'This year was different;' Planned Parenthood discusses defeat of Idaho ultrasound bill

A "national public outcry" over abortion legislation, and a controversial comment from Boise Republican Sen. Chuck Winder, helped kill a bill requiring women to undergo an ultrasound before an abortion.

That's the assessment from the Seattle-based Northwest chapter of Planned Parenthood, which this week posted an essay on the defeat of the Idaho bill.

Here's an excerpt:

"The story about our success in Idaho begins with a plan to capitalize on the national debate and dialogue over anti-choice members of the U.S. Congress and Republican presidential candidates’ extreme positions on women’s health.

"From the beginning, we knew we needed to reach out to supporters in the field, and work with the media to fan the flames of a national public outcry that bubbled over into Idaho (via Virginia). Our coordinated campaign included volunteer phone banks from October through the end of the session, and over 30,000 paid calls and several mail pieces sent to our target legislative districts. We organized over 23 events around the state, including a successful lobby day, and massive turnout at hearings, rallies, and vigils, with hundreds of supporters in attendance. The testimony at some of these hearings was so powerful that even the national media began to take notice. The country began to realize that the Idaho legislature was going too far."

Winder's debate on the Senate floor, and his argument against a exemption for victims of rape, resulted in a "media firestorm," said Planned Parenthood. "We knew there was power in pushing this story out to a broader audience, and connected with national feminist blogs who were sympathetic to the cause. We also worked with local reporters to send regular on-the-ground and timely updates."

Nothing terribly surprising in all of this, but some additional insight into the ultrasound debate. Here's a link to the full post.

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Other states

How about some reporting on what other states have done with this issue.

KR< you already covered Texas... I heard someone on the big boys news the other day about Virginia having this same law...

Hey, maybe is the progressive state on this. We're #1!

planned parenthood

the right to life people finally went too far and angered the women and men in this country who want no intrusion into their bedrooms. planned parenthood should be celebrating along with the other organizations and individuals who also rose up to stop this attack on women and their families.

Planned Parenthood

Wrong. Planned Parthood didn't defeat this bill the upcoming elections did. While PP blows it's own horn the legistators vowed to come back pass it next year and because it will not be an election year, they will. If PP really want to defeat this bill they should do what they can to clean house of these legisators!

but in another year

having it be an election year would be a *reason* to do it this year. It's interesting to me that it's acting as a dog whistle the other way.