Santorum picks up first major Idaho endorsement, Treasurer Ron Crane

At Tuesday night's rally in Boise, Crane introduced Santorum and sat behind the presidential candidate on stage at Capital High School. Crane is the first statewide official to endorse anyone other than Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination.

Former state Sen. Ric Branch, R-Midvale, warmed up the crowd, saying Santorum caught his eye early in the contest. "I thought, if they ever pay any attention to him his conservatism is going to shine through."

Also on hand in VIP seats were at least six GOP lawmakers: Rep. John Vander Woude of Ada County, House Education Committee Chairman Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d'Alene, and GOP Sens. Russ Fulcher of Meridian, Dan Johnson of Lewiston, Sheryl Nuxoll of Cottonwood and Steve Vick of Dalton Gardens.

Also in the front rows was Patrick Malloy, who has served most of the 2012 session as the appointed replacement designated by retiring GOP Sen. Shirley McKague of Meridian.

I hope Crane is trim.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Maybe Crane should be picking him up.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

state and politics

What catches my eye in this is a public school is being used for a political rally.

Was there money paid to Capital High? FMV?

Why at at Capital High vs Boise State, Boise High, or even Eagle High School?

OK Crane,

did you show up at the political rally in your private vehicle using state gas or personal gas? You were prompted to keep better records you know. Please keep us advised. TIA