MSNBC's liberal host Rachel Maddow latest to rip Idaho's Frank VanderSloot

In an 8-minute commentary Monday night, Maddow linked VanderSloot, founder of Idaho Falls-based Melaleuca Inc., to the copper barons of 19th-century Montana.

"We are all still living in a billionaires' world," said Maddow, who blasts VanderSloot for his past entries into politics and his $1 million contribution to the Super PAC supporting Mitt Romney. She also critiques the wealthy men backing Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. And she renews her attacks on the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision that freed the wealthy to make unlimited contributions to Super PACs.

"Now in this post-Citizens United world we are living in, these billionaires, who, frankly, have never been wanting for influence in the country in the first place -- now in this post-Citizens United world, they are the ones who we've also decided to hand our elections over to. Because they need that, too. Ta da."

Last week, Glenn Greenwald of, said VanderSloot employed "thuggish" legal tactics to silence journalists. Greenwald recently keynoted an ACLU of Idaho banquet and met with Boise blogger Jody May-Chang, who also is mentioned by Maddow.

I've asked VanderSloot for comment and hope to update later today.


I wonder what her take on George Soros is?

Since it's a red herring issue...

...invented by the radical right, she would probably correctly point this out.

Red herring? Really?

Soros works for his money, unlike the Koch brothers

The Republicans do not like Soros since he said publicly that he did not like Bush. That was the firestorm that has every Repug howling.

The GOP never talks about the fact that Hungary was able to go from Communism to Capitalism with Soros' financial aid. They never mention how many students worldwide receive scholarships for higher ed.

He earned his money, he gives his money away, and he stays involved with the Public. Unlike the Koch brothers who hide away and pay for others to mouth their hate.

Maddow hopefully will expose how VanderSloot makes his money by a pyramid scam and gets grants from the State of Idaho at zero interest and no payback. Then Frank runs illegal ads in the Statesman against candidates that aren't ultra conservative.

Melaluca by definition is an invasive and aggressive plant; fitting name for the founder of The Wellness Company.

Soros worked for his money?

He is a currency speculator. He made his billions shorting the British pound, exasperated the Asian currency crises in 1997 and pocked millions from the MF Global theft. Koch Industries actually make things - putting people to work.


The only thing the Koch brothers make is money to put into their own pockets. Their worker conditions are horrible. They have spent billions of dollars fighting any regulations that benefit middle class workers.


miserable employees? Wow - you would thought Obama would have helped them. Makes me wonder why we have a Department of Labor and OSHA. Obama just becomes a bigger failure every day

are you serious?

This discussion is not about Obama, stay with the topic. Look into the issue before making stupid statements. The Koch brothers have spent years and billions fighting any regulation that benefits workers.


You’re a riot. You are demanding that somebody stay on topic so that you can discuss an off topic subject.


you are admitting Obama can be bought.

At least you've avoided tying their name to sex acts.

That was SUPERB, Gray Matter. NEXT


I'd like to thank Kevin Richert for persuading all the legislators to quit.

DRUGS-see the Wizard


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

To the naive with minds of their own

Work=expenditure of effort to reach a GOAL

I think work was achieved. I'm not going to qualify it any other way because it met the definition.

I don't care about your namby-pamby crap crusade. You're a feckless batbrain and a complete hindrance.

And a few other sad messes on this website. I'm tired of it and will continue to be vocal. Get in line.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Rachel Maddow does a lot to

Rachel Maddow does a lot to cite her sources for stories. She gives her guests time to answer her questions during interviews.

Glad to hear about this. :) Keep up the good work Rachel.

Not only was Rachel's comment a biting indictment on

VanderSloot, she also skewered his pack of pit bull attorneys for going after anyone who dare criticizes him.

Rachel Maddow's comments

Like the "Ed Show" this is another sign of those dedicated to ruining this once great nation. Maybe she could try out with Radio Moscow? Everyone is entitled to an opinion but NBC goes out of its way to get the extreme left presented.

Just Like Fox News!

Who goes out of their way to make sure the extreme right gets their views presented.

Fact is every media outlet has their agendas to make sure they cover and present their skewed views.

Please don't....

Compare Maddow to Fox. Not even a close comparison. Fox makes things up, repeats over and over until their dim-witted audience believes. Maddow places well thought out arguments supported by fact. And, when proven wrong, she gladly admits to an error - on air.

Rachel shines. Fox whines.

You are FOS!

The Fox News Channel has ALWAYS had members of both political wings on their programs. They always provide both sides of every issue, and let their viewers make up their own minds on the subject.

Morons like you aren't smart enough to realise this, only regurgitating the Democrat talking points like a bunch of lemmings. Pull your head out of your a-s-s and think for yourself.


Fix News

Do an internet search, and you'll find where Chris Wallace (of Fox News) admits his network provides the point-of-view from the "right". Nothing wrong with that - just be up front about it and admit it.

