Idaho, Washington State to play football in 2013

By Brian Murphy

Idaho will play at rival Washington State in 2013, the first meeting between the neighboring universities since 2007, Athletic Director Rob Spear told the Idaho Statesman on Monday.

Washington State has won seven consecutive games against Idaho, including 45-28 loss in 2007 in coach Robb Akey's first season with the Vandals. Akey is a former Washington State defensive coordinator and has said that he wanted to play the Cougars occasionally as opposed to annually.

The campuses are separated by less than 10 miles and the Idaho/Washington border.

Idaho plays two teams from BCS AQ-conferences in 2012 (LSU and North Carolina) and 2013 (Mississippi and Washington State), all on the road. The Vandals also have games scheduled with Florida (2014) and Auburn (2015) from the mighty Southeastern Conference. first reported the Washington State game.

The Vandals are also playing at Mississippi, at Wyoming and versus Northern Illinois in 2013.

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Boise State's football team will play former WAC rival Utah State in 2014 and 2015, the school announced Friday morning. The Broncos will visit Logan, Utah, on Sept. 27, 2014 and host the Aggies at Bronco Stadium on Sept. 26, 2015.

“We have a lot of respect for coach (Gary) Andersen and what he has accomplished at Utah State the last three seasons,” Boise State coach Chris Petersen said in a statement. “He has the Aggies playing at an extremely high level, and this adds another quality opponent to a stretch where we will be playing the most difficult schedules in Bronco football history.”

Utah State went 7-6 in 2011, including a loss to Ohio in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl in Boise.

Boise State has won 13 of 17 meetings with Utah State, including the last 10. The schools were WAC and Big West members at the same time.

Boise State will be a member of the Big East in 2014. Utah State, currently a member of the WAC, could be in the new-look Mountain West by the time the series is played. The Salt Lake Tribune reported Thursday that the Aggies "are serious candidates" to join the Mountain West and that commissioners Craig Thompson (Mountain West) and Britton Bankowsky (Conference USA) have done campus visits.

"This is a great opportunity for our program to have a home-and-home series with a quality opponent in Boise State. It is a wonderful chance for our fans to see us play on the road but don't have to travel very far, plus as we saw when we were there for the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, we have a terrific Aggie fan base in the Boise area," Andersen said in a statement released by the school.

Said Utah State Athletic Director Scott Barnes said in a statement: "High caliber regional home-and-home competition is important for our program and will provide a quality experience for both our student-athletes and fans," Barnes said. "We were fortunate to get this deal done in the wake of Utah deciding to buy-out one of our four future games with them. Boise State fits nicely into the schedule as a strong home game replacement."

• Idaho Athletic Director Rob Spear said he has had no discussions with Boise State about playing in 2014 and 2015.

Idaho, however, will be playing a slew of SEC schools, according to game contracts obtained by the Idaho Statesman from the university. The Vandals have game contracts with LSU (in 2012), Mississippi (in 2013), Florida (in 2014) and Auburn (in 2015).

Idaho will be paid $925,000 for the game against LSU, $850,000 for the game against Mississippi, $975,000 for the game against Florida and $1 million for the game with Auburn.

Idaho will receive $800,000 for a game against North Carolina this year as well as $500,000 from BYU and $125,000 from Bowling Green.

The Vandals are paying Wyoming $150,000 and Eastern Washington $150,000 for games this year, so they will net more than $2 million in game guarantees in 2012.

Idaho has also had discussions with Florida State about a future contest, though Spear said there is "nothing firm."

