redesign: Thanks for your feedback

When we decided to redesign our website, we figured that we’d get as many complaints as compliments. After all, change is hard for everyone.

But based on the feedback since we launched the new website Feb. 7, we were wrong. Really wrong. About 70 percent of the people who took the time to get in touch with us are happy with the redesign.

Most people told us they like how the site loads faster and is less cluttered. That’s particularly satisfying feedback, since those were two of our biggest goals with the redesign.

Even users who weren’t happy gave us useful feedback. Over the past few days, we’ve tried to quickly fix the things that we can fix easily. Other suggestions will either take more time to accomplish, or we simply can’t do them for a variety of reasons.

Here is a quick look at some of the changes we’ve made so far, based on the helpful feedback our users have given us:

• Readers said it was difficult to find the Outdoors section. Roger Phillips and Pete Zimowsky appreciate that they have loyal fans online!

To make our homepage less cluttered, we had to make some difficult choices. We have limited numbers of navigation pull-downs and story digests on the homepage. For instance, we do have an Opinion navigation button that sends you to the Opinion content, but there’s no place below on the homepage where Opinion content is displayed as a “digest.” We do have Living and Outdoors digests on the homepage, but they no longer have their own navigation button up top.

So, to make it easier to find Outdoors content, we are now including under the Sports navigation button links to the main Outdoors page, and to Roger's and Zimo's column pages.

To make it easier to find Living and features content, we are adding more links under the main Entertainment navigation button. You’ll be able to click through to the Living section, horoscopes, recipes and Carolyn Hax's advice columns from that Entertainment pull-down.

• We are adding more ways to find the blogs. For example, you’ll now be able to find the Idaho Politics blog (written mostly by Dan Popkey) on the homepage, and the Idaho Politics page.

• Not only will you see Michael Deeds’ blog on music, entertainment and more on the Entertainment homepage button, but you’ll find it on the Entertainment page and on his column page.

• Some readers missed the extended forecast. We took it off the top of the pages as we cleaned up the design. But you can still find the extended forecast on weather page or by clicking on the upper-righthand weather icon. And of course, we’ll still be writing stories about the weather. (Some of you say you don’t need us to tell you how cold it is, but those stories are always among the most-read stories on our site.)

• Some readers also complain about the pop-up ads. We know they annoy some readers, but they help pay the bills that let us keep providing you with a website that you’ve come to depend on.

One of the advantages of our redesign is we will be able to test new ideas and get feedback based on user behavior. So as we continue to work on, you might see a new element or a box in a different position as we see what works best. Keep letting us know what you think. Feel free to email myself ( or editor Vicki Gowler ( Or use the feedback form on the customer service page. We’ve changed the character count so that you can write more — so keep letting us know what you think!

Darlene Carnopis
Online Initiatives Editor

Why do I have to be asked by IE8 bout you or 1/2 the universe...

if I want to install

which is usually followed shortly afterward by the message about cross-scripting, which I also avoid and X out of?

When popups more reflect local business ads I will only halfway think foul words up as I close them without looking.

I see you modified the top banner (car ad usually) so that it only react after being clicked on.

Flying animation will still be shot down by ICE and survivors deported to Google.

I'm not buying their crap just because they mimic Rocky The Flying Squirrel (Eh, Natasha?)

On the other hand (I've only TWO) the layout is slightly better and the Disqus is starting to mellow and become a good 2 year old Disqus.

The IS banner is not contrasted enough the last time I really noticed and two tones of dark grey-blie are BLECCH! to my old eyes.

The writing on both sides is still sorta yucky. You can work on that.

It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

PS I'm not using any email form.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

Well, foreign, if

you dislike the Statesman web site so much why do you continue to use it?? Kinda doesn't make sense to me. If I had as much trouble as you seem to every time I opened the site, I simply would go elsewhere. BTW we don't "see" those pop-ups you mention so maybe you wanna check into your internet settings.

For us, the new site is much easier to use and lordy does it ever load faster. Sure there are some things we don't care for but we certainly aren't going to slam the whole site. If you're that unhappy you probably really should look for another news site.

because I hate the problems, not the process

and I love Merle Haggard

I know your question is academic and odd so I have no problem with it.

