Quarterback from Arizona commits to Boise State football for 2013 recruiting class

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football coaches spent about a year recruiting and researching Paradise Valley High (Phoenix) quarterback Ryan Finley.

On Wednesday, the Broncos made their decision — offering Finley a scholarship during his unofficial visit to campus.

On Friday, Finley reciprocated — giving the Broncos an oral commitment.

Finley (6-foot-4, 180 pounds) will join the Broncos in the 2013 recruiting class. He plans to enroll in August of that year. He’s a junior at Paradise Valley, the same school that produced Boise State cornerback Ebo Makinde.

Boise State was the first school to show interest in Finley last year and the first Football Bowl Subdivision school to offer him a scholarship, Paradise Valley coach Donnie Yantis said.

“It really is a perfect match,” Yantis said. “… He throws it to the right spot at the right velocity and helps receivers catch the ball. He can make every throw on the field. That kid is very special.”

Finley was 239-of-381 for 2,911 yards and 25 touchdowns with seven interceptions last season. Paradise Valley ran the Air Raid offense, like Hal Mumme ran at New Mexico State. Paradise Valley started 4-1 but finished 4-6.

He also plays basketball, scoring 18 points per game, and was the No. 1 tennis player and high jumper at Paradise Valley as a sophomore. Finley plans to compete in track this spring but not tennis.

He has a 35-inch vertical jump, has run the 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds and sports a 4.5 GPA.

“The kid is very intelligent,” Yantis said. “He’s a high-character kid.”

The schools that had shown the most interest included Arizona State, Arizona, UCLA, Northwestern and Cal, Finley said.

Finley was told he was the third quarterback offered by the Broncos, who usually take one quarterback per class. The first two, according to hometown newspaper reports, were Cooper Bateman of Salt Lake City and Jared Goff of Kentfield, Calif. Both have four-star ratings from Scout.com. Finley hasn't been rated yet.

“I was so excited about Boise State when I got home,” Finley said. “… I was pretty confident that I wanted to play for Boise State. When I actually got to the campus and met with some coaches and talked with some players and the people around the town, that’s when it clicked with me that was definitely a place I wanted to play.”

As for whether he might change his mind, Finley said: “I’m really confident (in the choice). I’m sure in my heart that I want to be a Boise State Bronco.”

— LB Joe Martarano, 6-3, 215, Fruitland HS
— TE Alec Dhaenens, 6-4, 235, Fruitland HS
— QB Ryan Finley, 6-4, 180, Paradise Valley HS (Phoenix)

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Any news

I have missed any info on this kid. What feel do you guys get on him? Runner,passer, all the above?

Hopefully, a dual threat!

We need it!

No, we don't

The last dual-threat QB we had was Zabransky, and I never thought he was very good. Kellen proved we didn't need one.

Heres hoping he's another "Ryan" Dinwattie

I dont like running qb's either. Happy feet get them into trouble with missed routes and intercetions. Welcome to BSU Ryan.

Say what?

"The last dual-threat QB we had was Zabransky, and I never thought he was very good".

The dude was the winning quarterback of the greatest college football game in history.
Not to mention he was the Offensive Player of the Game. Boise State's biggest game to date. Even if we ever get to a National Championship, no game will ever be more important than that one, all things considered. To bad there wasn't an award for Courage and Pure Guts because he would have won those as well. Not to mention he graduated on the Dean's List.

Nah............he wasn't very good. Not to be overly dramatic but, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

On his back (and many others), he propelled Bronco football to what it is today.
Oh...and Coach Pete thought he was pretty darn good, too.

I never liked him

I thought he was terrible in 2005, average in 2006, and (thankfully) gone in 2007. (I was mobilized in 2004 and couldn't follow the team). He had a habit of choking when the game was on the line. (See Louisville & Boston College). As for the Georgia game, I'll just say this: for a guy who had played football for a long time, he wasn't smart enough to keep hydrated.

I called his 2007 Fiesta Bowl interception just before it happened. My exact words were "OK, this is the point where Zabransky throws a pick-6....and there it @#$%ing is. G*d@#$% it!". I was really surprised he was able to keep his composure and not make things worse after that INT. How he was selected Fiesta Bowl Offensive Player of the Game is beyond me.

"To bad there wasn't an award for Courage and Pure Guts because he would have won those as well."

Um, did you forget that Ian Johnson played with a collapsed lung in San Jose?

"Not to mention he graduated on the Dean's List"

It was a @#$%ing Communications degree, and he still talked like an idiot!

You think he carried Boise State? BS! Ian Johnson and our defense were the differences on that 2006 team.

I stand by what I said. He was overrated, and it shows in his post-BSU career.

So you never liked him. Your evaluation is cretinous.

There are so many dumbfounding jaw droppers to your reply, understanding it is solely your opinion. We all know what they say about opinions.

I'll address your ill-informed tittles in order:

Your hydrated point is completely without merit. To many factors to even speculate. Besides, it's irreverent.

So, you thought he was "average". There are 119 college football teams in the Bowl Subdivision. In 2006, The Sporting News named him the 11th best quarterback in the nation - with a record of 33-5 as a starter. An average QB could never have lead the Broncos to an undefeated season. An average QB would never have been featured in countless newspaper features, websites, television broadcasts, the list goes on. An average QB would have never been selected to be on the cover of one of the worlds most popular video games of sports genre.

Nobody cares if you called a pick. Bet you didn't call the end? The man lead a comeback by an underdog team against a historic powerhouse that was unprecedented in the history of college football. Arguably, the greatest college football game ever played and possibly to the likes of which may never be seen again. Z lead that field, those drives, that comeback.

You couldn't figure out how he was selected the Offensive Player of the Fiesta Bowl. It certainly doesn't surprise me that it's beyond you, and you alone.

No sense in arguing about courage & guts. You put down a man who dedicated his college life to his scholastic obligations as well as football, graduated with a degree, AND made the Dean's List. But the degree isn't good enough for you? Might I suggest that you Sir, go back to school? It's apparent you can't read. My quote; "On his back (and many others)...".

His post collegiate athletic endeavor is irrelevant to our debate. Of the 9000 or so individuals that become college football players, only 215 become NFL players. That's about 2.4%. He reached the pros, and that is an admirable feat indeed.

In closing, Coach Pete was right. You're no Coach Pete.

What the @#$%?

Are you @#$%ing stupid?

Average QBs are carried all the time by the rest of the team. Look at the last 2 Alabama Quarterbacks. Look at how Troy Aikman struggled in 1993 without Emmett Smith, only to "shine" when he was playing. Zabranksy was AVERAGE with great players around him. No argument.

As far as the OPOTG, he had two TD pa-sses to a great receiver (the first of which was poorly thrown short) that went for TDs. The rest of the game, he was average. He had 2 TDs (he doesn't get credit for the Rabb TD because it was lateralled) and 262 yds (most of which were the 2 TDs to James) and he got credit for yardage after the lateral.

Zabransky gets credit for not whining and pouting like he had done in the past after throwing a pick-6. But, courage and guts? You're out of your @#$%ing mind!

Sad to be you.

Wow. Did you have a hard time focusing in school? At work? Maybe you don't work...just type away all day in the basement. You need to get out, get some fresh air so you can think clearly. Get some sun, son.

You can't argue opinion against bonafide facts and statistics. Your opinion -vs- facts. You lose.

You're out there, pal. I'm done with you.

Everything you stated was

Everything you stated was opinion. Your "facts" about Z are ridiculous. He WAS an overrated QB. His whole career was average, at best. The only reason he appeared to succeed was the talent that surrounded him.

And, I know a few folks that actually had class with Z. He was an arrogant a-s-s who thought himself a lot higher than everyone else. Bottom line: IJ and the receivers bailed out Jared.

He made you nervous..

At one point, he was the winningest QB in college football. After the Georgia collapse--where everyone learned something--he came back with courage and guts to put Boise State on the map forever with the tremendous Fiesta Bowl win. He had one problem: Arrogant off the field. I hope he has humbled down and grabbed a little dignity in that regard.

Not sure why this was a duplicate

Maybe I'll come up with something witty and edit it.


I just watched a youtube of the kid. Shotgun QB, Pocket Passer, quick release, not afraid to take a hit to complete a pass. Of course it is a highlight video but kid has talent.