Boise State's nonconference schedule


Aug. 31 Michigan State

Sept. 15 vs. Miami (OH)

Sept. 22 vs. BYU

Oct. 6 at Southern Miss


Sept. 7 at Washington

Sept. 21 vs. UT Martin

Sept. 28 vs. Southern Miss

Oct. 26 at BYU


Aug. 28 vs. Ole Miss (in Atlanta)

Sept. 27 at Utah State

Oct. 25 vs. BYU


Sept. 12 at BYU

Sept. 19 vs. Washington

Sept. 26 vs. Utah State


Sept. 10 vs. Washington State

Sept. 24 at Oregon State

Oct. 15 vs. BYU


Sept. 9 at Washington State

Oct. 7 at BYU

Idaho nonconference schedule


Aug. 30 vs. Eastern Washington

Sept. 8 at Bowling Green

Sept. 15 at LSU

Sept. 22 vs. Wyoming

Sept. 29 at North Carolina

Nov. 10 at BYU


Aug. 31 at Mississippi

Sept. 7 at Wyoming

Sept. 14 vs. Northern Illinois

TBA at Washington State


Aug. 30 at Florida

Sept. 13 vs. Western Michigan

Sept. 20 at Ohio


Sept. 19 at Auburn


would be better since they are the Pac whatever now.

You do realize

that Utah bought it's way out of playing BSU for the next few years, right?

Utah State

I think this is a great pick-up. Logan makes for a perfect game for fans to travel to, just a 4 hour drive. I love travelling to road games, and I hope to see more local non-conference games like this, especially in Utah, as their fans are typically of a higher sportsmanship standard in comparison to some to the north I could mention.

Also, Utah State does seem to be on the upswing; I wouldn't be shocked to see Utah State contending for the MWC title in 2013/2014.

Its a great venue

The Stadium backed up into the mountains with a wild Utah St. student fan base jeering the Bronco team. The 15k or so Bronco fans driving and tailgating make the game atmosphere on the ROAD pretty cool. Cant wait for this one.


Is Utah State in the MWC?


No, not currently, still in the WAC - although it has been widely reported that the MWC is looking at Utah State (along with San Jose State) as an expansion team beginning in the 2013 season to account for the loss of Boise St and San Diego St. I'm just guessing that it will become a reality.


Who cares nerd

What a shock ....

More cupcakes for Cupcake State - way to man up! I guess Weber State or Southern Utah wasn't available.

“We have a lot of respect for coach (Gary) Andersen and what he has accomplished at Utah State the last three seasons,” Boise State coach Chris Petersen said in a statement. “He has the Aggies playing at an extremely high level, and this adds another quality opponent to a stretch where we will be playing the most difficult schedules in Bronco football history.”

Yeah, whatever floats your boat Pete.


I'm sure Auburn, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M would like to here your cupcake theory.

Your lack of football knowledge is right up there with weistard.

What a shock

agree this program is a joke in the national media.

The NFL doesn't agree

BSU had six players selected in last weekend's NFL Draft. That ties them with Miami, Michigan St., Cal, Iowa, Wisconsin and So. Carolina. All joke programs, right? Georgia and Oklahoma had seven each, and Alabama had eight. To all the other joke programs in the country (that would be the rest of them)... the line forms to the rear .

Nobody is knocking the players...

The joke is that the Cupcake State AD can't man up and schedule anyone other than(1)toughie(with 6 months to prepare for)and a bunch of cupcakes year in and year out and then blame everyone else for the schedule and whine that we are "BSC/National Championship material" after playing nobody. That is the business plan at Cupcake State. Nobody is bagging on the players - they have been great and would have played anyone anywhere but suffered from a greedy small minded AD/Administration at Cupcake State that apparently didn't think they could handle anymore than 1 toughie and a bunch of cupcakes. BTW - Coach Pete has a big say in scheduling - maybe the only say at Cupcake State!

".....8-5 in 2011....a victory in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl"

Really Murph???? Ohio beat Utah State 24-23 in the 2011 Potato Bowl.


... The worst part: I covered the game.

Its all good :-)

Its all good :-)

Really Utah State

Does Utah State home and home make more money to BSU or does Idaho home and home?

The Idaho game would be a sell out for sure, Utah State ???

Go to BSU to watch Good Football, go to Idaho to get a degree.


I would disagree in that althoough Utah State does not sell a lot of tickets, they will sellout with BSU in town. This is a much easier commute than Moscow.


Right go North to learn to guzzle whatever is in the glass in front of you and lets not forget the class on falling out of upstairs windows. This myth that somehow IDAHO is academia is tired. Sure they have lots of great more than any other U in these parts. Get over yourselves.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

LOL. Wrong again

Idaho has a lot more programs (and great ones) than any other U in the state of Idaho. The facts don't lie. Sorry.

