Boise State's Kellen Moore will be featured on ESPN's Jon Gruden QB specials; Boise State QB room to be named in Moore's honor

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State’s Kellen Moore will be one of 10 quarterbacks featured during the third annual series of Jon Gruden quarterback specials on ESPN.

Moore will visit the former NFL coach and current ESPN commentator in Tampa, Fla., for a film session and on-field workout. His 30-minute special airs at 3 p.m. April 12 on ESPNU. Moore also will appear in a one-hour special that airs at 5 p.m. April 19 on ESPN — a show that includes all 10 quarterbacks.

The other participating quarterbacks are Andrew Luck (Stanford), Robert Griffin III (Baylor), Kirk Cousins (Michigan State), Nick Foles (Arizona), Case Keenum (Houston), Brock Osweiler (Arizona State), Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M), Brandon Weeden (Oklahoma State) and Russell Wilson (Wisconsin).

Luck and Griffin will be featured on ESPN because they are the top two NFL prospects. The others will be featured on ESPNU. The first special is Luck’s, at 5 p.m. March 31.

Moore is at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. He works out Sunday.


Boise State is selling three Kellen Moore memorabilia items, signed by Moore, to raise money for the new football complex. The quarterbacks meeting room will be named in Moore’s honor.

Here is where you can purchase the three items.

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He'll do fine.

b dUCK

Hmmm, Don't see your fine outstanding young man from Oregon on the list. Excuses? Or as you like to call them, reasons he would not be burdened with such a thing.

Perhaps it's because Gruden works with QB's

not college OB's that are more likely to play wide receiver or safety in the NFL.

Can't be

b dUCK says he is a better QB than Kellen. And b dUCK is never wrong. rack it!! lmao

Darron Thomas is a solid QB

No need to diss the kid because he's a Duck. I think that he would have been the Heisman front runner if he would have stayed. Anyway, Moore and Thomas are two completely different types of QB's and it's asinine to try to compare them.

Excuse me

Dis the kid? You need to have a more open mind kid. Reread and maybe you can catch I am dissing Bduck. If you miss that, wow.
And I never compared the two, Bduck did. Or are you two now friends? Late in the day but you need more coffee or what??

you're excused

Did you or did you not write "Hmmm, Don't see your fine outstanding young man from Oregon on the list."?

Serioisly dude, why bait BDuck with that comment about the "young man from Oregon"?

I'm a fan of both Thomas and Moore. They're both really good quarterbacks who play the position as differently as night and day, but if Bduck thinks Thomas is better than Kelln then so be it, but don't use Thomas as bait to diss on Bduck, and especially so in a story about Kellen. It's bad enough that Bduck posts here, so I have no idea why you're trying to lure him into another one of his "rack me" posts.

Yes, More coffee would do the trick, but it's approaching beer-thirty so I'll go that route instead. Cheers!


Forgot you were overseer of the BSU posts. I am not in your circle so please forgive me.



No worries..baiting bduck probably made you so giddy that you probably weren't even aware you were dissing the Duck QB, but whatever...anyway, not an overseer... ain't no such thing, nor is there a circle... there's is however a group of 15 or so who post here and who get together from time to time. It's been fun and you're more than welcome to partake. Contact the guy who goes by Razor and he'll put you on his email list

Thank you

I am impressed by your personality and how you handled me today. I would very much enjoy joining up with you gents. I will try to find a way to contact Razor. Have a great day.

§ Boldknight69

Email me at

This is a temp account that allows me to filter spam and trolls. [I've already won the Nigerian lottery twice just by posting that email address!]

Use your board name and I will get back to you. The group is up to 18 now and we get together from time-to-time to talk BSU football and sports in general. There is no ringleader, but there are a bunch of smart folks.

Hey razor..

are you planning to take your Nigerian money and bidding on the Moore keepsakes?

Baiting BDuck isn't that hard

especially with my last name. I respond about anything, and he brings up a stupid sitcom from the 70s.

Petticoat Junction???

Hav a good weekend!!


Petticoat Junction ran from 1963-1970. I was referring to a show that started and ended its run DURING the 70's.