I could find a better popup blocker than the resident IE routine. I don't think that would help the cross-scripting situation.

I truly disdain webforms for describing many problems and I don't care for 'social media' like twitter and Facebook. Facebook is a inch away from being useless, like MySpace became. Social is a bad work: I post to threads, like to remain as my anonymous name lets me (and the Statesman staff know who I am anyway) and Ajax programming is stupid as used by many sites. Quite frankly, you shouldn't be allowed to do most of the crap you think you should and it's deeply harmful to the beautiful place you think is safe and sane.

Whee! Not what you expected. After 33 years as a user I can roll my eyes and give a hearty OMG Buffy.

I could fix my computer by shaming it and swearing before Windows 2000. I'm not happy one bit with the piece of crap changes that will happen to my You Tube page, nor are many.

Like I told you, while the layout is getting better the WRITING is still a problem. See what of Voices ends up in the main site. We are practice for

PS Why do Greeks protest? Aren't they virually saved by now?

PS I'm not listening to ultimatums and you're not endangered. The post isn't very valid and was really a conservative broadside.

Unharmed. Thank you.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

Ok, time for me to speak up

This blog is typical of the miss mashed system on your web site, Can't you people get your blogs and news stories under the same page and comment format? I noticed that Deeds and Ritchert moved over, when are the rest of you going to catch up with the real world? It's not really a redesign until you all move over, just look at this page. Cluttered, busy and not inline with the new Statesman's look.

Deeds and Richert are quite still here AND there, as always.

You have missed a large observation.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual


This is from Vicki Growlers 'article':

Our users here in Idaho —... — have made the same complaints for years. Our sites are busy. Our navigation systems are complex. Often, it takes our users longer than it should to find the specific content they want.


"For years"

docu ment

See my point Darlene?


Redesigning the website I'm sure was an attempt of a financial move instead of "we care about the reader experience". If the latter were true Growler would not be able to write "for years".

Try to imagine Starbucks custumers complaining about their coffee "for years".

The sad fact is, the Statesman is the only daily in town. If it were not for the monopoly, the changing shift of print media would have put the Statesman out of business 'years ago'.

The platform was designed by McClatchy, not in Boise...

The McClatchy chain extends from California to their news bureau in Washington, DC.

The site wasn't developed in Boise, although I'm certain input from Boise did contribute.

This publication has not been remotely independent since at least the days when Gannett owned the paper.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

"Starbucks custumers"?

Yes, I think we all get your point!

where's politics?

I miss having it all together.

Not just politics

There's no link to any of the blogs on the "front page" and no breaking news or updates, just the stale stories under "most popular" and no national or international news featured prominently, like the slaughter in Syria, I guess Idaho is an island unto it's self according to the Statesman's coverage.

Would've bit you???

Latest blog posts or something like that but if you look closely familiar titles will appear in the right column followed my XXX's blogs and you can click either to get to the story OR the blog.


I'm not that ignorant

Lipstick on a pig.....

Just sayin'

The "Voices" formate is terrible ...................

................ for users to debate anything . When I and I'm betting many others click on a story and see the "voices" heading , I simply move on .
Are you just counting hits or are you interested in actual readers ? Dump that format and your readership will increase .

It works pretty well. If you find it ANCIENT you still posted.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

Thanks Darlene.

Change most of the time is just a matter of getting use to it. One thing I do miss is the link at the bottom of the page for the most commented or read articles.

I wouldn't pay to have a searchable replica of the paper.

I only need to read each days news for one day. Somebody will likely regurgitate news from a year ago for no reason as it stands.

Please help the British make 1966 music #1 again.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

One word opinion


Idaho Stateman New Look

Thumbs Down, Its too complicated, Has not Lead features to go to,,I would hope they go back, Newer is not always best.. If It Aint Broke Dont Fix It..

Hate to tell ya, nobody ever goes back...NOBODY...

and this is a McClatchy-wide design. The most it gets it some adjustment.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual