The twins of "Lost River" at the Sun Valley Film Festival

Identical twins Kevin and Kieren Donahue, a sheriff’s detective and steel erector in Mackay, Idaho turned filmmakers with “Lost River,” one of the many surprises at the Sun Valley Film Festival. It screened March 17, with a second screen added to handle the overflow.

It was shot for what most filmmakers would consider no budget – just $7,000 — on a trip on horseback through the wilds of central Idaho.

Above Kevin, in blue, and Kieren Donahoe.

“I wanted to make a tribute to my twin brother, my mom and dad and the country we grew up in,” Kieren says. “I wanted to show the toughness of the land and how you face hardships head on. Kevin having cancer most of his life, it shows the epitome of who he is and that it’s important to keep on fighting no matter what.”

The film shows the majestic quality of the Idaho landscape and the deep connection these two twins shares. The story is open and vulnerable.

The response they’ve received at this festival has taken them both aback, they said.

“It’s been humbling,” Kevin says. “I was moved by the reactions. Both theaters were full and everyone seemed to love it. I couldn’t get up the aisle because so many people were shaking my hand.”

It’s been a fast and heady couple of days for the Donahues and they’ve had lots of "interesting" conversations about the film.

“We’ve got some opportunities maybe but for now, we’re both keeping our day jobs,” Kieren says.