Idaho hunters and trappers kill 375 wolves

Wolf hunting and trapping seasons closed Saturday in all but the Lolo and Selway zones where hunting seasons remain open through June 30.

Depending on your point of view its been a good season or a tragedy. Hunters killed 252 wolves, and trappers 123, for a total of 375 wolves. Fish and Game sold about 43,300 wolf tags for the 2011-2012 season.

That left a population of about 570, Fish and Game biologists estimated last month. If you don’t think we have enough wolves to function ecologically, as the Defenders of Wildlife does, this season’s been a disaster.

If you are a hunter like Fish and Game Commission Chairman Tony McDermott, you think there are really 1,200 to 1,600 wolves out there any way, even without scientific evidence. That's what he said at the last commission meeting. So hunters and trappers didn’t kill enough for you.

That gives you a good excuse to go to the Lolo or Selway for one last try if you didn’t fill your tag. Hunters can use two 2012 tags, but you may take only one wolf per tag.

Folks who love wolves are doubtful all the wolves shot in the state were tagged. The phantom kills of wolf supporters are as measurable as McDermott’s phantom wolves.

(update) Fish and Game officials said the 570 number is a minimum population estimate and Defenders's spokeswoman Suzanne Asha Stone said the group has not said that number of wolves is below the wolf population that could function ecologically. I also must say there are actually many people who fall between the poles on this issue as I do, and readers rightly said I should have acknowledged this


"Idaho hunters and trappers kill 375 wolves"

It's a good start. Good job guys.

I hope this was a rough draft of some sort

I get blogs are less professional but reading this was comical.

But lets just look at the last sentence. Is Rocky Barker calling Fish and Game Commission Chairman Tony McDermott a liar?

Is Tony McDermott a liar?

Is Tony McDermott a liar? Well, he sure won't answer the question about the discrepancy between what he asserts and what their own report and biologists are saying. I sure don't think he's telling the truth and he has nothing to back up what he has been saying.

Is he lying, making it up, or just wrong? Not much difference in my book. I prefer to believe the biologists who actually do the work over a real estate developer who was politically appointed by a wolf hating governor to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game commission.

no, we are only a practice run for their main IS section

We are meaningless.


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It's 2012, and just think, who would have ever thought that many wolves could be shot this year, and there's still many more. I'm pro-wolf, and pro hunting, but I wonder if this is a bit too many to keep Idaho in the management job.

Consider this:

There were about 1,000+ wolves before the season; US Fish and Wildlife set the population goal at around 100 and Fish and Game set a limit to a population total of no less than 150. Well within the management objectives.


Too bad that 375 dosen't have a "0" behind it. 3750 dead wolves would be a good start.

Day of Infamy

Day of species genocide.

Day of shame.

OMG what?


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It is my identity and my philosophy

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Is it our fault. . .

Is it our fault we evolved into the dominant species, or is it the wolf's fault? Is it our fault that we created guns, or is it the wolf's fault? Is it our fault we don't have claws, only fingernails for, you know, gouging your boyfriend's eyes out, or is it the wolf's fault? Is it our fault we don't have teeth that can rip through an elk's hide, or is it the wolf's fault? When you can answer who's too really blame for this, we'll talk about your so called "genocide". We'll also talk about God's cruelty for letting one of His precious creatures being systematically hunted and slaughtered for pure enjoyment. Or perhaps we can talk of nature and what it has to say for "survival of the fittest".

They'll all be wearing black arm bands at....

the Statesman tomorrow.


This is hillarious coming from the species who is destroying the earth. Oh yea, the big bad wolf. The human is making the seas empty. The whole ocean!


We should be nuking.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Name one!

Heaven forbid we let wildlife professionals do their job of managing wildlife.

So can all of you wolf huggers out there name me one species that went extinct due to regulated harvest by scientific wildlife management?

Name one, I dare you....

passenger pidgeon

It's said these birds used to blacken the sky


The "wildlife professional" is paid by hunters. So, what, exactly, does anyone think that professional is doing out there? You know, it's like the chemical industry telling us that their scientist are certain all those insecticides are really not bad for you, really.



"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

And while were at it, can

And while were at it, can you tell me how the first wolves were captured to introduce into Yellowstone and Idaho?

It wasn't with those oh so cruel traps was it? Oh yeah! it was and they seem to be doing just fine, they must not be as cruel and maiming as PETA wants you to think.

Also kind of ironic that local fur trappers in Canada helped them capture wolves to translocate. The same trappers that all you wolf huggers love to demagogue as inbred rednecks.

43,300 wolf tags?

Rocky, that's not a typo? Idaho sold 43,300 wolf tags last year? At $11.50 a pop...just doing some rough math in my head, but that's about half a million in extra revenue for IF&G before you even count associated license fees. Not shabby.

