Idaho 's early caucus pays off, GOP touts Santorum, Romney visits next week

In a news release Saturday morning, Brandon Hixon, Canyon County Republican presidential caucus chairman, and Trevor Thorpe, political director for the Idaho GOP, urge voters to turn out for the March 6 caucus.

In the past, the GOP picked delegates at the May primary. Now scheduled on Super Tuesday, the state will enjoy visits from Rick Santorum on Tuesday in Couer d'Alene and Boise, and Mitt Romney in Boise. Santorum speaks at the Hagedone Events Center in Coeur d'Alene at noon and at Capital High School in Boise at 7 p.m. Romney is holding a $2,500 VIP fundraiser at 11:30 a.m. at the Grove Hotel, followed by a $1,000 lunch. He's also expected to have a free public event, but details have yet to be released.

The release from Hixon and Thorpe follows:


Newt Gingrich won in South Carolina. Ron Paul has many Idaho supporters. Buddy Roemer
has also filed for candidacy. What does this all mean? It means that all Idaho Republican voters
that want to have a voice that really counts for their next Republican Presidential Nominee had
better not make any plans on the night of Super Tuesday, March 6th, 2012. The Idaho Republican
Party will now be holding a Presidential Caucus across all 44 counties that night, taking
place of the Presidential primary vote in May. For Canyon County residents the Presidential
Caucus will be held at the Idaho Center with doors opening for early registration at 4:30 PM
and voting beginning at 6:30. Ada County residents will go to the Taco Bell Arena. For those
voters who don’t think that their vote will count like in the past primary elections, the new
Presidential Caucus System may give them a breath of fresh air because of its timing. Every
voter who would like to see Barack Obama as a one term President has a vested interest in
participating in the Republican Presidential Caucus. On top of that, Idaho has 32 delegates at
stake. This is more than Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.

The timing of the Presidential Caucus on March 6th, means that Idaho will be a big early prize
for one of the five remaining candidates. One of the key aspects of switching to a Caucus system
is to put Idaho’s voters and their issues on the radar of the Presidential Nominees. This is a
vast improvement from our primary system, where, in almost every single case, the race had
already been decided by the time that Idaho voters have come to the polls. This has equated to
a serious lack of candidate activity in the State of Idaho. This has all been changed by giving
Idaho Republican voters a chance to vote early enough to make a significant difference, as we
see with the two front running candidates visiting Idaho next week. We should also expect to see
the other candidates paying more attention to Idaho Republican voters as we lead up to the Idaho

“Having a Presidential Caucus relatively early in this campaign season will give Idaho
Republicans a real chance to have a significant impact on who will represent us in November. As
one of the reddest of America’s red states, it’s exciting to get the chance to have Idaho’s voice
heard by the rest of the country on March 6th” said Governor Butch Otter.

Get to the caucus early

So you'll have time to sign the Party Loyalty Oath.


be there!

All the clowns will be

All the clowns will be



Signed, sealed, and

Signed, sealed, and delivered a month ago.

Of course, I grew up and cast my first presidential vote in a state that had party registration, so this is no big deal to me. Still it will be nice to be able to prove I really am a card-carrying Republican and proud of it.

Ha !

Which part are you proud of the fact you will vote for a Republican regardless of what it does to our country or that you would follow all the sheep off the cliff ?

Probably because he's not a

Probably because he's not a socialist minded liberal that harbors class envy and figures he's entitled to a piece of another family's paycheck.. I know I'm certainly proud to be a Republican.

As am I :)

As am I :)



Clown car unloading

Now all they need is Gingrich to complete the three stooges.

Plus yobamza...

...the residing village idiot!

Sorry son, you can't caucus if you can't spell.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

Gather up the kids, the

Gather up the kids, the CIRCUS is coming to town,,,woohoo ,,clowns and elephants,, gona be a show

Yep, I hear they are going

Yep, I hear they are going to be grinding donkey sausage too.

As usual, you heard wrong

As usual, you heard wrong

Great! I prefer my sausage transported by donkeys!


