Top hat target

ImageThis self-healing target from Do-All Traps is a fun way to hone your shooting skills. At 4.25 inches wide, it’s a little larger than a pop can. You can shoot it with anything from a .22 rimfire to a large-bore rifle or handgun. The one in the photo has taken multiple rounds from .204, .223, 22-250 and a .45 acp. It jumps when hit, even with small, light bullets. It presents good surface area from any angle so you don’t have to keep setting it back up. There’s a whole series of these Do-All self-healing targets that are available at local sporting goods stores. This one retails for $20 to $25. It’s not cheap, but they are super durable. I’ve been shooting one for over a year and it has taken dozens of hits and still is in good shape.

Poor Abe needed this.


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