Idaho politics: Dems rip Pearce over oil and gas issue

The Idaho Democratic Party is calling for Sen. Monty Pearce to step down as Senate Resources and Environment Committee chairman, saying Pearce failed to disclose his oil and gas leases on his land.

Pearce, R-New Plymouth, has been a key player in the oil and gas regulation bill, now headed to Gov. Butch Otter's desk. The bill passed through Pearce's committee.

"Senator Pearce needs to be taken to task for his actions," state Democratic Party Chairman Larry Grant said today. "He has known all along about his conflict of interest and deliberately did not reveal it until the last minute."

More on this issue, including Pearce comment, from Rocky Barker's blog. And here is the Democrats' news release:

State Sen. Monty Pearce, (R-New Plymouth), should immediately resign as Senate Resources and Environment Committee Chairman for his repeated failure to disclose his conflict of interest on oil and gas legislation. After leading committee hearings and voting on oil and gas legislation all session, Pearce revealed yesterday that he has had gas leases on his land for decades.

Pearce’s disclosure means that he failed to reveal his conflict of interest numerous times throughout the session during contentious oil and gas committee hearings and floor debate on the issue of state control of oil and gas development and, particularly, on fracking. Not only did he fail to let his colleagues and the public know he could benefit from the legislation, but he voted against sending the bill to the amending order, on what was a tie vote broken only by the lieutenant governor. He went one step further by forcing a motion to have the bill taken out of the amending order before amendments could be made.

Larry Grant, chairman of the Idaho Democratic Party, said, “Senator Pearce needs to be taken to task for his actions. He has known all along about his conflict of interest and deliberately did not reveal it until the last minute. Democratic legislators have been raising the need for meaningful ethics reform all session so it is pretty amazing that Senator Pearce would have the arrogance to keep his conflict a secret. How much more proof does Majority leadership need to see an independent ethics commission is absolutely necessary. It seems the longer we wait, the worse it gets.“

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The list of state legislators

that need to either resign, be kicked out of office, or be voted out of office, is getting so long that I'm going to have to start writing names down so I can remember them all. And an independent ethics committee? We don't need no stinking ethics committee....Sunny...

And so continues

the culture of corruption!

Cracks me up

The Idaho Mafia at it again.

The benefits of "public service"

is lining their own pockets. They should go to jail for actions like this. Wouldn't this be fraud in any other line of work - insider trading or something? It's much more than a conflict of interest.

Brad Little and Monte Pearce... added to the list.

Following Grant's logic.....

A military vet could not serve on the House Transportation and Defense Committee; a doctor or nurse couldn't serve on the Health and Welfare Committee; a teacher couldn't serve on the Education Committee; a .....


Pay attention. All he has to do is acknowledge he is a sellout, then he can continue to shill for the corps to his own advantage. Instead, we get the George Hansen defense--"I'm not evil, I'm just stupid." How can a committee chairman not know the rules, few as they are. It amazes me how many potential voters like you condone and encourage their behavior. Do us all a favor, next election, stay home. We need some ethical legislators.

And tetpilot once again displays an inability to grasp the


"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

The Usual much ado about nothing

seems to be the rule of the day. "Much more than conflict of interest," Barney? Want to explain that one?

Hyperventilating over every nit will keep the Dems in the news though. I'm sure there's no similar issues on the Dem side....


I'm sure there's no similar issues on the Dem side

Want to explain that one? Or name one, perhaps?

time to pay attention folks

Yes the Democrats have been call for ethics reform all year. Are these corrupt Republicans going to be re-elected? I hope they are thrown out on their ear and maybe put in jail!


Hey what are you in for?

Murder. How about you?

I didn't tell my committee I own some oil leases.

Oh. I see. Well now it's my turn. Can you hand me that soap?

How about Whitewater?
When the President is doing scams it makes EVERYONE want to do it. Especially when the President doesn't get impeached.

Doing the intern in the Oval Office? No problem.
Mistresses? Shading business dealing? Self-dealing? Looking the other way?
No problem- 'that person" did it, I can do it too.

Clinton WAS impeached

But not convicted, and not for Whitewater. He was impeached for lying about his affair with an intern.

Despite the smiling bulldog Kenneth Starr's best efforts and many millions of dollars spent, there was never any indictment of Clinton for his role in the Whitewater dealings. The only "evidence" was a statement by a known liar trying to save his skin.

The idea that Pearce tried to get away with not disclosing his obvious conflict of interest because Clinton got away with stuff doesn't hold water.

sure it does

In your words,
"Clinton got away with stuff".

And it's not just Clinton, it's lots of people on BOTH sides of hte aisle. Buttttt, the Anti-Republican group here simply wants to shine their lights on the Republicans when they do it. Scream ethics when it's an R, but when the Dems do it, the crowd quites down.

My point was

that Clinton didn't get away with stuff, so you can't use that as an excuse to misbehave. Clinton was impeached. That's the opposite of getting away with stuff. It is a blackmark that will follow him through history.

I'm getting away with it

I suppose you think OJ Simpson "didn't get away with stuff" either.

What we heard from the republicans...

During the Clinton affair was "he lied." Why should Pearce be held to a different standard? Jail? Nope. Removed from the Senate to whom he lied? Yup.