Report: The Mtn. to shut down on May 31

By Brian Murphy

The Sports Business Journal is reporting that The Mtn. will shut down on May 31.

The Mtn. is owned by CBS Sports Network (50 percent) and Comcast Sports Network (50 percent).

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that NBC Universal/Comcast told the league it would end distribution of the network on June 1.

The Mountain West still has agreements with CBS Sports Network and NBC Sports Network (formerly Versus) to televise its games, but shutting down The Mtn. would leave some games without a television home. That could open the door for local broadcasts of games, likely on KTVB in Boise.

The Journal reports that CBS Sports Network could broadcast additional games as part of an agreement with the Mountain West.

Boise State had three football games on The Mtn. in 2011. The Broncos also had 11 men's basketball games televised on The Mtn. in 2011-12.

While it is expected that Boise State could find a television home for its attractive football program, the basketball team is unlikely to enjoy so many televised games again without The Mtn.

The Mountain West is expected to release its football schedule with television networks and game times soon.

The news comes as the Mountain West and Conference USA are negotiating a potential merger. Both leagues have been hit by defections in recent months, including Boise State's move to the Big East in football and the WAC in other sports.

“This is simply one step in the ongoing, evolutionary process which is focused on developing a new organization and structure. The goals continue to be creating greater stability, broader exposure platforms and increased revenue, and we are progressing in each of those areas with the appropriate parties," Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson said in a statement released by the league.

The Mtn. was launched Sept. 1, 2006 before the conference TV networks, such as the Big 10 network and others, became commonplace.

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Is the contract payout going down too?

Hey Murphy, have you heard if the payout for the Mountain West is going to go down this year? If they are televising fewer games, it would seem the payout would go down.

Oh my God!

Don't tell me we'll have to put up with the Sleepy, Dopey and Grumpy crew again! A blind two year old could do better than any of the local bimbos around here.

Locals Only?

Hey Murphy, would this open the door for only local broadcasts? Or, if ESPN's family of networks wanted to pickup BSU vs ??? would they be allowed to do some kind of one-off negotiation? If so, would it benefit ESPN at all to do something with BSU on an a la carte system?

Get rid of it

completely! What a waste, and the coverage is pathetic at best.

It was fantastic...

I loved the coverage overall. BSU never had as many games broadcast between BBall and Football as they had last year. Overall it was fantastic to go there and watch replays, interviews whatever...

So, I guess if you hate sports or BSU, then the "waste" comment is appropriate.

Good riddance

Couldn't get it on Dish and most of the football games weren't in HD on cable. The WAC coverage was better than that. Pretty embarrassing when not even the Bronco football homecoming game could be seen by everyone without having to track down coverage.

TV Contract

You would the the MWC would figure out that its horrible TV contracts are one of the main reasons no one wants to stay in the MWC.

TV Contract

I agree Korp. They never reached out to all the local carriers. If you have Dish, which I prefer, you missed three games. Not sure who the villain is Dish or Mtn. Sheesh

Dish vs the mtn

My memory isn't the best, but I recall reading an article a couple years back or so on the subject. Dish said they would carry "the mtn.," but only in the geographic footprint of the conference -- not nationwide. The mtn supposedly said they wanted the same deal that DirecTV gave them -- nationwide. It was all or nothing. Dish said nothing.

I doubt I'll ever see BSU football over the air anyway.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Just the Facts

No matter how much you polish a is still a turd.


You massive phreeq!


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

I told you so...

Unbelievable! OMG! BYU said the MTN was a disaster (or maybe BYU was the MTN) any rate...I recall BSU's justification to move from the WAC to the MW to be about TV revenues...what happened!