Boise State will remain in Mountain West for 2012-13 season

By Brian Murphy

Boise State will remain in the Mountain West for the 2012-13 seasons, the school announced Wednesday afternoon. Boise State had been in discussions with the Big East and WAC about moving its programs to those leagues this fall.

The Broncos are moving their football program to the Big East and thier other sports programs to the WAC in 2013.

“While we have had several discussions with the Big East and the WAC in moving our sports into those two leagues a year earlier than previously stated, the University feels there were too many obstacles to overcome to make the move at this time,” Boise State President Bob Kustra said in a statement. “While there certainly would have been advantages in making the move a year early, it became clear that it would not be fiscally responsible, as all of the expenses associated with early entry into the two conferences would not be covered.”

Original post

Temple could be joining the Big East as an all-sports member, perhaps as soon as this fall, according to reports by The New York Times and

The addition of Temple for the 2012 football season would mean that the Big East no longer needs Boise State to join the league a year early. The Broncos are slated to join in 2013.

Craig Thompson told the Sporting News on Wednesday that "every indication I have is Boise St will play in MWC in 2012" and that he expects a decision Wednesday afternoon.

Boise State President Bob Kustra told the Idaho Statesman on Feb. 3 that "it's too late" for Boise State to move to the Big East in 2012.

"I can't imagine how anyone can pull that off. We would never want to pull it off in a fashion that dealt shabbily with our existing partners in the Mountain West. I don't think that could ever work," Kustra said.

Boise State Athletic Director Mark Coyle said the Broncos needed to cover their expenses, perhaps as much as $9 million, before they could make a move. Coyle also said it was important to find a stable home for the Broncos' non-football programs.

They are slated to move to the WAC in 2013, but that league could be in peril.

"We’ve got to find the right fit for all our programs,” Coyle said.

According to, "The Big East was not willing to provide the Broncos with about $10 million they needed to leave the Mountain West in football and have their Olympic sports join the WAC a year early."

BCS Statement

Statement by the eleven BCS Commissioners and the Notre Dame Athletics Director

In an effort to grow college football's great popularity and success, we just completed two days of productive meetings in Dallas, Texas.

We have until the fall of this year to finalize any possible changes to our current structure. That's when contractual obligations require us to begin negotiations with our television carrier for future coverage decisions. We have a self-imposed deadline of sometime this summer to decide what changes we will propose to our governing bodies for football's post-season. It's still early in our process and we will continue to meet with our conferences and review options.

Whatever we do, we want to protect college football's regular season which is the best and most meaningful in sports. We want to preserve the great bowl tradition while making it better and more attractive. We also have heard the message about playing bowl games closer to or on January 1, the way it used to be.

As we proceed, we will evaluate the many pros and cons of numerous possible changes. Every idea has exciting up sides, as well as complicated consequences. From the realities of the calendar to the issues presented in terms of venues such as who hosts games, we have tremendous responsibilities and opportunities.

The bottom line is we will continue to talk about how to make a great sport even better for student-athletes, fans and everyone who loves college football.

Broncos to host Tennessee Martin in 2013

Tennessee Martin, a member of Ohio Valley Conference in the FCS, says it has agreed to play Boise State in 2013 in football. Full story here.

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Nice TV addition

1.) New York City — Rutgers, Army
2.) Los Angeles — UCLA, USC
3.) Chicago — Northwestern, NIU
4.) Philadelphia — Temple
5.) Dallas/Fort Worth — TCU, SMU, North Texas
6.) San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose — California, Stanford, San Jose State
7.) Boston — Boston College
8.) Washington, D.C. — Maryland
9.) Atlanta — Georgia, Georgia Tech
10.) Houston — Houston, Rice

Ho hum,

we're stuck in a one game season unless we do something significant with that extra game. We missed out on Florida State, they also opted for an FCS team.

Florida State needed a game

Florida State needed a game for 2012, not 2013.

The new A.D. can't be bothered...

with something like that! He's too busy signing lower division school like Tenesee Martin! We thought Blaymeyer(sp) was good at signing podunks, looks like this guy is king!

Its one game,get your

Its one game,get your panties in a bunch much?

New AD wouldn't have scheduled them without CP's permission

Bama won the natty with an FCS team on it's schedule, and oddly enough, that FCS school (Georgisa Southern) scored 21 points on Bama, which was the most points Bama gave up all season, but despite that fact, they rolled (no pun intended) into a national championship, so if it didn't hurt Bama, then it shouldn't hurt us,


I was talking about Sept 7, 2012, what are you drinking? Florida State needed a replacement for WVU when they needed to cancel their game on that date before moving to the Big 12. Read before you speak!!

Why? Is there a benefit to literacy?


