Adjusting the Boise Whitewater Park wave

ImageA technician was at the Boise River Whitewater Park wave Thursday shaping the wave.

While he worked in the control room, two surfers decided to jump on the waves as they were being changed. At one point you could see the main wave grow steeper and steeper and then become lower and more round.

A couple of kayakers were also testing out the wave.

The river is flowing more than 6,000 cfs and is too dangerous for any boaters other than experts. Believe me, you're not going to see me out on the wave until the river is back around 1,500 cfs. The river water temperature is just barely 40 degrees, which is icy cold.

It was fascinating to watch the adjustments that could be made on the Wave Shaper device that is in the river. It's going to be exciting to see in the summer when the river is at a normal level.

The grand opening of the Ray Neef M.D. Boise River Recreation Park is planned for June. Who knows? We may still have high water.

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

At least they didn't lose the remote control!


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