Report from the Sun Valley Film Festival: March 17

No one is wearing green today! Guess people are so absorbed in the film festival that they forgot it's St. Patrick's Day. Next year green t-shirts.

Festival executive director Teddy Grennan says he, the staff and board will do a postmortem then start talking about Sun Valley Film Festival 2013 on Tuesday.

ImageMackay, Idaho's Kieren and Kevin Donahue's "Lost River" (pictured left) made a big splash. Shot for $7,000 in the back country of Idaho, it's a deeply engaging exploration of the relationship between twin brothers as one of them faces cancer. They take off on what could be their last quest on horseback into the high mountainous country of central Idaho. A police officer and a steel worker, the two captured moments of epic scenic beauty and touching moments of vulnerability.

Don't miss tonight's free sneak preview of the much talked about documentary "Bully," about peer-to-peer bullying in American schools. It's at 9:45 p.m. at the Sun Valley Opera House. Just walk in. This is going to be a big film in coming months.

Just ran into Jesse Cordtz and Shana Kendall who were up for the screening of “Star Waiters,” which the soon to be married couple co-directed for the Make A Wish foundation. Check out Jesse’s animation work for Chris Brown’s performance at the Grammy Awards. Through connections from Chris Ervin, Cordtz’s Boise-based company Kurx Creative did the animation on the stairs.