8 month season and only 375 wolves

Not enough.....if you are ever up in the mountains YOU will understand that this is a drop in the bucket........the defenders can howl all they want...again deceiving folks...this springs pup population alone will hit 375!!!..they know that this is a small number in comparison to what is still roaming out there killing all our Elk, Deer, Moose, Coyotes, etc.....In the Challis N.Forest there are packs in almost every drain and the Elk numbers continue to drop.....again you will have to spend time in these areas to fully understand the impact these animals have had on other species of wildlife......even snow shoe rabbits! All you city slickers who donate your $$$ to these organizations had better wake up and climb up into the Mountains of not look for wolves but for the skeletons of dead animals left behind by these alaskan carnivors. I can not tell you how many dead carcasus that I have observed that are barely eaten...and yes they are wolf kills......just a waste.....I admire our fish and game department and wildlife services for challanging these anti-gun, ranching and hunting organizations in the court system.

You know nothing.

"Our elk, deer, moose, coyotes, etc." What a revealing statement. They are not your elk, etc. And do you not understand that wolf populations are directly correlated with game populations? The higher the game population, the higher the wolf population. Lower herds, fewer wolves. Nature neatly balances everything out, just as it did for eons before your sorry A... came along.

You know nothing.

Yes are right about Population forgot to add hunters into the limelight......those animals can't continue to thrive with uncontroled wolve numbers, human hunting pressure, changing habitate, and climate conditions...hunting will not go away......I am more of a nature conservative then you folks will ever be....and I do know that....I can see the WHOLE picture....because I see it on a daily bases where I live....come up sometime....take a view of OUR animls.

Rocky,I am a hunter. I am


I am a hunter. I am also a supporter of wolf re-introduction and proper management based on sound science. Your state, "If you are a hunter like Fish and Game Commission Chairman Tony McDermott, you think there are really 1,200 to 1,600 wolves out there any way, even without scientific evidence." You clearly used flawed logic to make that conclusion. Please don't use such broad strokes to paint the people of this state. Despite the current political climate, we don't all fit into two categories. In fact, there exists a broad spectrum of people of different beliefs and actions in this state. If you take a deep breath and look around, you will no doubt see some of them.


Well said.

Too bad so sad

For what its worth, IDFG website published wolf count for the end of 2011 was 746. Tony McDermott is clueless as the rest of IDFG, they won't even listen to their own biologist, but then at the last meeting biologist Jon Rachael was ask if any of the wolves killed so far were wearing radio collars and he didn't know the answer. The story listed 375 wolves killed by hunters and trappers, what about the number killed by wildlife services or illegally??
Vegas odds are that come 01-01-2013 the feds will relist the wolves in Idaho and the state will never get to manage them again because they failed. Am sure as I type the feds are keeping a close eye on the number of wolves left.

Bye Bye

bsuthruandthry---whatchabeendrinkin? Survival of the fittest will be the wolf. God is on its side. And truckin----You and your kind will be next,due to Scientific Management!


Cheesy gal,

You do realize nothing in your response to me was anything close to a coherent argument?

I am sorry I presented inconvenient facts and offered you a challenge to prove me wrong. I guess I did trick you though because I already knew I was right the whole time.

If I am next due to scientific management then you are saying that I will flourish, just like all other game species that are harvested using science based wildlife management for sustainable harvest. If you want to save a species, you hunt it.



"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Struck a cord. . .

Struck a cord I see. Well, Idon'tadrink, except for water and the occasional soda. Mmm, I sure do love that A&W Root beer. Survival of the fittest means the strongest, most dominant species will win. As I recall, according to last data shown, that was us, you know, the human species. And the whole God thing, well, that was a joke. Maybe you should use all that knowledge you got at your liberal led school and do a research paper on sarcasm. While your at it, get with your pal Al Gore and falsify some more data on the wolf situation and maybe you could win the Nobel prize for it.


truckin--- There is no scientific management being used in Idaho but pure eradication. Ranchers and hunters want this animal extinct and wiped off the landscape and are being inhumane in the process. Your scientific management is nothing but a smoke screen hiding what is really going on.I meant exactly what I said.Protect your livestock and that's it. Hunters and trappers along with wolf haters are the ones that need management.By the way, your comments are old hat, you didn't trick me and you're not right. Bon voyage.

fact is you're an emotional thing with no audience.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

I already posted that.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

kill 'em all!

Whatever else can be said, there were at least 375 wolves in Idaho. I am betting that number is double or triple in terms of the true population. Good wolf season, looking forward to the next one.

I calculated...

a success rate of less than 9 tenths of one percent. All those redneck whiners...LESS THAN ONE TENTH OF ONE PERCENT! Makes sense to me.

Hey Cheese

Again.....most likely have not been up in the woods much...most likely maybe not residing in this great state....or just moved here........scientific have to SEEEEEEEE it.....visit.....spend some with them on a daily basis......even biologists need to spend more time up there......not just on kill calls...


