College of Idaho to make decision on restarting football program in May

By Brian Murphy

The College of Idaho is considering restarting its long dormant football program. The Caldwell school will hold a series of community meetings in coming weeks and its Board of Trustees is expected to vote on the program at its meetings on May 11 and 12.

President Marv Henberg said a variety of factors will be considered before creating a football program, including impact on student life, alumni engagement, revenue and community relations.

College of Idaho disbanded its football program after the 1977 season.

College of Idaho currently competes in 19 men's and women's sports at NAIA level in the Cascade Conference. The Cascade Conference does not currently sponsor football.

The Frontier Conference has seven football playing members, including Carroll College (Montana) and Eastern Oregon. Lewis-Clark State College competes in the conference, but does not sponsor football.

College of Idaho spokesman Dustin Wunderlich said no decisions have been made as to what level the football program, if restarted, would compete in.

I think there is enough

I think there is enough second-tier D-1 talent in the Valley to make it more than competitive. A lot of BSU's preferred walk-ons could end up in Caldwell.

Ever since Ricks College

Ever since Ricks College dropped their football program (as well as the rest of their athletics) there has been an opportunity for another school to jump in and fill a niche. I hope C of I goes for it.

Great news!

Now the vandulls will have some competition they can compete with!

Good News!!!

I hope they vote to reinstate the football program. It would give the folks in the Boise Valley a chance to watch what football is all about once again. Boise State is great but it is all about money. This would allow fans to watch for a fraction of what it costs for big time football and get to be up close to the action. I hope they find a way to finance it and bring it back.


Finally a school that might be willing to play Idaho in the Dome. And one with a stronger academic program and a longer history to boot.

Finally, along with two football

schools that have much higher graduation rates than Boise State....

Boise State is getting better though and should look to Idaho for academics....


Now we will really have a flagship university in Idaho. Sadly this will put UofI as the 4th best college football team in the state.

More opportunities

for local kids to further their education and pursue their dreams of playing college football. There are so many kids in Idaho and the surrounding states that don't get that opportunity, because of the "measurables". I think C of I would be able to compete early and sustain it. I say go for it, the college and the valley will benefit so much from having a NAIA football program in this area.

I agree

Look at the rosters of nearby NAIA football programs (i.e. Eastern Oregon, Montana-Western, Carroll...). There are a lot of Idaho kids who are ending up out of state -- kids who would probably relish the opportunity to play in state AND receive a quality education as well.

And, there just happens to be

an out of work coach in the valley named Dan Hawkins....Sunny...

Title 9

This will cost at least $5 million dollars startup with a $1 to $2 millions annual cost.

Plus womens sports with the same numbers will also have to be added.

I guess is that it does not go.


Not sure where you are getting your numbers but they seem to be extremely high.

Just a quick check:

Eastern Oregon 2010 football expense = $615,257

Southern Oregon 2010 football expense = $538,464

I think you are probably looking at $2M start-up costs, maybe a tad more.


That might annual operating costs. What about Scholarships and the Womens sports to add.

$2 million adds up really quick.


NAIA football programs can only offer 24 scholarships max, so they're not necessarily breaking the bank. Division II (i.e. Central Washington) offers 36 football scholarships max, FCS (i.e. Idaho State) offers 63 scholarships max, and FBS, of course, offers 85 scholarships max.

They may only need to add those scholarship numbers across women's programs already in place (i.e. track, tennis, swimming...).

According to the DOE

C of I already spends more on female scholarships ($723,402 to $547,591),


C of I will not have to add female sports or scholarships.

They are NAIA division II, the addition of Male scholarships will cap at about $120K per year.

Don't bother!

The culture of insanity around here will quickly render it useless again.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.


I am curious. Do you ever have anything positive or constructive to post. You seem to have wit and could bring alot to the table ( being optimistic). If not, find another blog that the posters actually want you there.

Give a man a monkey and he will spank it.

Yes, I do!

I am positive we will all die, that is inevitable.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.


Give a man a map and he will still get lost.

Give a man a monkey and he will spank it.


a person wanting one-sided stuff is very close to communism....

FO has his side, what is wrong with that....

As the saying goes, 'If two or more people always agree, then only one of them is useful'....

Boise State is a powerhouse in cfb, no doubt....but I see troubles ahead....

Smugly ( since we are being witty)

Two sides really? You are a rocket scientist. I don't care if FO agrees with me. Actually more interesting if not. But the posts are almost always negative. And if you guys are so against BSU, why post here other than being trolls. Wow, what an accomplishment. Now come up with another name variation because you are making laugh today, without even seeing you ;)


Not a biggie....and I dont hate Boise State, even though I am a Vandal....I just believe that the Big East will come back to bite the Broncos....also, saying a few negative things about the Broncos doesnt make a person anti-Bronco....

On FO....he just says what he says....