Boise State AD: School must cover expenses if it moves to Big East early

By Brian Murphy

Boise State is still considering moving its football program to the Big East this fall — one year ahead of its scheduled conference change — but the Broncos want to cover the cost of any move and find a stable home for their other sports programs first, Athletic Director Mark Coyle told the Idaho Statesman on Wednesday morning.

“Before we make any move, we need to make sure we cover all our expenses,” Coyle said. “If a transition takes place now, there are expenses we need to cover before we make a move.”

The Big East has just seven football-playing schools for the 2012 season after West Virginia reached a settlement to depart for the Big 12 this fall. West Virginia is reportedly paying $20 million in exit fees to the Big East, money that could be used to help Boise State leave the Mountain West.

It would cost Boise State between $7.5 million and $9 million to leave the Mountain West this fall. The Broncos could owe the Western Athletic Conference — where their other spots programs are headed — additional money as well for joining that league a year early.

Boise State is paying a $2 million entrance fee, spread over five years, to join the Big East. Boise State is also paying a $1 million entrance fee, spread over three years, to join the WAC.

Coyle did not have an exact figure on what it would cost Boise State.

“It changes by the minute. One second you’re here, the next second you’re over there,” Coyle said. “It’s a complex, shifting landscape.”

Coyle said there is no drop-dead date for the talks between Boise State and the Big East, but “there is a sense of urgency.”

“With the departure of West Virginia, it’s created this talk about somebody jumping to the Big East. We have had those conversations, but it’s not a simple black and white answer,” he said. “Yes, we want to make sure that football has a solid home, but we have to have a solid home for our 18 other sports.”

Coyle said the decision by members of the Mountain West and Conference USA to create a new league — and pursue expansion — is a “new twist in the conversation.” It is possible the new league could add members from the WAC, further destabilizing that league.

“We’ve got to find the right fit for all our programs,” Coyle said. “We can’t lose focus of the student-athletes.”

• Coyle said the Broncos are looking for an additional home football game in 2012. Boise State needs another game, no matter what league it is in.

"We've looked hard to have a home game here in Boise," Coyle said.

— If Boise State remains in the Mountain West, it can play 13 games because of its game at Hawaii.

— If Boise State moves to the Big East, it can schedule an additional non-conference game because the league plays just seven conference games as opposed to eight in the Mountain West.


• WAC Commissioner Karl Benson, a Boise State graduate, is expected to be named Sun Belt Conference commissioner Thursday.

• Four TCU players, including standout linebacker Tanner Brock, were among 17 TCU students arrested for selling drugs in a drug sting at the college.

• Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman writes that Boise State will regret moving to the Big East. It is an interesting piece about which schools will regret their recent moves and which ones won't.

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Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Big East

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Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Just ask the state to approve another bond to cover the cost!

What's another couple million of debt, right? It's the Big East!


You really don't have any clue what is going on here do you.

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Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.


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Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Lots of moving parts

in this equation. Probably a hundred and one things to take into account. Won't really know the extent of the new TV deal until November. The WAC looks like it will be vapor soon. As much as I would like to see us in the Big East in 2012, if it doesn't work out to be financially prudent we should sit the year out in the MWC.

I like this line of thinking---

sounds like our new AD is looking at all the costs. Sounds better than hurry up and jump into the MWC and give away everything including the blue shirt off our back.
Hope ya make em pay up if we're moving early, but your "the man" who knows best. Good luck.

Off topic, but 4 TCU football players

have been arrested for selling marijuana, heroin, ecstacy, and prescription drugs to undercover cops. I think all 4 were starters. Can't trust them Christians from Texas, lol...Sunny...

Just Do it!

Move the entire cousin marrying campus to West Virginia.

John Boy will not be happy.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Not looking good for TCU football

"On Feb. 1, there was a mandatory team meeting where all players underwent a drug test, according to an arrest warrant.

"Ya, they caught us slipping," Brock told an undercover officer later that day before allegedly selling him $220 worth of marijuana.

He added that he had failed the surprise test "for sure," according to the warrant, then adding that he thought it wouldn't be a problem because there "would be about 60 people screwed."

Horn had looked through the football roster and "said there were only 20 people that would pass the test on the team," Brock said, according to the warrant. And asked about the drug test, Johnson allegedly told an undercover officer: "What can they do, 82 people failed it."


I don't suppose their 2011 season would be vacated, would it?

Can't see how they

can go back to 2011.

But, if the number of players is true, and they suspend each for one game, would they have to forfeit the first game?

Here's another doosy....

Sources told the Star-Telegram that Patterson ordered the drug test after a prize recruit told him that he would not attend TCU because of drug use by players.

Read more here:

Opening odds on who the player is - Johnathan Gray


Sure it would, just like bsu's lack of institutional control verdict by the NCAA would have vacated their last 3 seasons...

That's possible

But, since vacating football wins because of trivial offenses was not a part of the punishment handed down by the NCAA, I suppose you'll need to come up with some other stupid things to hope for.


Meanwhile ...

the University of Miami is trying to figure out what's the big deal... and the NCAA is still investigating.

Why do conferences matter anymore?

Wrestling is in the Pac 12, football is heading to the Big East, and women's volleyball is in the Big West.

Why not parcel out each sport to the conference that is the best fit? Basketball, cross country, tennis to the West Coast Conference. Women's soccer to the Big Sky Conference. Softball to the Pacific Coast Conference, swimming & diving to the Northwest or Pac 12 Conference.

Golf, Women's Gymnastics, Track & Field - do they even have a conference affiliation?

Problem solved..... maybe.

Lack of Institutional Control?

There are more people involved than meets the current eye. A deal or four may dirty the ol TCU program bigtime. What you gonna do NCAA? As for the dealers pushers and muscle of the TCU crime ring, I have met many in the prisons who thought they were on easy street. I say with the exception of the deals needed to bring them all down - hit em hard and lock them up for a long time. Just because they are young football players does not make them special. "Here's lookin at you" Kiddo's

Saddening. Thought TCU football would

have been more upstanding. Guess Tanner's true colors are shining through.

Sad affair if there is bunch kids involved

But far as losing wins for 2011 season. Dont see that happening and dont really care. We got beat by them and thats the end of that story.
Bring on 2012---

Agreed, yet

leaves a bad aftertaste since they could have nabbed them earlier. Don't think TCU will be winning any CFB awards anytime soon. Welcome to irrelevance in the Big 12

NCAA gets involved if...

...Brock sold at above market price or received discounted tattoos in exchange.

What will this scandal be called? "Dopegate"?

Foggy Froggy


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

BCS Math

Perhaps the Big East is willing to let Pitt and Syracuse go early in the hopes that the can use the exit money to bring in other teams that would help with their bid to keep their AQ status. BSU, Houston, and San Diego St might ad more to the BCS equation than departing WV, Pitt, and Syracuse. With the exit money from departing schools, the Big East stands to be able to help the schools that are entering and still have money in the bank.

You obviously think BSU is

You obviously think BSU is more valuable than the rest of the football world. The Big East will lose their AQ status in 2013 due to VERY VERY weak list of schools (football) in the conference. If they were so good why have so many schools left the conference as soon as they get an opportunity to join a better conference? Actually the only conferences that are good are the SEC and PAC12.

The Pac 12?

Thanks for the laugh tonight.

Why in the world would ANY

Why in the world would ANY school have to PAY the WAC to join????b It's a totally worthless conference! The MWC and Big East aren't far behind.