Jon Gruden on Kellen Moore: 'What a quarterback, what a game day clutch performer, he is'

By Chadd Cripe
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ESPN analyst Jon Gruden recently spent a day with former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore taping a special for his “Gruden’s QB Camp” series.

Gruden left that meeting impressed with Moore and the Broncos’ offense, but with a few serious questions about Moore’s ability to compete in the NFL.

“Kellen Moore is a coach,” Gruden said Wednesday in a teleconference with the media. “He could probably be an offensive coordinator for a lot of teams. This guy knows the game inside and out. I never really got a chance to get behind the scenes with the Boise State football team, but Kellen Moore, he’s the ringleader of the Boise State Broncos. His poise, his anticipation, his accuracy is outstanding. Is he big enough? Does he have enough arm? And can he get away from pressure well enough? Those are the challenges ahead of Kellen Moore. But what a quarterback, what a game day clutch performer, he is. He’s only a couple plays away from being 53-0.”

Gruden also gave Moore credit for running the Broncos’ complex offense.

“The statistics are marvelous,” he said. “The system of football at Boise is very demanding. They shift more than any team in the country, maybe other than Stanford. The volume of different running plays, passing plays, formations, it’s incredible. They do more than a lot of NFL teams under coach (Chris) Petersen there.”

Gruden says Moore should be a factor on the third day of the draft, when the fourth through seventh rounds are held.

“You can’t deny production, and sustained production, like Kellen Moore has enjoyed,” he said. “I’d like to have a shot of making a few first downs with him.”

Gruden also said the offensive system will be key for Moore — the more complicated the better.

“The more you give Kellen Moore, the better he is,” Gruden said. “You’ve got to put him in a lot of different situations where he can use his greatest strengths, and that’s above the neck. He can see coverages. He can make audibles. He can get you in and out of plays. He can manage a no-huddle offense. He can manage any grouping of formations that you want to give him, and he can do it all in week-to-week fashion. This guy has a tremendous football background, son of a coach, wants to be a coach himself. But I think the system and I think just relying on his accuracy and anticipation, that’s going to be the keys to his success.”

During the call, Gruden was asked to rank his quarterbacks four through six (after Andrew Luck of Stanford, Robert Griffin III of Baylor and Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M). His favorites: Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State, Kirk Cousins of Michigan State and Russell Wilson of Wisconsin.

Moore’s special airs at 3 p.m. Thursday on ESPNU.


ESPN showed a preview of the Moore special on “NFL Live” on Wednesday. Here are a couple highlights:

— Gruden asked Moore what he says to all his naysayers: “I think you smile at them, say thank you and remember their name.”

— Gruden showed one play where the camera behind Moore couldn’t see the receiver yet as Moore threw the ball over the middle. “Some of these throws are the damnedest throws I’ve seen,” Gruden said. “It’s not a 103 mile an hour fastball, but the ball is placed perfectly with great anticipation.”

— Gruden got some laughs out of the blue turf. He asked Moore about the myth of ducks crashing on the blue. He also showed Zee the Tee Dog.

— Afterward, ESPN draft analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay said Moore is a sixth- or seventh-round draft pick. “When you really study him — I know there are throws that look unbelievable because of that anticipation — his accuracy on pro-type throws is subpar at best,” McShay said. “His anticipation might be as good as any quarterback I’ve ever evaluated. He gets the ball out so early it’s hard to even know where he’s going with the ball at the time.”

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Hey Jon

Thanks for confirming what Bronco fans already knew !!!


A rocket scientist in Football. Just say it.

Fishing tomorrow is out.

Gonna have to stay home just to watch Kellens special.


Keyword: Former.
He's gone. Who cares.

Who cares????

Not you apparently. Who cares that he is the most winningest quaterback in FBS history? Hmm, let's see, how about every other quarterback out there and for many more to come. Who cares that his accuracy out rivals everyone else's? Same as before. I could list more stats and whatnot but if you really want to know who cares, watch the NFL draft and you'll see more proof of people who care.
As a sidenote, so what if Kellen ends up with a clipboard on the sidelines. I've heard of coaches who make quite a bit of money, and no, Chris Peterson doesn't make that much, not considering coaches who do half as good still get paid twice, three or four times more. Whatever path Kellen chooses after this is probably what he will want to do, not something he is forced too. Good luck Kellen!

Life lesson #1

Wrong or right----don't argue with football fans about their current deities.

Reality check

Let's not read more in to this than what it is. He is acknowledging Kellen's success as a great college quarteback against the opponents that BSU played.
His size and arm strength will limit him to a system that will rely on his accuracy and anticipation if there is one in the NFL. He is saying he would be a good coach or offensive coordinator not an NFL quarterback as I am sure his program will show. He will be honest on this as Gruden always is.
A clipboard holder is the best that Kellen can hope for and maybe a few clean up roles when the game is decided. There is nothing wrong with that. There have been a lot of guys make good money in this role.
He's not even in his top 6 quarterbacks out there, so let's not get carried away on this Bronco fans.

your opinion check

We'll see. Reality is indifferent of opinion.

My opinion (not reality), is that Moore reminds me of two QBs not known for their big bodies or strong arms; Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana.

