Idaho attorney general denies request for records regarding McGee, citing criminal inquiry

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden's office cited the exemption in Idaho's public records law that allows withholding records related to an ongoing criminal investigation.

Last week, after Sen. John McGee's resignation, the Statesman asked Senate President Pro Tem Brent Hill for email, text messages, hand-written notes or any other records regarding allegations of sexual harassment brought to Hill by a Senate staffer.

"We deny your requests because these documents are within the scope of a criminal investigation which is currently being conducted by the Idaho State Patrol," wrote Deputy Attorney General Robert Adelson on Monday.

Hill said Monday that the Senate no longer has custody of any relevant records, having turned over computers and other materials to police.

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no surprise here right?
So why did you even make the request so early?

And then publish the stupidity?

Wow, I wonder if they just wanted to be first in line?

Not a surprie.

Most folks don't know that the AG serves at the bequest of the Gov and Legislature. He is NOT THERE to serve the people who elect him. Seems kinda off the wall to me but it was made very clear by his minnions to me during the Garvee funding days he didn't have to answer ANY questions that were directed to him by citizens. Only the Legislature or Gov...period.

So you think...

So you think the AG should release any information about a criminal investigation any time anyone asks for it?

And I think the governor would be surprised to learn that the AG who sued him last year "serves at his bequest". The relationship with the legislature is more complicated, I think, because in a Republic, the legislators are "the people". We don't get to make laws ourselves, we can only vote for representatives to do that.

It's easy to be cynical about government but you're reaching here.

By asking for the information,

we now know that there is a criminal investigation underway. Let's see how far it goes this time. Good going Statesman.


We ALL already knew that.