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

We know,,, and it was

We know,,, and it was swingen

Pray tell, who DID you see?

I like to cook but I can't get 'em to simmer!


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

Thats between you and your

Thats between you and the donkey, I really dont care if he simmers

Dangerfield is dead.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

Oh man

The horror, .....the horror

Sit tight until November and vote correctly.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

No wonder

No wonder politics is the way it is. I get to see it firsthand right here. I grew up with Brandon Hixon in the small town of Salmon. Brandon always came across as mildly dis-ingenuous and seemed to always machinate some flamboyant dynamic. Decent and good are not qualities I would ascribe to Hixon. Sorry Brandon, got to keep it real. Not surprised you support these total clown personalities.

Step up or shut up

For all you individuals who have nothing good to say about the candidates, let's see you make a run at the presidency. I am sure you have so much more to offer the citizens of America. If you don't want to run, then how about keeping your pie hole shut. Do your due diligence and come up with a canidate that best represents your beliefs and concers and then vote for him. Know one cares about what you think of an individual and how they don't measure up to your expectations.

we are stepping up,,, we're

we are stepping up,,, we're buying peanuts to feed the elephants,,the clowns are on their own

What does 69 behind anything mean?

And I done told you I will vote for the man who knows his Motown.

Since when do 400 million people have to consider running for office?

We aren't some little country's army.

You were supposed to REMOVE the Haggard CD from your cereal box!

I'm three years older, nanner nanner.

People my age keep dying all the time lately you know (RIP Whitney)


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

What a waste of their $$$

They already have 3/4 of the states vote just because there is an R next to their name - they do not care who you are or what you stand for just as long as you preach God, Guns, and fear, you got their vote

Then Tell the establishment to take off

Caucus for Ron Paul and give the national establishment and the social "we want to run your life" types the boot.

Sadly, the two existing parties have tilted the infrastructure of the nation to a 2 party system. So my choice is to work from within one of the parties to kick out the crazies and make THEM start their own party.

So anyone who is tired of Freedom Fondles by the TSA, would like to have their 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable search & seizure, anyone valuing free speech, and anyone that wants sane fiscal policy should register as a Republican and vote for Ron Paul.

How do you know that is the best option? Because much of the liberties he supports where stolen by Bush as an excuse in the "war on terror" and then further eroded by Obama under the same guise.

If both sides of the party establishments don't like him, then chances are.... he is better for America than either of what they have to offer.

Hells yeah,

My butt will be hangin with the elephants votin for Ron Paul too.
(Does anyone happen to know if there is still a rule not allowing you to sign a petition for an independent to simply get on the ballot, if you have participated in a caucus for one of the sellout parties?) (If so we should all start a petition to change the practice. Oh wait, I wonder if I participate in a caucus if I am banned from any other political activities that aren't approved by that party? Got to love corrupt two-party politics.)

Ron Paul? Needs RINOAGRA. NEXT!

The fact that TEXAS can't produce good candidates for trying makes me ill.


Believe in yourself. At least you won't troll yourself in blogs.

Nice to see a Republican presidential candidate show up

for something other than checks from people with fat wallets.


Shaking my head at the name calling that is represented as political discourse. Both sides. And if you don't know who I'm talking about, it's probably you. (The filter won't let the word meaning "going past" be posted. Back to school, filter.)

Boise Schools wants your $ vote No

Boise SD plans to pass their 5 yr tax increase on March 13 to spend your money. They use language like classroom reduction to cover up the fact that the administrators are just plain tired of having their compensation reduced by 5 days, even if they have received 1 time pay bonus'.

Rather than asking for a 1 yr targeted tax increase for K-3 classrooms or specific content areas like math, science and reading... No they want to increase property owners taxes for the next 5 yrs so they can spend. Renters get off free. Say NO on March 13

Stop spamming....

Talk to your legislators. Maybe they will consider fulfilling their CONSTITUTIONAL duty to fully fund education and the school districts won't have to put the bite on you.

renters do not get off free.

renters do not get off free. The person owning the multi-family buildings pay property taxes, which are passed on to the renters in the form of rent.