Environmental groups sue to force Payette grazing cubacks this year despite Simpson rider

Harry Soulen, the principal of Soulen Livestock, the sheep ranching operation out of Weiser that’s tangled in the controversy over bighorn sheep, signed a modified grazing permit in February 2011. That permit would end grazing in part of the Soulen’s grazing area this year as a part of a plan to separate domestic sheep from bighorns to prevent disease transmission.

But later that Republican Rep. Mike Simpson included a rider in a 2012 appropriations bill that limited the Forest Service spending would “result in a reduction in the number of domestic livestock permitted to graze on … (national forest) allotment or in the distribution of livestock on the allotment.” The Forest Serice told the Soulens that based on the rider it would not force them to give up part of their grazing in 2012.

However, the rider specifically set the date for its limit to impose restrictions in excess of those in place July 1, 2011. Since Soulen signed his permit modification in February 2011, environmental groups are suing the Forest Service in federal court challenging its decision to back off its grazing cutback, which was official four months earlier.

The Wilderness Society, Western Watersheds Project and the Hells Canyon Preservation Council brought the suit Monday.

Overall, the case rests on disease risk modeling done by biologists both in and out of the Forest Service that showed domestic sheep posed an undue risk of passing disease on to the bighorn sheep.

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Go ahead, waste time...sue 'em all.


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Awesome! And they will win!

Go get'em Marvel!

More taxpayer money

for the environmental welfare lobby... Wonder if Marvel walks around all day in a housecoat and slippers with a cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth - waiting for his government check to arrive?

Better than more lobbiests money

spent on continued subsidies and exemptions for the sheep herders. Marvel endorses good science, Simpson endorses opinions he's paid for.


so good science vs some other kind of science? WWP endorses whatever brand of "science" supports their cause. there's really no "good science" to it at all.


The Payette decision was made after several years of public input and many, many scientific studies which unequivocally show that domestic sheep pass several types of pneumonia to bighorn sheep. The public paid for a risk analysis which showed that grazing domestic sheep in the areas that were closed to domestic sheep grazing put bighorn sheep at too great of a risk to being exposed to pneumonia. This science wasn't cherry picked by Western Watersheds Project, it was selected by the USFS.

The bighorn sheep rider that Simpson placed in the Appropriations bill bypassed all of that proces just for the benefit of a single operation that has received More than $1.2 million in subsidies from the American taxpayer.


Welfare Ranching

The Soulens, as well as the (Lt. Brad) Littles, are the beneficiaries of public welfare with, especially the Simpson Rider but, all of their grazing activities on public land.

Rocky I think you meant "principal" - or perhaps "LACK OF principle" - above.


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"But later that Republican Rep. Mike Simpson included a rider in a 2012"""

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