Gear Tuesday: Bank fishing in comfort

Image Most people will probably use this chair for picnics or on the beach, but in Idaho, it looks like it could be the ultimate worm-dunking chair.

For the bank angler at Lucky Peak, Arrowrock or Cascade reservoirs, it looks pretty comfortable.

The Sport-Brella Chair is a portable fold-up chair that offers sun protection. The detachable umbrella can be placed on either side of the chair and can swivel at three different points for a lot of coverage from the sun.

It also has a cup holder, bottle opener and compact carry bag.

It looks like the afternoon winds on some of our reservoirs could be a problem and you don't want to go hand-gliding in your fishing chair.

Price: Around $40 to $50. For more information, go HERE

Photo provided by Sport-Brella Chair


Good recommendation; easy ordering. Going to keep one in the car, pickup and one in the camper.

They look like fun

And pretty comfortable - Zimo