Idaho ultrasound bill draws opponent for sponsor; protester removed for speaking at exhibition

At a noon rally outside the Statehouse, James Mace, an Idaho National Guardsman, novelist and screenwriter from Meridian, said he will challenge Senate Assistant Republican Leader Chuck Winder of Boise in November.

Mace said he decided to make the race at 11 p.m. Tuesday, angered by Winder's sponsorship of Senate Bill 1387, which mandates ultrasounds that determine whether or not there is a heartbeat, and, if so, the heart rate. Along with heart rate, gestational age also must be reported by a physician before a woman can receive an abortion.

Shortly after Mace's announcement, backers of SB 1387 held an exhibition in a Senate hearing room of ultrasounds with six women, two each from the first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy. The six ultrasounds were projected on three screens and were abdominal, not trans-vaginal.

"We want the babies in the womb to have an opportunity to testify on this legislation," said Brandi Swindell, founder and president of Stanton Health Care, a pro-life crisis pregnancy center in Boise. "Isn't this fun? Who doesn't love seeing an ultrasound image of a baby?"

Mace, 36, did not meet the March 9 filing deadline, but will qualify for the ballot if he receives 50 write-in votes as a Democrat in the May 15 primary. Until Wednesday, no Republican or Democrat had said they would challenge Winder.

Mace, who served a year in Iraq, said the bill distracts from the Legislature's more important duties. "What has this got to do with jobs? What has this got to do with education?"

Speaking to a crowd of about 150 opponents of the bill, Mace added, "The only thing I see this bill doing is humiliating and degrading women and trying to force their personal beliefs down somebody's throat."

Some demonstrators then went inside to the ultrasound exhibition organized by Swindell, a former candidate for Boise City Council.

After the first woman's ultrasound was shown on three screens in a committee room, Swindell said, "This is simply giving access to information that every woman deserves."

Lea Bowman, an opponent of SB 1387, interrupted, saying, "They have access, Brandi, already." Bowman was then removed from the room by an officer.

First names were provided for the women, one of whom had twins. A woman in the first trimester of pregnancy said she felt no pain. "I would do it every day if I could," she said.

Said Swindell: "Knowledge is power."

Several legislators attended the exhibition, which included testimonials from the women and health care professionals from Stanton Health Care. Two pregnant women and a nurse told stories of having had abortions.

Swindell told the last of the six, a woman in her third trimester who is expecting a boy, "You'll be able to tell Tyson Lee, 'You testified at the Capitol when you were in my stomach.'"

The House State Affairs Committee will hear public testimony on SB 1387 beginning at 7:45 a.m. Thursday. A vote is likely, said Chairman Tom Loertscher, R-Iona.

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Good Luck...

Stomp him out like the pile of flaming dog poo Winder is.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


Neil is a genius.


Mace ain't going to stop out nothing.

Better not mess with the Loony Left's baby killing? Think again. Abortion as a "choice" days are numbered.


This one-party monopoly needs a slap in the face. Even if Winder wins, he needs to know there's at least the POSSIBILITY that he'll be held accountable for his actions. The financial sting will help hammer that point home- after all, it costs more $ to run against an actual opponent than a blank spot on the ballot.

And who better to go up against Chuck Windbag and the Idaho

republican christian taliban & sharia law enforcers than a man who has battled the real Taliban & Al Qaeda.

Good luck to you sir! Mr.Mace I will seek you out so that I can contribute to your campaign.

There will be many of us

contributing and volunteering.


I know who I'm voting for. Where do I send in my write-in vote? And I'm ready to contribute moeny as well.

Vote James Mace in November!

Heck, I'll send money, too...

and I don't even live in that part of the state!

Me too

Decades ago I sent money from way up north to support little jimmy risch's opponent and the little slimeball was defeated (but like a bad smell, he just kept coming back). I'll be sending $$ to Mace. What's the address?



I like this James Mace guy

He's a self described "recovering republican"

Swindell is some piece of work

She certainly knows how to spin, that's for sure... "simply giving access to information," huh? That's funny, sounds like "mandating an unnecessary medical procedure" to me. Tomayto/tomahto.


We got swindled...

And it will be a long long long time

for that swindled stink to wear off.

THAT was the evil twin of Shiva we gripe about?


We return you to Meltdown: IDAHO

In progress.

Why not...

... liver ultrasounds as a precondition for buying liquor.

Dr. Oz would be so proud

I'm sure he'd sponsor it

And Idaho sinks to a new

And Idaho sinks to a new low. Public ultrasounds. Unbelievable. Hope Mr. Mace can help show Winder the door.

This was all

Nuxoll's doing

There were more involved than Nuxoll.

Did she hold a gun to Chuck's head and force him to co-sponsor?

I meant the public ultrasounds.

She orchestrated the whole thing. On the bill, she's a co-sponsor so also to blame. She's got to be counting her lucky stars she's not the one in the spotlight.

I hope an appropriate person is running against Nuxoll

She has a primary challenger but I don't know her position on this issue. There is also an independent running against her. I hope people in her district do their homework and mobilize!!

A new low for Idaho

FINALLY, a voice of sanity! Good luck Mr. Mace!

Hyperbole much?

Hyperbole much?

Most semifancy disco stuff.


We return you to Meltdown: IDAHO

In progress.

I cannot believe this circus

This may be the single worst moment of the legislature since it began.


more of a constant.

