It's snowing at Bogus

ImageIt's snowing up here at Bogus Basin and the turns are pretty good.

The area got 1.5 inches of new snow Thursday (March 29) and it's still snowing up here at lunchtime. Bogus got 1 inch of new snow on Wednesday for good coverage on the runs. There's a total of 57 inches at the base and 81 inches on top.

The winter keeps getting better even though it's spring.

"We are hoping for at least one bonus week," Alan Moore, Bogus Basin general manager, said Thursday up on the mountain. "If cooler temperatures stick around we should be fine."

The final day of the regular season is April 7, a Saturday. Bogus Basin usually closes on a Sunday but April 8 is Easter. The bonus weekend would be April 14-15, if conditions allow.

It's doesn't take that many warmer-than-usual days, or rain, to make a difference, Moore said. An inch of rain can cause a lot of snow to be lost.

Bogus Basin looked good on Thursday (March 29) Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman.