Boise State tennis player commits secondary NCAA violation, does not impact NCAA case

Boise State released the following statement to the Statesman on Thursday afternoon:

"Due to a secondary NCAA violation, Boise State University men’s tennis player Damian Hume was ruled ineligible by the NCAA for 30 percent of the dates from the 2012 spring tennis schedule. Hume received an improper benefit from a tournament he played in this past summer. Boise State immediately self reported to the NCAA when it was notified of the violation.

"Since this secondary violation was isolated and unintentional it does not have an effect on the athletic department’s current probation status with the NCAA for previous violations."

Hume did not play in any events from Nov. 6 until Feb. 25. He returned to action for matches against Mississippi and Tennessee last weekend.

Hume's violation was first reported by KBOI.

The men's tennis program was featured in the NCAA case against Boise State. As part of its penalty, the men's tennis program had to reduce the number of scholarships, practices and recruiting opportunities.

The Statesman requested records pertaining to secondary violations committed by the athletic department or student-athletes earlier this month. The request was denied by Boise State, which wrote that "the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prohibits disclosure of student educational records" and that "the U.S. Department of Education has held that documents related to a student athlete's eligibility in which students are personally identified" are education records.

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Academic Scholarships

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