And I see once again that no one who goes to BSU parties and drinks and does drugs. Oops. I guess the current BSU students I know are making up all the wild party stories I've heard just to look cool...

I'm a student at Boise State

And I have yet to meet anyone who talked about drugs much less did them.

So, you are being lied to, Some_Guy.


I'd much prefer to see BSU play western teams than MAC teams. This will be a fun series.

Keeping it REAL

This is good to see...Logan is a short drive...good regional game...sure the programs are at different levels, but so is Alabama and Tennessee Chattanooga. Creating more compelling regional rivalries is a good thing both in terms of economics but also the fans who won't be traveling to Rutgers.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

Not my first choice

There are other teams that would have provided more exciting match ups, but if you want a home-and-home, Utah State is not bad. I'm hoping the Aggie football program continues to improve as much as it has the past two years. They should have beaten Auburn last year, and I think they did beat BYU or Utah. Too lazy to look it up.

Assuming the Big East survives as an AQ conference, and BSU remains a member, the BE should be looking for another western team or two. Utah State could easily be on a list with Nevada, Fresno and Air Force. I know BYU and Utah dominate the Utah market, but an upgraded Utah State team playing in an AQ conference would probably draw more local interest.

This whole drinking at Idaho

This whole drinking at Idaho thing gets so old. Boise people so conveniently forget their football player that contributed to killing the majority of a family in a road rage incident.

What's even older

is the University of Idaho and it's people having this narcisstic mindset about themselves. If the education at U of I is as good as they claim it to be, then one would think that the education of the State of Idaho would not be near the bottom of the country, but since that is the case, U of I people would rather continue to vote for the GOP and do whatever it takes to make sure that education in other parts of the state(including BSU) does not improve.

The old stories dont fly no more....

look at the past 4 year dem record....

Idaho is doing fine and one of the few states that are solvent....

Have a good day playing hacky sack....


Having practically the worst educational system(state of Idaho) in the country is not what I would consider to be fine and solvent. Look at all the schools in Boise that have been shut down and are now just empty lots.

The GOP does not have anybody that is qualified to be a leader in this country. All they do is protect their own interests, they could care less about the people of this nation. (ex: wanting to get rid of abortion)

Have a nice day living in fantasy land.


I disagree....the state of Idaho is doing well in comparison to the other 49 states....Our colleges are fine....what we lack are leaders within the system....

No need to argue on dem v gop....just look at the public record and the record shows that yes we were better off 4 years ago than now....

Boise is a great town, with a good college and a nationally known cfb football team....lets hope dems dont take over and destroy it all like they have to numerous inner cities around the USA....

Good luck with your future as a dem....

4 years ago

The general public didn't even know that inflation was coming, which led to high gas prices and bad housing market. 4 years ago looked "better" because the public assumed that everything was going to be just fine, and simply forgot about previous inflations, such as the inflation of the late 1970s. It's very easy to think that we were better off 4 years ago when at that time nobody was thinking hard enough, and that poor thinking came back to bites us in the rear by the end of 2008.

And for the record, I would prefer to vote for a 3rd party candidate instead of any GOP fool.


just enjoy today, cause it is the best it will ever be....the slide will be fast....

Go to a Bronco game and enjoy the is good, but the inflation stuff has been well known for three years now and we know it is about to explode into what is known as hyper-inflation....

Because of that, I hope the big 'O' wins again....

Maybe we can light Bronco Stadium will all that Green Energy stuff????

Please pull your head out of your Hey Sailor

If you are one of those plain internet trash types who only thinks of Idaho's education by whatever Luna or Otter or dumb internet "studies/surveys" then please take the rest of the Troll Chow back to where you got it as it's been RECALLED.

PS I'm not PLAIN.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Most of us die of natural causes...please try it. It's splendid!


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Nothing wrong with that, racismsux

The voting for the GOP, I mean.

Your Point is?

