Idaho's Labrador says heads would roll over 'Fast and Furious' were Obama a Republican

Idaho's 1st District GOP Rep. Raul Labrador blames media coddling for sparing Attorney General Eric Holder his job over the 'Fast and Furious' gun scandal. Labrador called for Holder's resignation last year and renewed his call in a face-to-face confrontation during a Feb. 6 committee meeting.

“The mass media don’t want there to be any scandals in the Obama administration,” Labrador told Human Events in an interview published Monday. “If this were a Republican administration, this would be on the top of the news every single night until there were answers or until … heads rolled.”

Labrador also told Human Events that he resisted the opportunity to engage in race-baiting after his TV confrontation with Holder.

During the hearing, Holder said Labrador's treatment of him was "among the worst things I think I’ve ever seen in Congress...And maybe this is the way you do things in Idaho or wherever you’re from.”

Labrador, a native of Puerto Rico who moved to Nevada at age 13, could have "seized on Holder’s
'wherever you’re from' comments to gin up outrage and get maximum political mileage out of the incident," wrote Tony Lee.

"Not Labrador," Lee continued. "Consistent with how he has operated since the day he arrived from Idaho, Labrador showed, when asked about the incident, that he is not the typical Washington politician. 'I am giving him a pass on this,' Labrador told HUMAN EVENTS. 'I am not going to play the same game the mainstream media and the Democrats play, which is race-baiting on every issue.'"

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liberal media--Sure!!

Such demagogery, pandering to the right wing extremists. Labrador is hardly a repesentative of the republican "big tent" championed by President Reagan. He's just a vindictive little man trying to make a name for himself at the expense of the Attorney General.

You go Raul, fight the liberal media through interviews with the right wing HUMAN EVENTS website. I'm sorry I don't live in the 2nd District where I'd be represented by the more collegial representative Mike Simpson.

Right on

Good post!


We all know how accountable Republicans hold their own, despite being in the media daily.

For starters, look at Idaho. McGee, Semanko, Hart, Denney, Crane, Luna, Chigbrow, De Weerd, Gwartney, and more.

That isn't even mentioning Bush and Cheney, because we aren't supposed to talk about them any more.

As for the liberal media - what a crock. The major media outlets are NOT liberal. The Statesman isn't even liberal. If you want liberal news, try Mother Jones.

Only a liberal

would deny there's a liberal slant in the mainstream media, and would deny the Statesman is liberal. When was the last time the Statesman endorsed a Republican for President? Why is every measure that attempts to allow fair competition labeled "anti-union"? Why does the Statesman use the term "undocu-mented" (hyphen due to ridiculous censoring software) instead of the factual and correct "illegal alien"? Why have they now gone so far as to refuse to print race when children are missing or suspects being hunted? Why is it quite okay to use the term "right wing" on a regular basis but there is almost never a story with the term "left wing" or "socialist" in it?

Keep dreaming, at least your version of reality is slightly entertaining.

Uh huh

Keep dreaming. I suppose you also think Fox News is fair and balanced.

Fox news is WAY to liberal

Fox news is WAY to liberal anymore for this conservative. It's pretty obvious you don't even go there or you would know that. The must have 12-13 liberals on there everyday any more and that's not even counting their liberal guests.


You crack me up.

How much dooooo you spend on polish for your jack boots...

and rustoleum for that iron cross...

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

"Only a liberal would deny

"Only a liberal would deny there's a liberal slant in the mainstream media"

Was that a hoot or what? Lol :)

Oh be quiet and grow up!

Why dosen't Raul actually DO something positive in government rather than shooting his mouth off...making himself and Idahoans look like a bunch of ignorant bumpkins? Maybe that's how they do things in Puerto Rico where he came from.

Continuing Idaho's tradition of poor representation

Not trying to maximize his political mileage out of the incident? That's rich. In typical "fair and balanced" fashion, Mr. Labrador was happy to post his personal 5 minutes of committee fame, posturing with no purposeful question in sight, and omitting the Attorney General's response. The committee chairman's own comments about what Labrador was doing show that he's failed to earn allies among the adults in his own party.

That Labrador acknowledges no shame for his embarrassing stunt speaks to his incompetence at representing Idaho. (By "representing," I mean something different than "expressing the useless, sneering indignation that so many Idahoans feel toward government in all forms.")

His notion that he's a victim of unequal media treatment because he's a conservative is simply laughable. The motto is "no fault of mine too egregious to blame on media bias."

Ewww. That's sorta like XXX, Raul.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Raul is confused or not telling the truth

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee investigation on "Fast and Furious", was sidetracked by Republicans when they kept going to the end of the Clinton administration, Pardon of Marc Rich.

Mr. Labrador carried the Pardon issue into his questioning of AG Eric Holder, at which time Holder responded to his (my words), lack of Decorum.

So now, Raul wants to fluff his chicken feathers about how he handled the AG? Why not explain that he was off topic and had nothing but Facetime on his agenda?

It is one thing to praise yourself, it is another thing when you brag about yourself on false premise.

Fast and Furious history

Hey Raul the program was started in 2006 during and under a Republican administration. You seem to forget that part of it.

Revisionism only works on the young and the slow.

Did the program change under Obama? When did the illegal activity occur? When did the lying, stonewalling, and coverup occur?

Raul is snarky...

... because Holder didn't buy one of Raul's quick immigration kits


On this issue Raul is correct.

Holder is at fault. It happened under Holders watch. The buck stops there.

I have not always been a Labrador supporter, but this time I am backing him.

He has been cool, calm and collected while in Washington.

And yes, the media is liberal and biased. No matter what channel you watch.

Bias is normal. No Bias=No Life. We're done with that.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Forever job

Since Raul has the R, he will be re-elected forever. Why then does he not just shut up. Leave bad enough alone.

Labrador does nothing but soundbites

The problem with Labrador is that he does nothing but soundbites. He clearly sees his job as one of being re-elected, not of legislating for Idaho or the American people.

He claims not to race-bait, which he accuses the mainstream media of doing, but how often do you see an article where he hasn't made sure his Puerto Rican background is included?

He asked Holder about resignation, rather than about the substance of the investigation.

As long as Labrador is in office, Idaho will have one Congressman -- Simpson -- working for it, not two.

Holder is a horrible AG, as bad as or worse than Gonzales under Bush, but Labrador's comment was nothing but working for soundbites, not representing Idaho. In that sense, Holder's response was correct.

By the way, what does Labrador say should have been done about the gun traffic?