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

The poster TYPED


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

That and the

Big East now will have 3 NFL stadiums in it's conference:

Temple-Philadelphia Eagles
South Florida-Tampa Bay Bucs
San Diego State-San Diego Chargers

Big East

The entire Boise State program should be moving to the Big East OR none of it should. I can see Mr. Rice fuming over where the basketball program will end up now that the WAC is probably history or at best less of a conference than the Big Sky. Everything in sports these days is about money. GREED for what you perceive that everyone else has. Hd the Mountain West had a legitimate television package instead of the sub-par package they have, Boise State may well have stayed. I think that people should be happy with what they have and not make chess moves just to try to one-up someone else. Boise State football will always be ok, but the other sports.....I'm not so sure.

Big East already sucks

You can see already that football, and Boise State, are second class in the Big East. Football will soon look worse than the MWC/CUSA with the additions of Memphis & Temple. You can also see how they could care less about getting Boise in early - they got $20M from WV & the Big12 but won't put up the $10M to get Boise early.

Everyone hopes the Big12 comes calling & invites BYU & BSU.


Who gets the majority of the TV money in the Big East, football or basketball?

Moving to the Big East for 2012 was a long-shot at best this late. But at the end of the day if you were presented with a one year solution at the cost of $2.5M instead of $10M, you are are going to take the $2.5M solution.

As for the Olympic sports, don't jump the gun. Wouldn't surprise me in the least to see them remain in the MWC.


It ain't going to happen.

Farmer, try this. . .

$#!& in one hand and hope in another and see which one fills up first. Boise St. has a tv rating of 113 and BYU won't give up their television rights. Both facts will make a conference turn to other options. The sole reason the football program was invited was based on performance. In case you have been living in a cave for the past ten years, BSU football has been very dominant. But still, a rating of 113, Boise St. has a very long way to go before the PAC-1whatever or the Big 12 (really 10) ever come calling.

More useless fanboy drivel.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

"Great Bowl Tradition"

You can take your "great bowl tradition" and shove them right up your butt as far as I'm concerned. It's time for an 8 team playoff and a bunch of who gives a _hit bowl games for the others.

you're clueless

you're clueless obviously....

And you're unknown but nevermind


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Probably for the best--

that we stay in the conference we're in for another year. WAC may not make the grade by 2013, if they fold we need to have the other sports a home before moving on with football. Nothing wrong with shooting for a MWC championship before leaving--although appears a bit lacking for football powers now-----
Big East keeps dragging in teams the Big East-west may have enough teams to play all sports among each other and not cross over to east teams much except in playoffs.
Young college and time is on BSU's side folks.

Probably for the best and---

If WAC folds I'm not so sure this move is a done deal to Big East. Big East appears to started with football teams in mind and now are nailing basketball teams who may not help pull in tv rating money for football. Also just more teams to split the money with.
With our lessons learned from joining MWC (gave the "blue" shirt right off our backs), reckon admin has a handle on things this 2d time around. Not moving year early is probably best.

Create a new conference?

This is getting ridiculous. Maybe Boise State should work with some other schools to create a new conference. Basically, one division is the better teams from the MWC & WAC, while the other division is the better teams from C-USA, the MAC, and Sun Belt. These are the teams:

Boise State (great FB program, and the basketball is getting better)
UNLV (mostly for Basketball)
Fresno State
Utah State (good BB program, and the football is getting better)
San Diego State

Montana (a long shot, but they are a fairly successful FCS team)
Southern Miss
Memphis (mostly for Basketball)

Maybes: BYU, Arkansas State, Air Force, Northern Illinois

I think this conference would take the Big East's AQ status.

Say no more

"All of the expenses associated with early entry into the two conferences would not be covered."

It's that simple. Boise State wisely looked ahead and didn't just think about what was best for next year, as most of us fans are likely to do.

Boise State

They will never and never be in the Big East for any sports- their western partner has too many issues.

CFB Fans....lets face it....

Boise State is getting more and more stuck....hopefully the Big East lands some teams that will retain the AQ status....

Waiting for 2013 is good....maybe Big 12 will call, or the PAC-12 will say they want to be PAC-16 and invite Boise State....

Look back

Look back to my reply on farmerjohn's post and you'll see why neither of those two conferences will come calling for Boise St. to join. If by a small chance that they do, it would take a heaven sent, it would be out of necessity, rather than want. As a whole though, I am dissappointed with today's announcement. I was really hoping that Boise St. would be able to play for something better. Well, might as well start grabbing our tickets for the Las Vegas bowl.

"start grabbing our tickets for the Las Vegas bowl"

If you don't think BSU can win the MWC and finish at least 18th in the nation, then how can you think BSU could win the Big East and make a BCS bowl?

Merely stating that. . .

Merely stating that in the mtn west its a one and done deal, or perhaps you didn't pay attention to the last two seasons. Those wide lefts and rights really hurt their chances. With the Big East, its a totally different story, BSU could lose every non-conference game, even some conference games, end up winning the conference and still go to a BCS bowl game. Remember UConn or West Virginia anyone? (Not saying they would, just saying they could).