And your point is what exactly? What do you see, assuming you are living "up in the woods" that is so radical, so alarming, and with what criteria are you making your judgement?

My point is

residing near areas of your study will help make a reliable asumption of what is actually happening...airplanes have also been a great help......Is it can be......its not days but years of observations that will usually help paint a picture of what has really taken place.....example.....1996 wolves were released into the wilds of the present have stated colorman that populations will balance out.....true statement in the 1800's.....well we no that is not possible anymore with human interventions...hunting, ranching, we must do our best to monitor and is just a fact....The very people that are most disliked by defenders of wildlife are farmers, ranchers, and hunters....but those groups as a whole can give you more truth about what is happening in our lands then any biologist in the field.....Idaho is unlike any other state and most folks that live here or move to Idaho like to hunt....

True population

So then snakehead if we go by your math then that are actually double or triple the population of moose, elk and deer. You can't honestly state that the population numbers are off on one animal and not others. Just another wolf hater spouting non truths. That would also be like saying that out of all the wolf haters that have posted on here, 10% have killed a wolf illegally.

Cheesy gal,

You simply aren't knowledgeable about wildlife management and you shouldn't be making ridiculous "sky is falling" eradication comments.

Regardless, if some groups want wolves eradicated it won't happen. IDFG has a vested interest in maintaining populations for two reasons.
A.) it is a huge source of additional revenue for wildlife management through tag sales.
B.) They don't want the feds to regain control, eradication would cause that to happen.

Everyone complained when bears and cougars were classified as a game animal in the 70's because they were thought of as vermin. Now, they are two extremely popular game species. Wolves will come to be the same way, after their population is brought into check with the social carrying capacity.

Hunters are paying to foot the bill for wildlife management in this state and every other state. Maintaining a surplus of harvestable game is the only way to continue funding proper management, this is done by tag sales. How much money have you an the anti-hunting crowd donated for wildlife management and restoration? Zero, that's what I though.

not so fast

"A surplus of harvestable game". That's it in its simplest form - the entire con game of "wildlife management". It's a sham. And a shame. It's a fallacy of viewing nature as a feudal enclave of human hubris. You live in a delusional world divorced from normal ecological functioning that makes you as ignorant of nature as you are of logical thought. You can't discern farming from forest management or ranching from wildlife. You think "social carrying capacity" makes sense. You think you are smarter than biology. You congratulate hunters for footing a bill that was fabricated for their own use. You deprecate anti-hunting folks who don't donate to sustain a system jury-rigged to deconstruct a system that functions perfectly with no funding whatsoever. You have everything exactly backwards and your distortion of reality gives you the swagger of a thug.

Right on to bad the season

Right on to bad the season isn't year round.

Rocky has lost his way

What a weird article. Hey Rocky...keeping stirring the will provide you a job and a free ticket to any PETA event. I believe the F & G might have some data for you, but you would rather quote a political appointed commissioner's story as opposed to research what the department's biologist have been up to. If this story is your attempt to tell both side of the SUCK. BTW there are still lots of wolves living, hunting and raising giant gobs of pups in the FRANK, WHITE CLOUDS and the BIGHORN CRAGS.

I'm still waiting....

When is some wolf hugger going to find me an example of a species that went extinct because a state game department allowing it to be overhunted to extinction?

There are 50 states it must have surely happened in one. I will even open it to Canadian provinces too.

And then will someone tell me how they trapped wolves for relocation and the animals survived and weren't maimed beyond all repair? PETA told me to think those traps were cruel and inhumane.

Gosh where are all the wolf huggers when I need one?

American Turkey

The American turkey was hunted to extinction in the Western US. This bird has be re-introduced. There are also many non-game but very important animals that have become extinct too.

IDFG is a joke

IDFG has already proven they don't care to listen to their own biologist's. Clearly Tony McDermott showed no reguard to the facts that people stated at the open house meeting on March 21st. Many believe that if the feds take back control of the wolves that IDFG won't pursue any investigations into illegal wolf kills. Not like they are really concerned about them even now. IDFG did not like that the wolves were thrust upon them. It would be nice to see how they would react if we also got grizzly bears re-introduced to Southwest Idaho. SSS is still alive and well.

Hope they got the one that was after the girl in the red cape...

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

She carries a Marlin.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

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Carrying such a big fish, I can see why he was sniffin' round!

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

quick response

Treestand-- I own a woods. It's paid for,posted and when I die, goes to the Audubon Society to keep it out of development and maintain it as a wildlife sanctuary. Also, I want school children to use it for nature study.Truckin-- dalek gave you an answer. The American turkey. I give around $3,000 a year for wildlife restoration. But only to the good guys. Adios.

I own a lot of stereo gear

When I die it will probably have fallen on me like a doug fir.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?