It's good to know you have a sense of humor.

BTW, you should join our Statesman blog group. Get with razor. He offered his email address to join. We are planning a group get-together for the Spring game.


You meant that show about you and your son??
And I did send my e-mail to Razor. looking forward to meeting you

§ Group email

has been sent.

Great to have you in our group

Ya, THAT show. Funny thing is, I never watched it. Of course I wasn't born when it started, and was 3 when it ended. I had other things to keep my attention. Star Wars had just come out!

your welcome

and welcome aboard

Thank you

Happy to be part of the gang on here that actually has some intelligent things to converse about. Hope I can keep up ;)

No worries bro

...I've read your stuff. It's good. You'll enjoy the group.

What I lack in intelligence...

I make up for in enthusiasm and emotion.

You should see me play basketball. The safest spot is about 4 rows in the stands.

I have a square if you want in.


Where is Belligerent Duck, anyway??

I thought he'd have already been on here bashing Kellen and the Broncos, while singing the (false) praises of his beloved Quackers....Sunny...

B dUCK may be busy

or not

Looks like a good group of QB's

It will be interesting to see Gruden grill them.

Gruden better be on his toes

This will be fun watching Gruden and Moore. Like to watch the show anyway regardless of whos on show. Ya can tell Gruden just has a passion for football---any football.

I Can't Wait!

This is one of my favorite shows!

It'll be fun,

Gruden always gets after them pretty good. I think Kellen's much touted intangibles will make for an entertaining confrontation as well as a display of his knowledge of the game.

"Boise State is selling

"Boise State is selling three Kellen Moore memorabilia items, signed by Moore, to raise money for the new football complex".

I love how a player will get himself in trouble with the NCAA if he sells his own outograph for a dollar, but BSU (and NCAA) can make money off selling his signature and dirty socks!


Me kinda thinks its sick also. My english is to make Pac 12 boys think they are right about us dumbo's.

Nevada would too

if they need to raise money for a play ground.

Who is the chump making

Who is the chump making these naming decisions? Wait till he gets a big fat NFL contract and see how much Kellen kicks in. Everyone knows Kellen was raised right, to say the least, and he will do the right thing.
Does anyone think the Huntsman Center, the Marriot Library, The Skaggs medical Library, and the Stephen J.Quinney college of law at the University Of Utah were so named for free?
I know they are annoying when they come here to secretly drink beer and they always leave their turn signals on, but there are some things we can learn from our Utard cousins down road.

It's a QB meeting room...

not a large university campus building. But hey, if you can get some schmuck to fork over a sizaeable donation to name a QB meeting room that he'll never see nor will anyone else but the QBs and football players, then by all means, go ahead. I doubt you could sell anybody on that one, though.


Chadd, has there been any serious talk about retiring Kellen Moore's jersey? I realize that it's a team effort, but you could make a pretty good case that Bronco Nation, as it exists today, is the house that Kellen built.

No jersey retirement

Boise State doesn't retire jerseys, Jimmy Mac's #12 will be the only exception. The problem is, with 105 players and only 98 available numbers, all the numbers are needed. If the school was to retire the numbers of their greats, (#20 for Minter, 70 for Trautman, 36 for Forsey, 41 for Ian, etc) they soon would have 105 guys all wearing the same number.

By the way, I'm pretty sure there was a strong Bronco Nation after the first Fiesta Bowl, before Kellen ever stepped on campus. Yes, he helped grow it, but he's hardly the one that built it.

maybe you're on to something Cguy

Have all players where the same number so they're all eligible receivers. You thought Kellen spread the ball around? Wait 'til you see 10 wide recievers!

Fire Kustra....

Fire Kustra....he is a crook and is bad for this State.

Says someone who doesnt like the Broncos

At least change your username to something pro-Bronco, geezus dude.

If you had your way...

You'd fire the entire faculty and staff. You'd want the entire school to close its doors forever. Your anti-BSU rhetoric is well known on these boards.

catch me up

Is BozoStbeater bdUCK's brother....or mother?? Just wanting to know the pecking order ;)