I stopped watching Fix News in part because when they would have somebody from the "other" side, the announcers/commentators would contstantly talk/yell over them and/or ridicule them without giving them a fair chance to respond.

You can abuse them without being obscene/gross.


I'd like to thank Kevin Richert for persuading all the legislators to quit.

Sounds to me

like Rachel is the one doing the whining.


I love how news shows that show the other side are threats to the nation, but shows like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are patriotic shows. Kettle meet pot!!!

Because she disagrees with you?

She is therefore a traitor? A "communist"?

I challenge you to actually watch her for a week and then provide some specific proofs for your assertions. You might actually learn something.


She's so hot and smart. too bad I'm not a woman...

She is a Rhodes Scholar I really doubt ..........

........... that you would have much to talk about .


Has made his money off of the Mormon way of using religion and religious influence to make millions.

Look at other companies like NuSkin, USANA, and multitudes of others - mainly based in utah, and involve members of the Church trying to get their friends, family and others to join their Pyramid schemes.

When he complained about the Idaho Falls Post Register (The Non-Mormon Owned Media Outlet) he skewered their reporting because it was unfair to the church who had multiple opportunities to stop a serial pedophile, who was a member of their church.

Instead of retorting to the issue - he "outed" the writer to the Idaho Falls community, as opposed to making a serious argument about the issues he found in the reporting of "Scout's Honor" and took out a multiple page advertisement (paid by Company funds - not Personal Funds) to make his point that it was all about hurting his faith (

The fact is Vandersloot is someone who uses his religion to force everyone to conform to his ideals, and is a snake in the grass at the National Level. His donations to further a Non Profit organizations political causes (e.g. Mormons and Anti Equality) at the Local and National level is obscene, and why the Church is seen as bigoted and hateful.


I know you no more have a Ducati than I raise hogs but , your bigotry has revealed you are unworthy to ever ride the Italian stallion. Not even a Vespa or Lambretta for you. Religioso bigotto.

I know a guy with a Ducati

He may have gotten rid of it since having kids and getting stationed in Italy (can't really take those things overseas). But, it was a nice looking bike. I think it was red. I'd never heard of Ducati before he showed it to me. I felt so ignorant of motorcycles.

News Of The World closed


I'd like to thank Kevin Richert for persuading all the legislators to quit.




Rachel Madcow is a hateful twit that has a show on MSNBC.

Very mature

Such articulate criticism of Maddow.

Have you ever actually listened to her talk?

The "woman" never has said anything nice about anybody who isn't a left-wing extremist whackjob. She IS hateful. At least she's

In all fairness, I did see a clip of her questioning President Obama once.


Here it is:

Usually, she's fawning all over everything he does. Talk about a homer for a political cause. OK, Keith Olbermann is a bigger homer. At least she sounds intelligent when she speaks. Doesn't change the fact she is so negative and hateful.

Quotation Marks

Why did you put woman in quotation marks when referring to Rachel Maddow?

Its not obvious?

Bet it has hair on its back.

Because she is an open lesbian

She looks like a woman but thinks like a man. To NOT use the quotation marks would be to indicate that she is a full woman, which is not the case.

Hint: Lesbians are women too

RMSanford: Your bigotry and ignorance are showing. Lesbians are women. They also are diverse in their thinking and do not "think like a man", whatever that means.


I think it was obvious what was said.

Dude, NBC period is hardly worth the can refund?


I'd like to thank Kevin Richert for persuading all the legislators to quit.

Actually, she has been one

Actually, she has been one of the only national media personalities to be chasing down the Main GOP caucus fraud. Granted, she does it because it annoys the GOP, but I'll take that sunshine into the dark corners of a corrupt (or inept) state party leadership any time.


If you sell Melaluca in Caldwell area , near exit 25, please email me at the above name a thanks.

How can they if you misspell Melaleuca?

They still make Topperwear I hear.


I'd like to thank Kevin Richert for persuading all the legislators to quit.


Is it just me - or has Popkey been on a tirade lately? Some conservative must have really peed in his Cheerios as of late.

Although I thought it not possible - the Statesman since their new site look and feel went into place is almost MORE liberal. (chills)

Why? Because he...

reported an incident related to Idaho? Are you upset because the report doesn't enhance your rosy-colored version of republican politics, or the Morman church?

Grow a pair and try understanding a viewpoint juxtaposed to yours. You don't have to agree but, at least, your reasoning will be better grounded in reality.

Dan: Please, please, please - much more on this story. I am sure this issue runs deeper.

The Liberal Media

Feel free to not read it.

I'm not sure if it is only

I'm not sure if it is only lately....



Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Richert's been hogging all the bylines. Man has to EAT!


I'd like to thank Kevin Richert for persuading all the legislators to quit.


Good for her!