Nellis: 'We are THE University of Idaho'

Here's a statement President Duane Nellis posted on the University of Idaho's Facebook page Thursday, after the State Board of Education voted to remove the word "flagship" from the university's mission statement:

I have just returned to Moscow from the Idaho State Board of Education meeting in Boise and let me tell you it feels great to be “home.” I am very disappointed in the board’s decision today to remove the word “flagship” from our mission statement. This edit does not change who we are or how we will operate going forward. We are THE University of Idaho. I agree wholeheartedly with ASUI President Samantha Perez who said today that “flagship” is a factual definition of who we are at our core. Thanks to all of you for your support and good wishes as we work through this disappointment.


This dinghy was doomed when Luna became superintendent!

I'm @BenWilson & idk y #icantfindnojobz. Perhaps it's because I have a high school diploma from and I haven't seen a teacher since Elementary School.

The University of Idaho is a great

College....glad to have recieved both BS and MS degrees their....

However, leadership has been lacking of past 15 years; and Idaho has lost some of its identity from its early 1940s thru 1990s stuff....

Hopefully, they will have renewed vision and succeed....

Was Miss Pell

Your English Lit prof?

Thanks for using the word VISION

Congrats on getting multiple degrees, always a good thing.

As my other post belong indicates people need to realize the difference between a MISSION STATEMENT and A VISION STATEMENT (where you outline the goals, ie to be the State's Flagship University)

Flag Ship

I think the board worried U of I students would get drunk and fall out of the Flag Ship's crow's nest.

Boise State is THE

Boise State is THE university IN Idaho

Mission statements

The real story in this is that the Board of Education has modified BSUs mission statement to define it as a research university, even though it fails to meet that definition by any nationally recognized standard. Using this same kind of fictional nonsense, why don't they also make BSU the BCS national champion for 2012. It would have the smaekind of national credibility as the research university tag.

Almost correct

Boise State has added the 3 Phd programs needed to achieve Carnegie advanced research status. It is only a matter of getting certified. While it is not insignificant, the majority of research performed at UI is agricultural research.

Mission vs Vision it's really simple people

PUT IT IN YOUR SCHOOL'S VISION STATEMENT. "The University of Idaho will strive to be the State's Flagship University in Academics and Athletics...etc etc etc. It doesn't belong in a Mission Statement. The Mission Statement is what a company sees as it's purpose, here's Harvard's Where does it say it's the best at X thing? Here's another one, VaTech
Stop whining, it was a self imposed title, it also doesn't cut it for a Mission Statement. I thought you people were supposed to be smart and Broncos stupid.

Dear Nellis, DUH!

Yes it does say THE. It doesn't say THE ONLY.
CSI, CofI, NNU, LCSC, BSU, ISU and etc are also educational institutions in Idaho.


say it with me people