He'll be ok

He floats the ball well, and has good arm strength. But, I don't think he has a quick release. It's not Tebow-esque, but it's not very quick. I'd like to see some footage of the pocket collapsing around him. One of Kellen's best attributes was his ability to step into the pocket and avoid a sack. Also want to see him go through the progressions and dump it off to an RB or TE. All those throws (it seemed) were to WRs.


[Edit] The last 2 1/2 minutes of his YouTube video show his quick release AND his ability to avoid a sack, albeit outside the pocket. He also is not afraid to run QB draws. This guy might do well here. Then again, we already have a platoon of QBs. If this kid comes to Boise, I see Hedrick and Laughrea transferring.

Transfers aren't always a bad thing

It's weird to think about what a long term investment a commit is, but a QB committing today might not expect to play a game for another 2½ years. To put that in perspective, 2½ years ago the Broncos were just gearing up to play their first ever home game against Oregon.


because Pete recruits the type of players that cut and run just because a recruit is signed. This kid has his senior year of high school and his redshirt year before he's even ready to think about getting on the field, by which time Hedrick is going to be a senior. Do you really think Hedrick is going to transfer to a Div. II or lower school (FCS is no longer an option unless a player has two years of eligibility left) just because a redshirt freshman is on the team? Not gonna happen.

Do you honestly think....

he won't consider going to a "bigger" school if offered? Let's say a school like Oklahoma or USC makes a run at this kid. Or, let's go a little smaller. Let's say a school just on the ede of success is interested. Say, a school like Cal or Washington or Texas Tech. I'm not saying he'd bolt, but to think he won't consider the added prestige, added audience, and better chance at getting into big games is fooling yourself.

BTW, Boise State has had recruits change their mind and seek elsewhere. B43S42U and TBK would probably know the one I'm talking about, but there was a kid a little while ago that made a commitment to BSU. Then he decided to visit other schools (I think he visited UCLA). I think his reasoning was to "keep his options open", even though he had already committed to BSU. So, BSU took back its offer and decided not to pursue him any more.

Besides, since this kid still has a year before he graduates, he isn't legally allowed to sign. His is only a verbal commitment.


but the kid in question went to ucla. a step up? i think not in terms of football. educationally, no question. but something tells me that kid was no scholar.


Is that a typo? I didn't think BSU took QB's over 6 feet.

I thought the exact same thing.


Are you forgetting

Coughlin and Lomax?

RE: QB commit

5 quarterbacks and STILL DON'T HAVE A KICKER!!


Don't let 7rock hear you say that.

I wonder if "in his heart"

I wonder if "in his heart" he liked ASU before the Vegas Bowl...

Even if he flops, great to have some NFL size on the roster.

Well, like they say...

...it's not the meat, it's the motion.

Kid looks pretty good

He'll be 200 pounds by the time he steps on the Blue.....

Also, I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that the kid gets at least 3 PAC2 offers before he signs with us.

I think you are right

They may offer him just so he doesn't come to BSU. Can you imagine a Boise State offense with a 6'4" QB instead of one that is only 5'11"? That would give Boise State more of what the AQ world doesn't want it to have: credibility.


We did OK with a 5' 11 and 8/9's" QB the last few years......

Credibility is way overrated.

"that kid is very special"

music to the ears of boise state fans.

watching his highlight video

watching his highlight video u can tell there were a few passing situations that he made look very easy in less than a two seconds, pass that traveled 25 yards in no time on the money. He'll do good as long as he doesnt pull a Z.


It appears the young man can throw on the run, has a nice touch but can zip it in when needed. If he plans on doing a bunch of running with the ball down field he might want to get with a baseball coach to learn how to slide though.

I wonder if bcluck will be back

anytime soon touting the basketball prowess of the PAC2.........

basketball moves too quickly

for bumdick.

Great prospect

Some people on here are being a little tough on rating this kid. He's a high school junior so he's maybe 17 years old. Let him grow into his body. BSU will be lucky to keep him from ending up at a school like Stanford.

(No subject)

Any QB and the BSU offense = LOVE

If he chose BSU this early, he will probably stick. There is a lot on the horizon for BSU and the kid apparently has the vision the rest of us do.