Good for Mr. Mace

When I first met Winder he was all about business and jobs.

What "business" does he have in women's pregnancies?

He needs to be defeated.

Good for Mr. Mace

When I first met Winder he was all about business and jobs.

What "business" does he have in women's pregnancies?

He needs to be defeated.

I'll vote for him.

Not knowing anything more about Mr. Mace than I just read, I'll write him in on my ballot. Mr. Winder needs to be removed. Besides the obvious issues of compassion that this bill disregards, we can't have this kind of blatant government intervention in healthcare. Winder is a failed developer, failed mayoral candidate and now a failed Senator. So long Chuck!

Have they any dignity, no shame?

You are right we are once again the laughing stock of the US. This such an abuse of power, public ultrasound, 'just because they can' should they do this, what some will do to create a spectacle. They have no shame because the the emperor of course has no clothes. 'Absolute power , corrupts absolutely."

What a circus.

Feel Free to

contact ole Chuckie Boy and tell him he needs to leave on his own. Here is his site, please, let's keep sending messages until he has to shut it down!!

The Chuck and Brandi Show

Take the pure and pompous Brandi with you, Chuck!

Brandi is pure?

I highly doubt it.

Whether she is "pure" is really none of my business

But an unnecessary government mandate is.

exactly right

you win the Internet


It's great how satisfying a medical procedure can be when you've consented to have it done. Did the exhibition include any medical procedures on women against their will? No? Then come back when you can say a forced medical procedure is awesome.

Exactly IO.

This is not the same thing at all.

It would have been far more representative if Winder would have had his urethra probed unexpectedly and without medical necessity.

Gray this is nothing but grandstanding as usual

SOP for Brandi Swindell and crew. Nothing about this demonstration is like what a woman would go through right before an abortion. Just more grandstanding to push a bill that should never have been introduced in the first place.

How choice becomes a mandated procedure

Planned Parenthood requires all their abortion clients to sign a consent form which includes a consent to have a vaginal ultrasound performed. No ultrasound, no abortion, is their policy, and no exceptions are made for rape victims.

Obviously if a woman wants the abortion she will be "forced" to give her consent to having the ultrasound also.

Planned Parenthood is not the government

I figured you'd know the difference but apparently not. If a woman goes to Planned Parenthood for help, she is explained what the procedure is by medical personnel. No one forces anything on her. The government has no place in that process. The demonstration today was nothing like what that process would be so the demonstration was moot.

It's amazing

how quickly and easily people can be distracted from real issues. 15.5 trillion issues. Remember that it's an election year.

I doubt any of Windbag's opposition

has forgotten for a second that this is an election year.

Induced and encited

polarity by both parties will eventually end in poverty for all. The political process in this Country has been reduced to nothing more than a sophomoric exercise in picking teammates for a global game of Dodgeball.

I'm all ears(eyes?) hear why an ultrasound requirement is so bad. Is it wrong to make a person fully aware of what axactly is happening when the abortion takes place? Haven't we hit a point where informing the consumer is paramount? Whether it's cigs, alcohol, food, etc, everything is packaged and labeled so the person is forced to know exactly what they are consuming. Why should an operation like this be any different? It's not taking away the right to abort, it's showing the patient, in detail, what's happening. I am a Christian who opposes abortion, but also oppose infringing on the rights of people to do what they will with their body. However, considering that many of these rights are exercised by young, still developing teens, why not require all necessary information about the procedure be communicated? If it's too hard to look at a picture of whats being aborted, maybe that says something about the procedure all-together? I admit, much of this is spoken in ignorance, as I do not know the details of the bill, but from what I've read, it's difficult to see the absurdity of it.

*Also, I've seen public mentioned a few times, and maybe that's where the issue lies?

I would recommend you look at the existing law

and ask why that isn't sufficient. Patients are already fully aware and it's already in statute.

This bill simply adds state bureaucracy and a government mandate of one specific procedure regardless of whether it is medically necessary. I am not opposed to ultrasounds at all...IF they are medically indicated. The legislature shouldn't be practicing medicine without the appropriate license.

If it's all about

If it's all about communicating the necessary information about the procedure, why is an ultrasound necessary? If I have my appendix removed, I can become fully informed without the doctor taking a picture of my innards to show me the state of the organ.

Behind all of the tap dancing and long-winded explanations, the reason behind this legislation is to pile on more guilt in an effort to cause a woman to make an emotional decision, not a fully informed decision.

It's doubletalk at its finest.


People want government where they want government and they do this through justification. When government tells an entity to do or not do then government becomes intrusive. Such is the case of a Neo-Tea Party-Conservative Republican.

Because doctors already make

Because doctors already make women fully aware of what will happen during an abortion. That's their JOB. It's not the job of state legislators, this bill is big government intrusion in the doctor-patient relationship.

Protestor removed

for voicing an opinion? Was this done in an extreme manner? Obviously no one who disagreed with the bill was allowed to speak. The arrogance and apparent hijacking of our legislators by special interest groups should be a cause for alarm for everyone who lives in this state. The information for women who seek an abortion is provided.An untrasound is already done to determine the age of the fetus. Why does it need to be mandated? Our legislators with their idiotic bills this session seem to believe they can shove whatever they wish down our throats because there will be no repercussions.And they do not think that an ethics bill is needed?What a crock.