Payette River passes available

Annual River Passes for the Payette River Recreation Area sites in the Banks and Garden Valley area are now on sale for the 2012 season for $20.

They are available at the following locations:

Alpenglow Mountainsports, Boise.

Boise Army Navy, Garden City.

Cascade Outfitters, Garden City.

Idaho River Sports, Boise.

During the spring/summer boating season the annual passes are also available for purchase at:

Garden Valley Chevron.

Ray’s Corner Market, Horseshoe Bend.

Emmett Ranger District Work Center at Garden Valley.

The yearly $20 season pass waives the daily $3 fee charged at each site within the recreation area. Fees begin in early May and extend through early October. The passes can also be used in fee areas along the South Fork of the Snake River. During the boating season, self-service fee stations are available for non-annual pass holders.

Funds received are used for operation, improvement and maintenance of the sites along the Payette River system.

In effect since 1996, the program is managed jointly by the Bureau of Land Management and the Boise National Forest, with the cooperation of the Boise County Sheriff’s Department. The Forest Service manages the daily operations and maintenance, while the Bureau of Land Management performs most of the construction activities.

Some accomplishments using the fees collected in 2011 included painting lines on the Banks Access parking lot, painting dressing rooms at the Banks Access, sanding and staining the Deer Creek ramp, and general maintenance at all the river recreation sites.

More information is available about each site HERE

To make comments, call Comments call the Emmett Ranger District at 365-7000.


Any word on why the Dept of Transportation won't open their Banks parking lot during the weekend?

Seems like an easy 'taxpayer friendly' move. And while they're at it being friendly, how about a real bridge?

The better for you to wash your car with!


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