What does the Cam Hall incident have to do with drunk vandorks falling out of windows every year or with that fact if Utah State and San Jose State defect to the MWC the WAC will be in serious trouble. Should the Big Sky select a 13th team before you dorks see the writing on the wall, you may no longer have a football program. because there will be no place for you to go.

Cupcake game

Nation get it together.

Better than the vandulls...

...the biggest cupcake of them all!

Utah State or the Vandorks

At least we can beat Utah State which is more than the vandals can claim, which makes Utah State a more worthy opponent than the vandorks.

Go get em


This scheduling should put them #1 in SOS....

Idaho goes after Nebraska, Florida, and LSU....

Why go to the Big East is you keep scheduling the Big Sky of old?


Idaho doesn't go after those tuff teams. They have to take those games for the $$$$ because they play in the smallest stadium there is. They are set up games for those big schools.

Did I see BSU playing...

Tennessee-Martin? LOL! LOL! LOL! OMG! LOL!

ONO Buffy's having a hiccup attack


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

sif60....good points

Boise has been very good....but the scheduling of one powerhouse per year leaves one wondering how serious they really are....

Poor Idaho has scheduled much better....

I'd rather Boise play 3 good BCS teams and lose one, than this old time Utah State stuff....

I hope Idaho never plays Boise again....


schedules 3 BCS teams because they need the money. When the next conference shifting occurs(with the MWC looking at Utah St. and San Jose St.) and nobody is looking at Idaho, the Vandals need all the money they can get. Otherwise, they may have to drop their football program at some point in the near future.

Hey Ugly...

I've been away for a few months...I transitioned to a new job on the Oregon coast...the transition required a move too. As a result, when I saw the UT-Martin game on the BSU schedule it just tickled my funny bone. I think BSU football would have more benefit agreeing to an agreement with Idaho to play in each others stadiums. It would also be better for the local economies of Boise and Moscow too. Oh...but that's a no brainer and I believe ego got the best of the BSU decision-makers. Yesterday I read an article that the MTN was shutting down...I had to LMAO because BSU's origianl motivation to leave the WAC was to have a more lucrative TV deal....this article tickled my funny bone too and then I left an "I told you so" reply...I just couldn't resist. Anyway, hope you are doing well.

sif1960....congrats....sounds like someone is

better off now than 4 years ago....

Oregon is a beautiful state....

Yes, Boise has gotten abit egotistical....Spears offered a 3:1 and they still wont play in Moscow, no matter what....they have become way too good....

Keep in touch, and maybe we can resurrect VNDL?

Bronco Fans have alot to be proud of, except their scheduling....getting more milk-toast all the time....if you are going to 'talk-the-talk', then you need to 'walk-the-walk'....if Boise is going to brag top ten BCS, then schedule that brings in the monies and fans....


what happened to VNDL...did he get discouraged or is he taking a break? I mis the dialogue...


I talked with VNDL about 2 months ago....he left the boards for awhile for other things to do....he felt that cfb talk was kind of heading south and not much really to chat about on bsu....

I feel the same....

Boise really is scheduling 'milk-toast' for a top 10 BCS squad....the next 3-4 years has only 2-3 great teams on the what? Other than MSU and possibly Washington, what is their to follow?

Idaho has a better schedule....

Just want to say congrats to the 6 BSUers now in NFL....I wish them well...

Ugly, really?

For almost 2 month all you 2 talked about was who donated $50..... 15-20 posts a day about mundane c r a p......

You two never talked college football... you basically scrubbed this board single handily....

But, WTH, keep trying.


FYI....I dont care about Stadium Donations from the Common Bronco anymore....they arent coming in, so who really cares?

As I predicted, the Stadium will be financed thru Bonds and the 'Normal' rich ones....

Things look good and that is great!

Congrats to the 6 BSUers and the NFL!

PS....thanks for keeping these boards clean via rid of the 'scrubbers'....keep up the good work....

I don't know that the NFL can be happy tonight...

now that Junior Seau is so horribly GONE.

That's a name you were bound to see on a working jersey every Sunday for years and now it rings so cold and deep.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?