Idaho politics: Praise for Labrador, from Miami Herald columnist

During a panel discussion on religion and politics on Sunday's "Meet the Press,' 1st Congressional District Rep. Raul Labrador said "it wouldn't matter" if President Obama was a Muslim.

The comment drew praise today from Leonard Pitts, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist with the Miami Herald.

Wrote Pitts: "Labrador is no fan of the president’s. His comment about Islam was made en route to a contention that Obama’s policies have “weakened” the nation. Labrador is a Republican and a conservative from a very Republican and conservative state, Idaho. It is his political and ideological kin who are most responsible for pushing — and believing — the Obama-as-Muslim narrative. All of which imbues his remark with a welcome patina of political courage and moral clarity."

We'll run the full column in Sunday's Insight section. In the meantime, here's a link to the Miami Herald.

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It's Right There

In the Constitution, Article VI: No religious test!

God Bless Secular America!

With friends like Leonard Pitts........

who needs........

I can't believe...

Kevin Richert decided not to say one word about Raul's outstanding performance on Meet The Press last Sunday! The fact that my home town paper didn't think his performance warranted coverage is disappointing.
I read about this in four other major publications and video was shown on several websites. Raul took David Gregory to task about his network's treatment of Mitt and the LDS religion. Kevin Richert is a biased newspaper editor and I'm so very tired of it.


If I was as biased as you've convinced yourself I am, I wouldn't:

1. Have blogged about and linked to the Pitts column praising Rep. Labrador.

2. Decided we will publish the Pitts column on the cover of our Sunday Insight section, the most widely read paper of the week.

Many of you complain when I spotlight national media reports that cast Idaho, or Idahoans, in a harsh light. I do that because I think it is important for readers to see how the state and its leaders are perceived beyond our borders. So it is with the Pitts column, which reaches a conclusion I happen to agree with.

But I would give the piece play whether I agreed with Pitts' conclusion or not.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor

"...I spotlight national media reports that cast Idaho or...

Idahoans in a harsh light". Hilary Rosen just insulted every Mormon woman in America - many of whom reside in Idaho. Will the Statesman report on this? Rosen has visited the White House 35 times since Obama was elected. And liberals want us to believe it's the GOP that is waging a war on women. Stunning!

If Romney wants to hold up his wife as an advisor it's fair game

to point her lack of credentials. It was not a slap at Idaho women even LDS women, therefore it does not belong on Idaho Politics. Get your own blog if you want to harp on it.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


Raul was on Meet The Press last Sunday morning. You blogged about it 4 days (including Sunday) later and ONLY because a national writer wrote about it! I read about how Labrador put down David Gregory and NBC news, because of their terrible lies about the LDS religion, on dozens of newspaper blogs the NEXT day. But NOT in my hometown paper. Today a close advisor to obama said Mitt's wife doesn't know how to relate to women because she never worked a day in her life. This woman effectively said homemakers do not work. Come
on richert, say something about that. obama is continuing his war on women and you don't have the nerve to comment on such an insulting comment.

Romney said his wife advises him on economic matters regarding

women. Considering his wife doesn't work and has a household budget in the low 7 figures, Rosen's criticism is on point. It also doesn't have anything to do with Idaho.

Why don't you and tet get your own blog, then you can rage against the 'liberal media' all you want and feel important doing so. you conservatives all subscribe to the daily Republican 'talking points memo'?

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

If her criticism is on point...

Why did she and the First Lady apologize for her insulting remarks? I can only conclude your ethical standards are lower than theirs. The only remaining question: where are the Statesman's ethical standards?

1. This is not Idaho news, so your critique of KR is as usual,

completely off-base. 2. I don't think anyone should have apologized for it. Was the remark factually incorrect? What is her work record? What qualifications does she have to advise Romney on the economic reality that most American women face. Until those facts are offered, the remark was on point.

As usual, the party that shamelessly and falsely throws around words like socialism, communism and perpetuates the meme that Obama is not an American goes into faux outrage over a factual remark that reveals the shallowness of their own false rhetoric.

"And the things that he fears, are a weapon to be held against him." Neil Peart

Since Raul is so concerned

Since Raul is so concerned about Romney's religion being used against him, when will he be condemning the right wing nut jobs who have been calling Mormonism a cult? Or is this outrage only one way?

History and the

History and the congressional facts clearly indicate Raul Labrador has no solutions………only a willingness to obstruct government’s ability to succeed.

Why doesn’t Raul Labrador support the republican war on women?

Why does Labrador incite low information people with the racist demonetization of a multicultural president of the United States?

Why does Labrador support the privatization of social security, can you imagine if it was private during the Bush economy collapse, it would have plunged society into a worse depression than ever before and destroyed lives.

Why does Labrador support the elimination of the Education department and Medicare?

Why is Labrador support the notion that if you get sick and can’t afford health then you should just die?

Why does Labrador believe he has the right to use government to invade your home and your family’s life and dictate your personal choices?

Why does Labrador consistently judge others from his self-appointed fake moral high ground of life?.

Why would any Idahoan support or elect a man like Labrador who goal is to use government to dictate social values and take away your personal freedoms……

Raul Labrador has crossed the line of representing the people in a democracy to a rouge activist authoritarian politician.

Raul Labrador has crossed the line ?

Dennis Mansfield

"Why does Labrador consistently judge others from his self-appointed fake moral high ground of life?."

Say what?

This comment makes no sense in the context of the article that KR linked to. Leonard Pitts is often a very difficult writer to read; yet he is crystal clear on this point: Raul Labrador said something others on the national plain would not/could not do: He said it would not matter if Mr. Obama WAS a Muslim.

And then to get side-swiped by this kind of petty and goofy comment just simply does not make rational sense.

Kudos to Raul for his willingness to say hard truths.

Raul's saying that "it wouldn't matter if Obama was Muslim,"

is just another sideways slap at Obama, and a curtsy to the wackos who continue to spread the lie that Obama is actually a Muslim. It's akin to saying, "it really wouldn't matter if Obama used heroin."

Raul is clever, devious, and a tool of the right wing.

exactly what I wanted to say

just another way to keep the meme in the news

"It wouldn't matter to me if Raul beats his wife, I still won't

vote for him." How does that sound?

Exactly...why the heck is anyone complementing him on what he said.

"He'd to love to spend the night in Zion. He's been a long while in Babylon." Neil Peart

with compliments like that.

I agree, it's not really a compliment about Raul.
Even how he said it, "if".
A better statement is, "I know Obama is not Muslim. Period."

And Pitts doesn't make a great opinion either. Bad interpretation of marginal statement.

My guess is

that Ann Romney had plenty of help raising those children. Like a nanny a maid a gardener and plenty of money to pay for the medical expenses involved in raising a family. Ms Rosen had none of those things to help her raise her adopted children.

Are you sure?

How would you know?

My best guess is that if you

My best guess is that if you asked Ann Romney she would NOT know how much a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread cost. Would also guess she has never clipped a coupon either. How many women raise kids, work at a job and at home on a budget? Most American women fit that description. How many working American mothers would ask Ann Romney for advice on balancing a household budget, working and raising kids? Ann's biggest decision in a day is which Cadillac to drive. She does not represent the average American working mother. Sorry.