Hawks: Cubs will leave Boise after this season if progress isn't made on new facility this summer

By Brian Murphy

This could be the final summer that Chicago Cubs house their short-season Class A team in Boise, officials with the Boise Hawks said Wednesday.

The Cubs are unhappy with the poor conditions at Memorial Stadium. The Hawks are pushing for a new multi-use sports facility in Boise.

"I'm going to be real blunt about it. (Chicago Cubs' owner) Tom Ricketts made it pretty obvious that if the City of Boise and the Boise Hawks cannot have a major improved facility or plans to do that in the near future or the end of this summer, they were going to go someplace else," said Boise resident and Hawks' hitting coach Bill Buckner, an employee of the Cubs. "That's not a threat. It's just a fact."

The Cubs' affiliation agreement with the Boise Hawks ends this summer. The Cubs have a Sept. 1 deadline to tell Major League Baseball that they want to change affiliates.

"I'm confident we can get significant movement on this thing, if we're going to get it done at all, by the time the Cubs would have to make a decision," Hawks' general manager Todd Rahr said. "If we don't make significant movement, they're moving anyway."

The Hawks' owners are assured of having a team in the short-season Northwest League, so another team affiliated with a major league club would move to Boise. But other teams are likely to have similar concerns about Memorial Stadium.

"If we don't see significant movement on this on this this summer, we may not be a Cubs' affiliate much longer," Rahr said. "... We need significant movement for a solution. This is about the Hawks, not about the Cubs."

For much more on this story, see Thursday's editions of the Idaho Statesman.

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Don't let the door hit ya.

Adios Amigos

Been nice not knowing ya....Sunny...

Talk about hype pressure

What a bunch of crock -- goodbye!

Bad Choice on Your Part.

We don't respond well to threats!! Yeah, it would be nice to have baseball in Boise. But, the Cubs or anyone other team needs to put in some financial commitment and share in the cost of the facility. If not, then see ya!!!

How much

Money are they willing to put into the facility? Better not count on any tax dollars. That bond issue would get a positive vote of about 20 percent.

Maybe Yes

Boise should promise to come up with the money right after the Cubs win the World Series. What's it been, 103 years?





Ya want

If you'all want a new stadium, build it, on your own dime, not the taxpayers

I have no problem if the city of Boise pitched in some money

But, I think the moajority of funds should come from the Cubs organization. After all, we are their minor league team. For them to expect our community to carry the entire bill would be ludicrous.

Then again, maybe Boise State could pitch in some money and allow their softball team to play in the same stadium. It could also be a good start to bringing collegiate baseball to Boise State. I'm not sure where the Idaho State High School Baseball/Softball Playoffs/Championship are played, but no reason the contract with the schools can't help with the costs. (Of course it probably wouldn't exceed 1% of total costs).

So, here is how I feel the funds should be received:

Boise State: 20% (IF they decide to help)
Cubs organization: 70-85 (Depending on if BSU helps)
Cities of Boise and Garden City: 10-15% (Depending on if BSU helps)

Seems reasonable to me. I understand that the city of Boise shouldn't be left with the total costs, but I also think they shouldn't expect to not help at all. Everyone gives a little, and benefits a little.


Softball and baseball are different field configurations. No pro (or college or high school, for that matter) team will allow softball to be played on their baseball field.


I'm just trying to figure out ways to get more use out of it.

Kids should be playing there anyway. Good call.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Here's the scoop

Boise State Softball's new stadium is already under construction as part of the Dona Larson Athletic complex so that's a no go.

The Cubs do not own the Hawks. The owner is Houston, Texas oil attorney Neil Leibman. He and his associates own two other minor league teams plus he is part owner and sits on the board of directors of the Texas Rangers. The owner of the Cubs is the Ricketts family.

Mr Leibman is a multi-millionaire and the Ricketts are billionaires yet they want us poor schmucks to build them a stadium for their hobby. Interestingly the Ricketts family in December 2011 paid $20,000,000 for a McDonalds across the street from Wrigley Field in case the want to develop it in the future. Both Mr. Leibman and the Ricketts family could care less about Boise.

Good to know

I assumed that since the Hawks were an affiliate of the Cubs, that they were "owned" by the Cubs. I stand corrected, and that's good.

So, if the Hawks are owned by the Ricketts family, then they should foot the majority of the bill for a new stadium. The people of Boise shouldn't provide more than 15% of the total costs. If that isn't going to happen, I'm sure the Hawks will be missed.

Anyone know how

the current Hawks stadium was funded?


I don't know how the current stadium was funded but I do know the Hawks pay $1 (one dollar)a year for the lease. All maintenance is the Hawks responsibility so if their is peeling paint, broken seats, dirty restrooms then you know its a conscious decision by Hawks management for it to be that way.

It was built as a memorial stadium. Was good for the last team.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

The downside is that no one

The downside is that no one else may want to come here to take their place. I don't think this is the Cubs being uppity. They just know they can do better and they can. almost anywhere else.

The Cubs suck. Really. They do. They do not field good teams here. Maybe Theo Epstein will change that, though.

If Boise were to build a top notch dual purpose stadium downtown

it would serve not only the hawks, but it could be the impetus that brings back BSU baseball as an ncaa intercollegiate sport. BSU baseball is currently a BSU "club" sport that's operated through BSU Campus Recreation.
The Bronocos play in the Northern Pacific Division-Eastern Conference of the National Club Baseball Association, and play at Fort Boise, so a downtown facility in close proximity to BSU would be ideal. Furthermore, a new ballpark could also serve as the home to a host of local high schools and serve as the home of the state baseball tounament, which the 5A bracket was played at Hawks Memorial Stadium last year.
Then there's the prospect of bringing in professional soccer and lacrosse to Boise, but Boise currently lacks such a facility, so a new facility would benefit all of Boise and not just the Boise Hawks

No surprise

Let's face it, the only thing in Boise for sports is the Broncos. Heaven forbid they should ever be overshadowed by any other team. The shortsighted fans can't see the forest because the trees are in the way.

So what you are saying is

So what you are saying is that the taxpayers of Boise should come up with millions of dollars to build a new stadium so that the private owners of the Hawks can enjoy continued profits with no financial risk at all.

I can't think of a better deal for us than that! Nor can I think of any other better use of tax money. We can still pay $$ for tickets to Hawks games, pay for hot dogs and popcorn, probably pay for parking too. In the meantime, the money that we spent on the stadium could have gone to...parks, schools, libraries, museums, pothole fixes, etc...

Those trees are not that big...


The only reason Boise State sports is so important is due to their longevity. The Broncos have been playing football (and other sports, of course) for a LONG time. Naturally, the school is the king of athletics around here.

But, the Stealheads are popular, as are the Stampede. The Hawks have been around a while, just changing affiliations. I don't think the Hawks will stay unaffiliated very long.

Boise Hawks

I remember when the Angels were the parent team for the Hawks,things were good then.When the Cubs took over they wen't downhill fast.


So long!


We need any tax money going towards prudent things in this economy.
If you have been to a hawks game it's usually half full anyway.

Boise can barely afford one stadium....

let alone two?

If rich cant pay; then adios to the rich....

A new ballpark downtown would be an attraction

Boise already wants to build a new convention center, so there's no reason why a new ballprak can't be added to the plan.

One of the major reasons that people don't go to hawks games is because it's in Garden Schitty