Centennial's Roy, 9-time state champ, to interview for Rocky Mountain coaching job

By Brian Murphy

Saturday, for the first time since 1977, Emery Roy will interview for a high school basketball coaching job.

Roy, who has led Meridian and Centennial’s girls basketball teams to a state record nine titles in his 35-year coaching career, is among the finalists to become the next girls basketball coach at Rocky Mountain. Roy’s son, Dane, coaches the boys basketball team at Rocky Mountain.

“I thought it would be fun to coach with him,” Roy said.

Roy became the head coach at Meridian in 1977 and won four state titles in the next decade. He became the Centennial coach without an interview when the school opened in 1987. He is 729-161 in 35 seasons in the Treasure Valley.

Roy has missed the state playoffs just twice in his coaching career and guided Centennial to the state title game this season before losing to Lewiston. Centennial won the last of its five titles with Roy in 2006.

“He is Centennial girls basketball. He’s very loyal to that and loyal to his team. It’s one of the hardest things in the world to work with a program and built it up and then leave it,” Dane Roy said. “The biggest con is leaving the program that he built and those kids and those fans. It will be tough.”

Emery Roy said he has not made a decision on what to do if he is offered the job at Rocky Mountain. He said Centennial is trying very hard to keep him at the school.

“I’ll see what the situation is when I interview, then I’ll make a decision,” said Roy, who hopes to wrap up the process on Sunday or Monday.

Dane coached with his father for several years at Centennial before starting his coaching career at Mountain View and getting his first basketball head-coaching position at Rocky Mountain. He just completed his first season. Dane said he and his father have talked about coaching together many times.

“He wants to coach a few more years. I think he still has a fire and still wants to do it for a while. Now would be the only opportunity he would have to work with me,” Dane Roy said. “I like to think that’s a big pro.”

A grandfather of six, including four granddaughters under the age of 6, Roy — who is in his 50s, but won’t get more specific — has been retired from teaching for several years.

His family has tried to convince him that he’s got to stick around long enough to coach his granddaughters.

“He’s got a great mind for the game and he loves it and he loves to compete and he loves dealing with kids,” Dane Roy said. “Barring any health concerns, he’s just going to keep going. I think he can get at least five years and then who knows.”

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