Boise State football team opens spring ball with crisp practice; new QBs coach embraces challenge; Julius Brown takes Troy job

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team opened spring practice Monday morning with a 2-hour, 15-minute workout in helmets.

“The pace for the first day I thought was really good,” new quarterbacks coach Jonathan Smith said. “You could tell the kids were enthused to get back out there.”

The passing game looked sharp despite the loss of four-year starting quarterback Kellen Moore. All but one receiver returns, and the players held their own 7-on-7 practices twice a week during the winter.

“There was some timing,” Smith said. “They’ve been working hard and getting together and throwing.”


A few impressions (keep in mind that Boise State policy prevents much detail about practice):

— The quarterbacks looked sharp as a group. Redshirt freshman Jimmy Laughrea is known for his arm strength, and it showed.

— The strength of the offense this year might be the wide receivers. It’s a deep, experienced group. As Mitch Burroughs pointed out in a story I wrote for today’s paper, the group is well positioned to help the new quarterback adjust. “It can’t be totally on (the quarterbacks) to make every play,” he said. “We’ve got to help them out.”

— The lack of pads makes it difficult to judge what the defense is doing. Some of the guys I’m interested to see in pads: defensive ends Demarcus Lawrence and Sam Ukuwachu and linebacker Tyler Gray. Those are three big frames.


I’ll have a feature on Smith in Tuesday’s newspaper. He joked about his past, which includes stops at Oregon State (Boise State has ties to Oregon), Idaho (the Broncos’ rival) and Montana (Boise State has ties to Montana State).

“I’m the oddball,” Smith said.

He left a coordinator post at Montana, but he said that wasn’t much of a consideration because of the opportunity to learn at Boise State.

“That’s something I’d like to do again sometime in my career,” he said of coordinating. “I just kind of felt to get around (coach Chris Petersen) and his staff and learn, I thought that would be huge. I was kind of excited about the opportunity to coach the guy who replaces Kellen. Because that’s a challenge — that’s no joke. That in a way kind of challenges me, and it’s not going to be easy.”


Boise State director of player personnel Julius Brown has taken a job as cornerbacks coach at Troy, he said Monday.

Brown, a former Boise State cornerback, has been on the staff for five years — two as offensive graduate assistant and three as director of player personnel, which dealt largely with on-campus recruiting.

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The morning Cup of Coffee.... Check

1st day of spring ball...Check
Nay Sayers turned-off...Check
Football started...Check
Isn't spring ball the rite of passage in Boise? YES
Notes from the Grand Lodge Of The Blue this morning.

OH MaNNN! I'm Feelin Blue

It has been just so long, it seemed, without Bronco football coverage on the news. However, that changed today. Yepeee

The fight for the right of the depth chart began this morning and blood flowed (mine), and the air seemed fresher (even in mi-casa).

Thanks Boise State staff and good will Bronco players - you guys are going to kick tail and the media can weep another year

Rebuilding year-plain and simple.

Reloading ?

Evidently Chad didn't get

Evidently Chad didn't get the memo that Boise no longer considers Idaho to be a rival. He'll probably get a reminder from Kustra.

The plight of a masochist.

Yesterday at the Boise Towne Square Mall:
I sat on a bench, waiting for My wife to finish shopping at Macy's, just people-watching.
This guy wearing a Vandals jersey. He stops outside Finish Line, looks at the line-up of Boise State gear, sighs, bows his head and follows his wife along to the next store.
I could help feeling a little sorry for the guy.

thord....dont worry

Vandals are proud....the dude probably thought it was the BSU grad unemployment line....

Go Boise, make Idaho proud....

CFB football is fun to watch....

Have they dug a hole on the

north end yet?