So you are saying

that if BSU loses to MSU they have absolutely no chance of being ranked 18th and winning the MWC........

Did I miss something?

I used to. . .

I used to think you were one of the few BSU fans who had great admiration for the team but also a brain between your ears. It is not only painfully obvious you have missed the point of my post, but also misread it. If you need to, get a dictionary, and look up every word I typed and you may then understand what I was saying. I will restate my point once more. Although I really don't know how much more clearer I can be because first off, I never said anything about losing to MSU or their rankings. You said that. Please have a little respect for others and don't credit words to those who never said them. I was merely stating that if BSU was in the Big East, they would only have to win the conference to be admitted to a BCS bowl. The Mtn. West, on the other hand, offers no such benefit. Notice I never said anything about winning the mtn, losing to MSU or what their rankings can be. But to answer your question that never should have been addressed to me: If BSU loses to MSU, I don't think so, but if they do, can they still win the mtn and be ranked in the top 20? YES! Do you feel better now now that I agree with you? However, regardless if their ranking was 18 or 7 - 2011, 10 - 2010 or 9 - 2008, where will they go? Although there are what, 30+ bowls, my bet is BSU will be playing in the Las Vegas bowl again. Clear enough for you?

And I quote

"Well, might as well start grabbing our tickets for the Las Vegas bowl."

Nuff said.....

Nice to see. . .

Nice to see you finally got it!

i think you have missed the

i think you have missed the point. By stating that you should get tickets for Las Vegas, you are dismissing Boise's chances of winning the MWC and possibly getting an automatic BCS berth or even an at large.



Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.


All I can add to this thread is that whoever our starting QB ends up being, he'll probably be playing all 4 quarters and will need to make some game winning drives, and don't get me started on how inportant our kicking game is going to have to be this year, because I think 2012 is going to be a pretty rough season and I am highly doubful that BSU will go undefeated and waltz away with the MWC title and hit the magical #18 and sneak into a BCS bowl. If Kelln & Co couldn't get BSU into the BCS two seasons in a row, then why do you think that PatiHedWick & Co will be able to do it in 2012?

Who knows, maybe Patti is the real deal and will end up being better than Kellen, which I hope will be the case, but aren't you a tad bit worried about next season?

Hence. . .

Hence why the moving to the Big East this year would have been nice.

Look back

Look back to my reply on farmerjohn's post and you'll see why neither of those two conferences will come calling for Boise St. to join. If by a small chance that they do, it would take a heaven sent, it would be out of necessity, rather than want. As a whole though, I am dissappointed with today's announcement. I was really hoping that Boise St. would be able to play for something better. Well, might as well start grabbing our tickets for the Las Vegas bowl. Stupid computer posted twice.

The longer this Big East thing goes on...

...the worse it sounds! I think this could come back to bite us in the butt! Just sayin!


How so?

Because they are relatives of Nervous Norvus.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Have to agree

with ugly in that we are stuck for now, but things could change dramatically in conference realignment in the next year. The Big 12 or Pac 12 aren't going to come calling--forget it. However, we could end up with a better offer from a combined C-USA and Mountain West than what we are looking at with the Big East.


not sure what the Mount Us Conference can throw out there, their TV deal will probably be around a third of the new BE TV deal.

So I get shafted three times as much? Cowabunga!


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Smart move ....

by Cupcake State! Despite what know-it-all honk Brian Murphy says, why move to double A ball from single A with a new QB and other starters to replace? Better to keep feasting on the major cupcakes of the new Mountain Worst then gamble with a loss or two in the new mighty Big Least! Temple? Those Cupcake State administrators are always thinkin! UT- Martin anyone?


careful, your ignorance is showing again (kinda like on Friday nights when your slip shows after a few beers).

It must be really embarrassing for pony

to be a guy and have his slip show. But that doubles his chance for a date....Sunny...


So what happens to BSU when the Sunbelt Conference lures away the WAC-bound Texas schools and La Tech, SJSU, NMSU and USU join the MWC-CUSA and Idaho goes to the Big Sky and the WAC becomes history? Boise is forced to stay in the MWC-CUSA, that's what happens.

Wishful thinking


It sounds like BSU

explored the possibility of leaving early and decided that it was not in their best interest to move early, financially or otherwise. While I would have enjoyed a step up to a more visible conference, I will chose to trust those in charge to make the best call for the college and their athletic programs. I'd still like to see a 13th game in 2012 against a Big East opponent.

Look at all of the changes that have taken place in college football in the last 12 months. Anything could happen between now and July 1, 2013.

§ Makes as much sense

as anything posted on this subject in past couple of days. Armchair ADs don't have the info. Druthers - yes, info - no.