Siddoway's live bait wolf bill passes committee on party-line vote

A bill that would allow ranchers to use live bait to lure marauding wolves to traps or shooters was sent to the floor of the Idaho Senate Wednesday on a 7-2 party-line vote.

The bill, introduced by Terreton Republican Jeff Siddoway, would allow anyone whose livestock or family pet was killed or harassed by wolves, to shoot them from airplanes, use night scopes on rifles or even lure the wolves in with live bait with 36 hours. Then they can get a 60-day permit from the state.

The bill has attracted national attention since Siddoway, a sheep rancher himself introduced it. He said he has lost thousands of dollars of sheep and the bill is necessary for he and other ranchers to protect their livestock.

He told the committee the aerial hunting provision is the important aspect of the bill. But it’s the live bait section that getting the most attention.

Siddoway used his wife’s dog Sophie as an example of how a dog might be used as bait to lure wolves in. He said he would place Sophie on a 20-30-foot chain and then set up in a blind some distance away with a rifle. Then he would turn on an electronic call of wolves howling.

“You try to get Sophie to chime in with the wolves,” Siddoway explained.

“If they come down out, just start shooting,” he said.

He also explained how he would place sheep in a corral surrounded by traps in the mountainous area along the Wyoming border in the Targhee-Caribou National Forest where he grazes his sheep.

Siddoway said he could not understand why his critics have compassion for the live bait but don’t have concerns for the sheep and guard dogs that are killed by wolves.

“There’s no compassion for the guard dogs who are paying the full price for protecting our sheep,” Siddoway said.

Democratic Ketchum Sen. Michelle Stennett said she understands how Siddoway plans to use the powers allowed in the bill and doesn’t doubt his intentions. But she said it sets no parameters for the use of live bait and worries it could lead to the “possibility of torture of these animals.”

She also expressed fears the bill would violate the state’s agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that led to he delisting of wolves under the federal Endangered Species Act. “I’m afraid this bill will put that at risk.”

Bennington Republican Sen. John Tippets expressed the same concern. But he said the rising number of wolves and the problems ranchers face is enough to get him to vote for the bill.
“When is enough, enough? Tippets asked.

All right!

Git 'er done, Senate!

non target hazards

This bill sounds a bit crazy and dangerous. Doesn't the state have a depredation policy? This kind of non selective bating could hurt pets/people and non target animals/game. The State Fish and Game managers should handle this problem with expert personnel.

This is absolutely

This is absolutely sickening!! Using dogs and other small animals as live bait is beyond debased human behavior. What the h??? is wrong with these freaking idiots in the statehouse. I agree wolves who are eating stock must be killed, but not by using helpless animals who will go through torture as bait! Sick, this is sick.

try again


the idea is to lure the wolves in close so the PEOPLE can shoot the wolves BEFORE they attack the cute little doggie or sheep.

The effort is so the domestic animals DONT get torn to pieces by a pack of wolves. So if you are truly in favor of protecting the cute little Sophie, you would support this beil

get a grip. and read for comprehension.

And what if the PEOPLE miss?

Not everyone is a crack shot. Also, how would he know that the wolves called in were the ones that did the killing? Of course, I'm guessing that you would be happy to see all the wolves disappear again, so that's probably a moot point for you, but just because someone is not of the same opinion as you doesn't mean that person isn't capable of reading for comprehension.

Go to any club

on a Friday night and you'll see animals used as live bait all the time.


Owning an outdoor pet in Idaho makes them live bait 24/7. What do you think has been going on all this time? Yes it is sickening! We have put up so much fencing our place is starting to look like a concentration camp!

I'm guessing you live in the city and have not had to deal with wolves attacking your pets. Wish you could meet this sweet old mare the wolves crippled. Our neighbor had wolves come and rip her dog apart right in front of her in her yard! The wolves living around people are losing their fear of humans.

Siddoway's live bait wolf bill

This guy needs his head examined. The wolf problem needs to be managed by the fish and game not a legislator with dog a high powered rifle.Yeah,just start shooting! Obviously this guy has not passed the hunter education course. My goodness what has happened to common sense in Idaho.

Live Bait

Can you pick up some dogs from the pound to use because you probably don't want anything to happen to your own pet? If something happens to the bait is it animal abuse?

Stay away

Hey Sidd, stay off my land. On second thought, maybe I could use you for live bait.


Whoever proposed this must have rabies. Our legislators need to get their rabies shot before they pass any more of this junk. We have real problems, but they are trying to kill Gods creatures rather than take care of the people who elected them.


Did the article say that Siddoway used his wife as live bait, so that could run off with Sophie, or did I read the article incorrectly?


Is "the mountainous area along the Wyoming border in the Targhee-Caribou National Forest where he grazes his sheep" public land? The only animal I would agree to allow to be used as bait is Sen. Siddoway.

Good going Siddoway,

now along with your penned up elk to be slaughtered by "sportsmen," you can now fly your clients around in your two placed motorized parachute and kill wolves for an added income.

Live Bait Wolf Bill

When are the people of Idaho going to vote these idiots out of office, and replace them with representatives who are intelligent, far-sighted, reasonable and actually represent their electrate? In the meantime, everyone needs to CALL and WRITE.

How did he vote?

I contacted Representative Clifford Bayer about this, among other things like (duh) tanning beds and no church property tax. You don't suppose he would be dumb enough to vote for this?

Live Bait

If you have to do this, use pit bulls.

Move the sheep out of the wolf habitat.

Isn't that kind of like saying

move people out of elk habitat? Where exactly would we go?

How about we put

How about we put Siddoway on a 20-30-foot chain and then set up in a blind some distance away with a rifle and a rack of bud light. Then we turn on an electronic call of wolves howling.

“If they come down out, just start shooting.”

Maybe we get them before they get him. Maybe he gets a better understanding of animal cruelty.

Where you sit is Where you stand!

Put yourself in this mans shoes....I mean he is attempting to protect his investment that those so called animal lovers forgot about when the reintroduction began..why did they not stop fighting hunting rights on wolves when they were supposed, there plan as always is to lock it up in their courts and ride it out as long as their $$$$$ hold...well the government had to finally step and say to these nutts enough was enough....I support him 100%....not because it is a wolf but because he has every right to protect his animals on his land with any measures, and using live bait works!

Media ignorance

The media keeps quoting Siddoway's claim about the all the sheep he has lost to wolves, yet I don't see any confirmation by an independent source, not even Wildlife Services, which is almost always willing to call something a wolf depredation. Siddoway keeps getting quoted he has "hunted hard" for wolves for three years and hasn't seen one. I wonder if he has hunted much at all. This is not on his private property, it is near Dog Creek on the Wyoming border on the Caribou - Targhee N.F.. It is way back in roadless country. I doubt this powerful state senator in his 60s is sitting at sheep camp all summer hunting for wolves.

The media should express some doubts.

Waxing Nostalgic

I remember when Batt threatened to fire the traditional F & G Commission, then replaced them with Siddoway and other like minded folks. That was when we got the regulations with advertisements. Prior to that time the Commission represented in behalf of our wildlife.

I wear poly instead of wool nowadays, and I never did like the flavor of mutton. I'll quit hunting before I shoot a domestic elk in a canned hunt. Doesn't matter though.