dave "They're After Me Lucky Charms" Augusto to comeback and do sideline reporting.