Pearce's lawyer says senator supports rules for earlier disclosure

Republican Sen. Monty Pearce’s attorney said Pearce supports rules requiring a potential conflict be reported at the earliest opportunity.

But attorney Chuck Peterson said in a letter to the Senate Ethics Committee Wednesday that Democrats had not shown any proof that Pearce had violated current rules for disclosing conflicts of interest.

“The complaining senators have tarnished Sen. Pearce’s reputation without good reason or fair investigation,” Peterson wrote. “This committee can right that wrong by dismissing the matter entirely.”


to get a "fair investigation," when half of the committee wants to stop the enquiry.

They wanted to watch the ULTRASOUND

something about pregnant chicks in the hallway


We return you to Meltdown: IDAHO

In progress.

Supports the Rule

He supports the rule for early disclosure he just kinda forgot to do it then lied about his leases.

Gag me.

Please. I guess the senator thinks we are as ignorant as he is. Apparently, with voters from D-9, he's right.