SB 1283 to allow landowners to sell big game tags dies in the Idaho Senate

It was a rare 17-17 tie because one senator and the Lt. Governor were both absent from voting. It required a majority to pass, which it did not achieve, and one long-time legislator said it was the first tie in the Senate he had seen in his lawmaking career.

While this bill is now dead, SB 1282 is a similar bill that would allow landowners to sell big game tags they receive through the Landowner Appreciation Program in exchange for granting public hunters "reasonable access" to their lands. That bill is currently in the Senate Resources and Environment Committee, but has not had a hearing.

The new

philosophy is to have bills passed through absence of representation?


Now leave it buried!


Another hunting protection for the rich only. I fully understand that "reasonable access to their private land" by people other than the big buck hunters who buy access. The public will not gain access with this bill.

Don't we just live the elite treatment we are getting this year at the hands of the legislature?

Idaho Code states that

Idaho Code states that wildlife is owned by the people of Idaho, not the landowners. This isn't England in the seventeenth century.

That's true

but it only means that landowners don't have the right to shoot any game that comes on their property, not that they have to open their property to the public simply because there is game on it.

Truth is hard to come by