Playing the 'culture' card: Idaho Democrats react to McGee resignation

Here is the Idaho Democratic Party's statement on state Sen. John McGee's resignation.

A pretty political statement, at that. Here's the quote from party chairman Larry Grant: “For the sake of the Senate, we are thankful that McGee has stepped down today. I am glad that GOP leadership has finally accepted that something must be done to turn around the culture that has rooted itself in the Statehouse.”

And, here's the statement, in full:

It is with sadness when the state receives the resignation of any public official who has been accused of violating the public’s trust. The departure of Sen. John McGee, who resigned today amid allegations of sexual harassment, is appropriate. The veracity of the claim against McGee is yet to be fully evaluated. However, he has already provided high-profile proof of his lack of judgement with his arrest over the summer of drunk driving, stealing a vehicle and questionable claims on his legislative per diem payments.

Larry Grant, Chairman of the Idaho Democratic Party said, “For the sake of the Senate, we are thankful that McGee has stepped down today. I am glad that GOP leadership has finally accepted that something must be done to turn around the culture that has rooted itself in the Statehouse.”

McGee’s departure today should be a cause for reflection by all Idahoans. Idahoans should ask themselves if the GOP controlled Legislature is going in the right direction and does the culture of this Legislature represent the values of our people?

I'm so sick of that "family values" crap

How can the Republican Party keep up the false message that they are about the sacred family values?


Every family needs some drama.


Or perversion.

please replace with a Democrat

Time for some balance in this lopsided statehouse. The over confident all powerful republican control is full of holes. I hope the voters recognize this and vote these guys out of office.

If the Dems would come up with viable candidates,

many, myself included, would consider voting for them. As an Independent, please don't ask me to automatically vote for a Democrat. Put up or shut up with a worthy candidate....Sunny...


The only Democrat you would find worthy of your vote would have to have an R behind his name. Stop and think for a moment how many of these idiots you have voted for in the past for that very reason.

There are plenty of quality

There are plenty of quality Democratic candidates in Idaho, they just won't run for office because they aren't really given a chance without the "R" behind their name. Look at Minnick, even Republicans liked him, but because he didn't have the "R" behind his name he lost to a far inferior candidate who did. This is the problem.


....Minnick wasn't a Democrat, he was a political opportunist (recall that he was even endorsed by the Tea Party) who let his true right-wing colors fly when he got elected. His problem wasn't losing the "R" votes, but rather losing the "D" votes the second time around. I myself, a primarily (but not exclusively) "D" voter, even voted against him in his last election.

I bet that showed him

do you think the new Congressman is an improvement?

It's hitting the fan..

I can't wait for the next Republican scandal..give them enough rope and they are hanging themselves. Wise up Idahoans! Exercise your right to vote these sanctimonious hyprocrites out of office. Do they REALLY represent your values?

No, hypocritical republicans

do not represent my values, but they do represent my district from time to time. When they are exposed in some legal or adulterous or other scandal, I am the first to push for their ouster from not just leadership, but also from their job. Unfortunately, we don't have a crystal ball to see the future. If we did, voting would be much easier.

While I commend some democrats for at least wearing their politics and positions right out there on their sleeves, it is for that same reason I cannot vote for them very often, as our political and social views are so radically different.

So at the end of the day, I may vote for people who are later determined to be morally deficient, pathological hypocrites. That's too bad and somewhat depressing, really, but at least while in office they push the political agenda representative of my values.

The one-party system that we

The one-party system that we have here in Idaho leads to a culture of corruption and a lack of accountability. There needs to be some balance in our political structure.