A bad, racist joke? Idaho lawmakers get spammed by KKK pranksters?

And here’s just what Idaho doesn’t need: racist pranksters.

The evidence suggests that some cross-burning comics have been sending out Ku Klux Klan membership applications to Idaho legislators. An article in Tuesday’s Statesman focused on Boise Democratic Rep. Cherie Buckner-Webb, the Legislature’s lone African-American, who received this junk mail.

The sinister implication is that Buckner-Webb was targeted because of her race, and the first-term lawmaker believes she was singled out. But that may not be the case, although I’m not sure I’d call that a good thing: Similar letters went to other lawmakers, with little regard for party, politics or race.

Sadly, because of the neo-Nazi racists that (temporarily) set up high-profile shop in Idaho, these mailings are apt to receive outsized national attention. That’s not just unfortunate for Idaho; in this case, it’s flat-out unfair. The letter to Buckner-Webb had a Harrison, Ark., return address and a Great Falls, Mont., postmark. Idaho shouldn’t have to own the actions of other states’ nutjobs.

You know things are bad when even the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is distancing itself from this hatedrop. In an interview with the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, national director Thomas Robb said his group had nothing to do with the mailings.

“That’s a standard piece of literature that is duplicated quite regularly,” he said. “We have members do that, we have supporters do that. Sometimes we have people who aren’t members or supporters that do that because they think it’s funny.”

Right. Because nothing says comedy quite like a membership form from the KKK.

In a state where the vast majority of residents abhor the racism — and where political leaders, Republicans and Democrats alike, have worked hard to try to restore Idaho’s good name and reputation — this “joke” is about as unfunny as it gets.

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That's rich, Kevin....

....the KKK is disowning Idaho. Oh, the drama!


don't need the KKK, we have an Idaho political party that demands a party loyalty oath.


As opposed to the other political party that created the KKK.


they are a force to be reckoned with in Idaho.

direct mail

When I read the Buckner-Webb story, I thought that is really ostentacious of her to think they singled HER out and she was the only one to receive the application.

And then I thought it's an awful lot like the Statesman to print such a thing without actually checking out the facts to see if others received the same applications.

Maybe the "joke" is on the Statesman!


Regardless of what the Statesman did or didn't do, what exactly is your criticism of Ms. Buckner-Webb? "Ostentacious", (ostentatious means "showy", as in Liberace's costumes were ostentatious)) makes no sense in this context.

I assume you meant it as a criticism. But, just where is she out of line in her thinking? I mean come on, she's a BLACK Idaho Rep for heaven's sake. It would seem to me it would only be rational for her to think she was specifically targeted. Idaho has a strong history of organized racism and as she herself notes, people are shocked to find out she is from Idaho.

And, she had a frigging cross burned on her lawn in the North End (the North End!) when she was younger. Was she "ostentacious" to think her family had been singled out?

let's see

Ostentacious: characterized by pretentious, showy, or vulgar display

pretentious: 1. Claiming or demanding a position of distinction or merit, especially when unjustified

Maybe I should have used pretentious. It's easier to spell.


"Wow they sent this to ME, and only ME. I must really be of special concern for them to send it to me. Aren't I special? I'm sure this is just for me and only because I'm a black legislator. They went through a lot of effort to send it to me. And they MUST know who I am."

Does anyone think they are singled out when they get the mail that says, "You are Pre-approved"?

Odds are, the dummies just wasted their postage and it was random that it turned up in *her* mailbox. Did Nicole get one too?

"hey you wanna be a member?" Really? What was their point?
And she thinks it was an attempt to threaten her or something... I don't think so.

That's like the Statesman mailing ME an invitation for subscription at my residence (along with all my neighbors). Wow, KR really wants daPimp to read his paper! Should I be offend he invaded the privacy of my mailbox and knows where I live? AFter all it does have my name on it and he knows I don't like his bias editorials.

The Statesman was not the only culprit, at least to you.

The story aired on Belo stations such as KTVB. 24/7, NWCN and was picked up not only nationwide but worldwide.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Richert your sweeping

Richert your sweeping generalization and false statement that we live in a state where the vast majority of residents abhor the racism, is laughable……………..!

The reality is that minorities struggle for justice and equality in Idaho, as they are viewed as second class human beings.

Racism permeates everyday Idaho life; it is clearly visible in society, with our political and religious leaders using legislation as a tool to justify a false sense of fear the minority.

The racism in Idaho is not limited to the shadows anymore and it not just a hatred of African-Americans, the past few years the blatant extreme rhetoric against immigrants, women, the poor, and people of non-Christian faith have been on display in the public square without anyone holding them accountable.

Such as the anti-Muslim rhetoric that was a major part of a major GOP political fundraiser and rally’s in the panhandle to eastern Idaho public schools and public airwaves were it permeates the general population with daily bigot laden rhetoric and attacks on minorities.

Richert you are absolutely wrong about the vast majority of Idahoans, they may not be blatant bigots but racism is clearly visible in schools, businesses and government…………..

That vast majority consistently fails to solidly stand up for minority rights and they fail to talk openly in the public square about racism or in support of their fellow minority neighbors rights and yet they all vote these bigots into power as the republican conservative movement consistently uses legislative efforts to remove minority rights and discourage support of equal rights in everyday Idaho life.

…..You as a journalist have failed in every opportunity to make that clear solid stance and say that is wrong and that’s not acceptable human behavior.

Our freedoms allows these bigots the rights to say and do as they wish, but the laws of the land and humanity must stand up and hold them accountable for their actions………

It a modern democratic multicultural world and now The Idaho Statesmen must looks itself in the mirror and decide are they with the status quo white Idaho who ignores racism, allows bigoted rhetoric to go unchallenged and uses government to suppress the freedom and rights of all minority Idahoans or are you in support of a multicultural Idaho were one vote for one person and equality for all, it time for you to decide.


Lost your meds again didn't you? Just lay down and count the sheep.

83701 is right

Unfortunately as I travel throughout the state, racism is alive and evident. It varies throughout the state as to which race is demonized but racism is a fact. Sad but a fact.


It is a fact everywhere. Either try to help fix it or quit complaining about Idaho.It happens in ALL states and countries. SO why do we always make it a major topic relating to this state. I get so tired of Idahoan haters I could spit.


True and well put.

I figured as much...

after seeing the story a dozen times on NWCN.

Just sounded fishy.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?


Maybe they aren't Idaho haters but ones who think we should fix the problems.