Senate panel rejects printing bill to ban cancer chemicals in fracking

The Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee Monday refused to print a bill that would have banned the injection of cancer-causing chemicals deep underground in hydraulic fracturing.

The panel also killed a bill that would have required the Idaho Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to protect public health safety and welfare as a part of its duties. Both bills were sponsored by Democrat Elliot Werk of Boise.

Special Interests

own our republican legislators. Pure and simple.

Are any of these chumps from Gem or Payette Counties?

On the other hand, the intergrity impaired gas companies told them not to worry, a bond would be posted. As natural resource corporations' history shows that if damages, loss lives, lost livestock, etc exceed the bond, a quick move to bankruptcy disloves further liability.

It's an irionic laugh that the legislators like to call the State House the people's house. Yea sure.


Monte Pearce from New Plymouth, the chairman of the Idaho Resources and Environment Committee.
One of his campaign contributors is Bridge Resources, the company that was drilling for natural gas in Payette County.
I am sure there is no conflict of interest however! (snicker)

Senate panel rejects bill to ban cancer chemicals in fracking

Here we have Idaho in all its glory, all over again--anything the corporations want with no regard for the health of citizens nor of their infants and kids, nor of the purity of their air and water supplies.

Yet these same citizens keep on electing the same old bought and paid for legislators who don't give a hoot (with very few exceptions)about anything but the health and welfare of bizness--the bigger bizness the better.

Go figure, citizens! Keep it up and enjoy the consequences.

If you voted for them,, you

If you voted for them,, you get what you deserve

Lucky for me

I live in District 17 and had the good fortune to vote for Werk.

I am blessed then

I live in Oregon's 60/30 and can hear the train and Ore-Ida's 1068 different sirens from Sarah Palin's.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.


Here we have Idaho? Not any more.
Here we have democracy? So sadly, not any more.

What we have here now is Corporatocracy! ... aka Kleptocracy!

Idahoans, are you ready now to wake up to the fact that the "one-party" in our one-party state is the "Corporations Party" ... which has been enjoying one heck of a hoedown -- all at your expense?

You can thank your Republican conduits ... er, I mean "legislators" for that. They are proving themselves legislators in name only and are truly showing us how a one-party "state" works. It doesn't work for you.

And now you know for whom it does work.

Occupiers gaining new skills, still pumpimg it though.

If it were truly this bad the Animal Farm would've been sold for slaughter by now.

Ground yourself in ground.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

This is not surprising in a

This is not surprising in a state where the candidates run on the bases that "I'm more conservative than the guy I'm up against". Reminds me of the current republican presidential candidates only they are amateurs compared to the folks we have here in Idaho.

You forgot to take them back and exchange on Dec. 26...


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Being Conservative...

Being conservative does not necessarily equate being a foe of public health and safety. Unfortunately, the current crop of Idaho Republican Party leadership does happen to be both conservative, irresponsible, and stupid. How can you not want to hold hearings on such a critically important issue? This directly impacts the health and welfare of Idaho citizens for generations to come. Remember this, voters. Remember this in November. This is our Idaho. We need to take care of our state because the Republican party leadership won't take care of business. Oh, I mean, they will take care of business. Vote this Republican bunch out of office. Help save our Idaho.

The Members

of the Resources and Environment Committee.

Chair: Monty J. Pearce
Vice Chair: Steve Bair
Dean L. Cameron
Jeff C. Siddoway
Bert Brackett
Lee Heider
John Tippets


Elliot Werk
MichelIe Stennett

Our water is not replacable, but our politicians are...

Let's see, the Oil Companies put their "money" through the donation glory hole, and the Idaho politicians start in with the lip service of safety, with the usual smile.
What's the difference between the Idaho Statehouse and the Minneapolis Airport?
Fill in your own joke here- there are just too many for me to choose just one :-)

Idiot legislature: FRACK YOU!!