I wish him the best of luck, but I don't think he's going to need it.

Reality Check, For real

It is yet to be determined if Kellen can hang in the NFL. Fact is we will know soon enough. Reality is that in college football Kellen was a couple of plays away from being undefeated. Against the best in the NCAA. NO ONE ever plays the top 10 or 15 teams every week. Kellen basically beat everyone that he played against. For some to say that Kellen is a great QB against the opponents that BSU played as if they played softballs week in and week out is misinformed. Kellen beat every team, the best the NCAA threw at him and except for a couple of FG's 53-0. Jon Gruden, ESPN and other top analysts in the USA know the facts and the reality is that Kellen is one of the greatest football players to play at BSU and one of the greatest football players to play in the NCAA in any conference. That is the reality!

Blah, blah, blah

Chadd, let it go already!

In case you haven't noticed vpt,

Chadd is just doing what Chadd gets paid to do. It's called being gainfully employed as a sports writer, and I, for one, think he does a darn good job regardless of who/what he is writing about....Sunny...

Well said Sunny

I second those comments...word for word.

Calm down guys. we get it,

Calm down guys.
we get it, he broke records, but he did it at boise state against not the best teams/defenses or in the best conference in the nation.
he will not be a successful qb in the nfl. he will just be a backup and become a coach at some point.

If Extreme Talent crapped on

If Extreme Talent crapped on your doorstep, you'd step in it, because you wouldn't recognize it when you saw it.

Its just bandito...

His opinion, is worthless. Has been for a long while. Will be for even longer. Lets his hatred cloud reality.


His records will be broken. Kellen was a big fish in a small pond. Now he's a small fish in a big pond. C'est la vie!

Bandito, I'm curious.....

If you think Luck will not make it as a pro?

By your logic he has an even slimmer chance than Moore.

Gruden pro or anti Kellen Moore - So what

Kellen has achieved what no other quarterback has achieved in college ball to date. Mr Kellen Moore will always be ranked as one of the greatest college quarterbacks ever to play the game.

As for Gruden's top 6/7/8/etc big deal. That is Gruden's opinion. As for 71% of the people who polled whether the Houston QB or Moore would be successful - they chose Kellen and with exception to Randy Cross the former football elite's agreed.

I like Gruden and don't be surprised if the Gruden camp did not mention Kellen in the top spot only because his brother is going to pick him up in the 4th round of the coming NFL draft.

Kellen sure spent a lot of time talking to Gruden at Pro Day, atleast the camera's showed those two standing along side one another a goodly amount of time.

Who know's maybe they were talking about married life - You think? Oh, one more thing : ) Do we all imagine that all the Gruden's favorites will be good pro's and last more than the initial NFL signing 1 to 4 years? Even ole Andrew may not be around that long?

I predict Kellen gets

I predict Kellen gets drafted by Atlanta. Why? Dirk Koetter is their OC and their offensive line coach is Pat Hill. They know what Kellen can do.

Interesting call

I thought the Seahawkers passed on their Washington stud last year so they could get Kellen this year - It would be great for Washington State and summer practice is held at EWU in Cheney, WA (a hop, skip, and a jump from Prosser). And man could they ever use him there?

Still, I like your call best. My only hope is that Kellen goes to a team with a respectable offensive line. Nice post homey

I'd like to see Kellen go to...

Denver. Nothing like being a (in my opinion) the best college quarterback to ever play, but to be able to learn from one of the best NFL quarterbacks who, not to mention, does not have that long left in his career.

And to quote Ryan Clady prior to being drafted when asked where he would like to go... "...Denver, because I would be able to go home and play in front of my family, and I would still be a Bronco".

Thanks Kellen and I look forward to watching you on Sunday whether this season or in the future and regardless of the team (even those darn packers).

good motivation

I love it when football fans diss on Kellen. This will help him to maintain that chip on your shoulder BSU mentality in the NFL. You guys who doubt Kellen are in good company as we have heard it all from voices large and small for the past four years. Before every top 15 opponent that BSU played in those years there was always speculation about Moore's ability to get the job done. He did get the job done, in style, and always had fun doing it. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in Denver with Manning and Elway as mentors, but wouldn't bet the farm on it. I just know that whoever drafts Kellen Moore is getting one outstanding football player who will be a very valuable asset for a long time. I think he will handle the next level way better than any number of high draft pick quarterbacks, and I look forward to seeing him play on Sundays.

Doubters doubt, Kellen wins anyway

I love to hear folks dis Kellen. He's heard it all befor,e and we've seen the results. I was on a Georgia football board before the game and man, did they think he was going to get killed. But we saw what happened didn't we? He just dissected them, just as he had Oregon (twice) and V Tech. I think he's going to be very successful at the next level as long as he doesn't get hurt too often (they all get hurt sooner or later).


Who cares. He doesn't play here. Move on people. It's over.


Obviously you care, two posts in a matter of seconds......

Kinda silly if you were to think about it..


The Young Man (Kellen Moore)Has made me a Bronco for life. I cant wait to watch him in the NFL. I also hope he will some day be a coach at Boise State.


The Young Man (Kellen Moore)Has made me a Bronco for life. I cant wait to watch him in the NFL. I also hope he will some day be a coach at Boise State.