Having spent two decades passing and funding legislation/programs to "clean up" after industrial, resource-extraction disasters such as Butte and Anaconda, it seems incomprehensible that the Idaho legislature would pass a bill that will leave only one entity on the hook for the consequences: The Taxpayer.

"Vox Populi" used to mean "the Voice of the People," which is the foundation of Democracy.

But now, things have changed.

WE keep the cities and state alive through our taxes, yet they kow-tow to industry demands which imperil us ALL.

We should all say: "Frack you!" to Idaho's corrupted Legislature.

This is what happens when idiots are in charge

And they have been in charge in Idaho for a very long time. Who cares if kids get cancer? Not these morons. And yet the Republican will win ever time. Idaho is a great place but I left. The future is bright in Idaho for those who are connected to the Republican gravy train but very bleak for average working people.

Republicans suck

so what else is new? Let oil/gas companies get away with murder, pay no taxes, get subsidies out the &*(!! and then the taxpayers pay for the clean up...typical republican politics...the people of this state are complete idiots!

Frack Is Whack


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Once again Idaho Republicans

Once again Idaho Republicans value money over public safety.

So who gets the money? Why are they doing it then?

Please focus. Some of you post like fourth graders denied an Xbox.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Vote the bums out!

An outrageous move by this committee! Those who voted against the printing of this bill should all be voted out or, better yet, recalled for not representing the people who elected them!

Passive anger-w00h!

365,000 other people need convincing-work it


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Every the Idaho legislature

Every year the Idaho legislature gets graded a D or F; but every year the people of Idaho vote the same legislators right back in? Seriously, something needs to change.

Apparently you have to trade Idahoans with another state.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Do any of you know what you are talking about?

I know someone who is an environmental engineer, and no fan of the Idaho legislature, who thinks that people are being just a little hysterical about this cancer causing chemicals stuff.

I think it's important to keep in mind that we contact cancer causing chemicals every day. It's concentration that actually means something.

So, I have no idea what the dangers are in this fracking fluid, but it really doesn't sound like any of you do either? Does someone who was actually there for the testimony want to weigh in?

Truth is hard to come by

How can we know?

They won't disclose exactly what chemicals are being pumped into the ground. We should at least be told that so we can make an informed opinion, but our government agencies are not doing their job of looking out for our interests and are in bed with the gas companies. When Dirk was at Interior, they were litteraly in bed with the fosil fuel exrtractors.

Don't be so bovine and learn how to use that Apple.

We don't know

They won't say

I'm going to die of diabetes related heart disease or stroke

Use your computer for more than this site and learn



Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Less Cheez Whiz will help your prospects

Colorado and Wyoming have laws forcing companies to disclose fracking ingredients, and they have a lot more experience in deaing with this issue. I'm not willing to take the fracker's word about what they are injecting.

If it would cone in an aerosol can...

maybe I could light it and have instant cracker pizzas.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Corporate Convenience

I agree that Industry Execs and lobbyists should not have to deal with a patchwork of local governments. It is more convenient to take their checkbooks to Boise and deal with more isolated, ignorant and receptive officials.

So much for legislative screaming about the overbearing federal government infringing on States rights.
Local control is a meaningless phrase now.

Fricken Frackers

Fricken Frackers


This legislature has no integrity or decency or intelligence. So far this session they have stood up for bigotry, animal cruelty, and poisoning the people of our state. Are these people just mind numbingly stupid or just plain evil?

Not mutually exclusive choices

Could be they are mind numbingly stupid AND just plain evil.

Their Money or our Life

Seems they chose money. Interesting that in the West, where water is a treasure and battles have been fought over it, they are so willing to poison it with carcinogens for a buck. 10-20 years from now, when you or your kids have cancer, and the entire region is a cancer c1uster, remember to send these guys a thank you note; oh and use extra postage, because you know theses guys won't be living anywhere close to the contamination.

Just another reminder whose side Republicans are on.

If you're not rich, why would you vote for these guys?

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart