Boise State could still join Big East, WAC in 2012; NCAA plans changes to kickoffs

The Western Athletic Conference is prepared to to accommodate Boise State's in 2012-13 for all non-football sports, a source in the league told the Idaho Statesman on Thursday.

The Broncos would need to move their sports to the WAC this year if they were to join the Big East in football this fall. reported that Boise State was exploring its options with the WAC earlier Thursday.

The Big East is likely to need a replacement for West Virginia, which is pushing to leave for the Big 12. The departure of West Virginia would leave the Big East with just seven football members in 2012. Though there would be no BCS ramifications for the league, each member would need to find a game on late notice if West Virginia is not replaced.

West Virginia could be nearing a financial settlement with the Big East, reported to be between $11 million and $20 million. Boise State could owe between $7.5 million and $9 million to the Mountain West to leave after one season. The Broncos would likely need financial assistance from the Big East in order to make the move.

Boise State President Bob Kustra told the Idaho Statesman last week that it could be "too late" for the Broncos to move to the Big East in 2012.

"It's too late. I can't imagine how anyone can pull that off. We would never want to pull it off in a fashion that dealt shabbily with our existing partners in the Mountain West. I don't think that could ever work," Kustra told me last week.

The WAC — which is adding Denver, Seattle, Texas-Arlington, Texas-San Antonio and Texas State in 2012 — would have 11 teams for basketball in 2012-13. The league could play 18 conference games next season.

According to the "Big East Conference Membership Expansion Arrangement," Boise State must pay a $2 million entrance fee to join the Big East. The fee is payable over five years.

Brian Murphy, Idaho Statesman

Rule changes

The NCAA Football Rules Committee has approved several changes for the 2012 season, including moving the kickoff to the 35-yard line and placing the ball at the 25-yard line after touchbacks.

The proposals must be approved by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which meets Feb. 21.

Here is a full list of the proposals.

Former Idaho State coach hired at Nevada

Former Idaho State coach Larry Lewis is the new running backs coach and special teams coordinator at Nevada. Lewis was the head coach at Idaho State from 1999 to 2006. He has been at Colorado State since.

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I don't think this would be a bad idea

The Mountain West Conference without TCU, Utah, & BYU is not the same conference Boise State committed to a year ago. Other teams that joined after BSU did so with the full knowledge that the top teams had already or were planning to move on. BSU will pay a much higher price for leaving than any of those teams that have already departed and they had a much longer association with the MWC.

I do think that the Big East could kick in much of the exit fee as that $$ could come from the money received from West Virginia when they leave. It's seems better to leave quickly rather than drag this out and play a "lame duck" season.

Were Boise State to stay in the MWC and end up in a BCS bowl in 2013, they would forfeit the bowl earnings as part of their departure. This way they risk less and move into an AQ conference in 2012.

BCS money isn't included

If I'm not mistaken, the money BSU might earn in a BCS bowl is separate from their conference earnings and is not subject to forfeiture. If BSU leaves after 2013, the price will not include any BCS payout Boise State earns.


The revenue we might gain from a BCS game is the property of the league not the school that plays; that was explained when we went to our first BCS game. The leagues have seperate revenue sharing plans that apply and if we decided to leave the money from any possible game would be subject to forfit except for the money to go and play the game as I understand the MTN rules.

The big reason to stay

Was because Boise State would have had to forfeit all their postseason earnings (for their own game as well as their share in others in the conference) if they left early. At the time, that meant losing BCS money or even National Championship money, but that's not how it turned out.

Instead, Boise State would be giving up $100K for the MAACO Bowl, and since the MWC lost almost every bowl game they played there were basically no earnings last season. Boise State could go to the Big East dirt cheap simply because the MWC's postseason sucked this year.


The exit fee will be between $7M and $9M.........

Oh, we'll get BCS welfare, they don't care.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

BSU needs to make this happen

I beleive this really needs to happen asap.

Wow, look at the next rule on that link...

says "a player that loses a helmet other than by someone face-masking it will be treated as an injured player and will need to sit out one play." That is huge. Some players lose them multiple times in a game. I can see this one being used as a dirty play to get a dynamic player out of the game at crucial times.

I can see that happening, but...

I think the dramatic rise in helmets popping off is more due to poor fitting helmets to accomodate excess hair that alot of players insist on wearing these days. if you have so much hair that you have to wear a rag on it to help keep it in place, your helmet is not going to fit as intended. Still, with that said, barring team rules, it is a players choice. A friend of mine is a coach, and his players were having helmet problems, so he instituted a rule requiring players to keep their hair a 3" or less, and the incidents of helmet slippage dropped by 80% on his team. Just sayin


Outta the helmet long hair.......

First I got to say... some of the playing

when helmets pop off originates out of good old fashion hard playing, but these guys don't back off and somebody's going to get their mellon thumps in a hard way!!I don't have a problem about the hard hits but continuing to play is creasy and get hurt!!


Certainly there are many factors such as the hair and the hard hitting, but 9 times out of 10 it pops off because it is too popular for them to A) not strap both straps, and B) keep the strap loose enough to easily slide the helmet off without removing the strap which can sometimes be a pain to snap on and off. This is of course not as designed and leaves a lot of kids vulnerable to serious injury just because they are lazy or 'hip'. You fix those 2 things and you will rarely see a helmet come off without a facemask. The Alexander on Utah be-headings are very very rare.

Fix the stupid helmet and stop stunting


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

If this were to happen

and BSU just steps into WVU's 2012 conference schedule....

Home games

vs. Syracuse
vs. Rutgers
vs. Cincinnati
vs. USF

Road games
@ Louisville

Anyone see a game there that doesn't sell out?

+ road games

will be on ESPN rather than Versus so there is a chance that most people will actually be able to watch.

Not traveling and won't get cable.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

Home games

That would be neat to go see some of those teams in person; I'd sure give it the old college try to be at all of them.

A rebuilding year to say the least.

It will never happen!

RE:A rebuilding year

It is going to happen in 2013 for sure maybe 2012 but it will happen.

Rebuilding year?

Maybe for the hookers hanging out before a game, but I don't think their will be rebuilding these bosses working had and fast

Why does it matter

if it's a rebuilding year (not that I'm saying it is)? If it's the right opportunity, should BSU take the challenge and do their best?

It's called "RELOADING"

The Bronco Nation's guns are not out of ammo by any means. If you can't believe after 10 years....smh

Leverage for the Hoops Team

If the Big East is really so desperate for BSU to join this year, why not use it as leverage to get the basketball team into the Big East. I know that the competition would be brutal, but it could significantly help in recruiting. If I was a basketball recruit, an opportunity to play in the Big East would be very appealing.


It's expensive enough to send the football team across the country 4 or 5 times a season, but now you think the school should send each basketball team across the country a MINIMUM of 16 times?

Um, no.


the expense of the Olympic sports would be a huge burden on the budget....

Only four basketball trips East/yr

You play two games per trip. Four trips = 8 games. Eight home games makes 16 conference games.
This is doable, and even though we take our lumps for a couple of years, we start getting better recruits, and basketball suddently becomes nearly as exciting as football in the Treasure Valley.

It's not that simple

The problem is that if you put basketball in you also need to do the same for tennis, women's soccer, etc and factor in both men's and women's basketball. Let's face it no conference out there is going to take our other sports without basketball. So by the time you factor in travel costs for every sport (minus wrestling, which would stay in the PAC12) you have a ridiculous amount of travel costs and the other sports (including basketball) generate precious little revenue in return. As I understand it football accounts for 70% of the revenue of a full member of the Big East. So by the time you factor in all the travel for the additional sports and the number of games, you are talking about increasing your travel costs by 3-4 times easily while only adding an additional 30% to your income. I say the current non-conference arrangement for BBall is a much better way to go as it limits the burden on both sides but still gives us a chance to play a couple of quality teams that we have never had the chance to play before (UConn and Memphis are the first) and let's face it the BSU basketball team has a lot to prove before it can just jump into one of the most dominant conferences in college basketball.

You are WAY off, Pilgrim

First of all, there are currently 16 teams in the Big East basketball conference. In basketball, you play each conference opponent twice (one at home, one on road). As such, if Boise State played basketball in the BE, they would be required to play ALL 16 other teams at their home. Hence, 16 separate trips PER TEAM to states east of the Mississippi.

This doesn't even include the travel for all the new schools (San Diego St, Houston, Central FLorida, etc).

NO ONE Plays 30 Conference Games..... can't be an NCAA basketball fan and be that uninformed......NO league anywhere ever plays that many conference games....Max 18


Its not as far fetched as you may believe. Big east BB would sellout the arena home games, possibly making men's BB self supporting, take the previous idea of scheduling 2 games per road trip and suddenly men's BB could break even or make a profit.
Women's BB on the other hand may not work if attendance is weak.

No it isn't

Because no one is factoring in all of the travel costs associated with all of our men's and women's sports. It's not just football and Men's and Women's BBall folks.

who's talk'n bout all sports joining the BE?

the discussion we're having is due to our football program being in the BE, and one of the benefits of them being a BE football only member is that it's gotten BSU BBall a few BE BBall games. Which is good. TBA will sell out when UConn is in town.

As far as travel...BSU went to LSU earlier in the season, and speaking of Louisanna, that's where Ruston is, and when we were in the WAC every sport BSU had was flying across the county to Ruston to play La Tech, plus, they were going all the way to Hawaii, so enough with the whole travel BS, and especially so since BBall and all the other sports are back in the Wac and will be back in Ruston and back at Hawaii a couple times a year, but when LaTech and Hawaii come to play at TBA, it's not going to have nearly the same fan effect as UConn or Memphis being @ TBA. could anyone complain about BSU playing UConn for crying out loud. Heck, road games @ UConn might entice fans travel and support the team on the road the way they do for our football team,so in my opinion, teh BBall program NEEDS to play teams like UConn!

Give me a person with sense.

I'm going crazy with all you swell folks trying to coordinate the travel cost for BSU in our little post. It is a really good thing that none of you have to move anything. rule number one, check the size of the package, ok, Football team and supporting people and equipment. (without band) approximately 114 to 125 traveling people and approximately 15 tons of equipment per trip. Basketball team: 25 people and 300 pounds of equipment. Tennis team 40 people and 800 pounds of equipment. Wrestleing team 35 people, 800 lbs equipment. anyone notice a trend here?, plus on occasion you will want to take the band with the football team and you add another 100 people and two tons of equipment. therefore, costly to move the football team, not so much the others, most especially the basketball team who have as many trainers, coaches and aids as they have players (maybe more). We could do this with much less trouble than you might think, after all we have professional people who do this kind of thing year after year going to as diverse places as Hawaii, Georgia, Texas, Southern California, New Mexico, Seattle and of all places -- Moscow.


What is the value of staying in the MWC for one more year? BSU needs to go now.

The new rules are a waste of time

"The NCAA Football Rules Committee has approved several changes for the 2012 season, including moving the kickoff to the 35-yard line and placing the ball at the 25-yard line after touchbacks."

If I were the kicking team, I'd deliberately kick the ball short or squib kick it. This rule is stupid since it changes nothing.

I get it, but...

I understand the reasoning - it's the same as in the NFL (except for the touchback rule). They're trying to reduce injuries caused by the running starts that both sides get. Or at least that's the rationale.

But I don't understand placing the ball on the 25 after a touchback. It's as if they're guaranteeing a touchback by moving the ball up, but punishing the kicking team for doing so.

Perhaps if they just put all the players in those big, padded sumo wrestler suits then nobody would be hurt. Or I guess that they could just play the game on an Xbox.

at the 25

They put the touchback at the 25 to encourage players not to run the ball out of the end zone. Most think they can easily get to the 20 so they run. Getting to the 25 would be a bit harder and might cause more of them to take a knee.

I was going to suggest!

Remote control kicks (much less VIRTUAL) by appoved Wii, Xbox or PS3 approved device.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

Let Big East pay up...

If the Big East wants BSU this year, let them waive the $2 million entry fee AND pay off the MWC with the money they are getting from West Virginia.

B.E. in '12 Makes $ense

The money from WV settlement pays for all BSU's early exit and entrance fees into the B.E.
We get sellouts, more exposure, ability to raise more money sooner.......
What's the holdup?
Next year in the Mtn West is a waste of a year when we could be moving on.

We owe the MWC nothing

They never wanted BSU, and thought BSU too inferior a team to be in their exalted conference until their backs were against the wall, even though we had a perfect record against them every time we played. When we joined we were not allowed to wear our signature home blue uniforms. If the Big East want's BSU bad enough to pay the exit fee, I'd say Do it.

More than agree with you

All those years they snubbed us and now that BSU has the chance to move forward to greener pastures, they act like we owe them something. Big East, help pay the way out, it'll help both parties in the end. Can't wait to get out of this gated conference with all their stupid rules. I was all for the move when Utah, BYU, TCU and AFA were all in it. Not the same conference BSU joined and now they have a chance to get the he!! out. I hope Bob is just playing the politician's hand until the last moment, and then goes for the MWC's jugular. Forget the Big East waiving the entrance fee. 2 million is doable, especially over the time you have to pay it. Once again. Please Big East, get BSU out of here. PLEASE!!!

They lost their integrity when they lot TCU and UTAH

Thats materiality issue at this ponit makes the buy out irrellavent.. It's just going to suck for season...

Get the boys east, get into the systems.. get some Ws up on the board inEastern

Its easier to write on Ambien that read on ambient

I concur

Even though it will be a tough jump given all the coach and player rebuilding they will be doing this year, from a financial standpoint and the standpoint of media coverage for BSU this would be significant (that and I don't like the idea of the Big East going a season of being down to 7 teams, it encourages further defection and puts AQ status in serious trouble). I for one agree we owe the Mountain West nothing given the years of snubbing and all the quality programs bailing (barring Air Force) and then having insult added to injury by not being allowed to wear the Blue on Blue (has anyone ever gone after Oregon or Michigan State for wearing green on green?). The way I see it all we got out of the MWC was playing TCU for a year, the chance to play Air Force in conference and a modest increase in media revenue. Given the fact that TCU is gone and that we wouldn't play Air Force every year (we were going to pass them up for the next couple of years as the odd team out), all we really got was the modest increase of media income. . .at the expense of having any real media coverage. I couldn't believe the difference between being in the WAC and the Mountain West, after the first few ESPN games we literally dropped off the face of the earth this season. I think though that the point was driven home for me this season during the BSU vs Air Force game. Despite being a home game and a record setting attendance at Bronco Stadium, you couldn't find an ounce of local media coverage on the game (except the post game interviews/re-cap), however during half-time I was flipping through the local channels and I did find the Frenso State vs Nevada game coming in from Reno on Rabbit Ears. So in order to see a game taking place not 20 miles from my house, which involved a top 10 team and the best of the service academy's, I had to have a $60 a month cable/sat package, yet two unranked WAC teams I could see for free on Rabbit Ears? It doesn't make any sense and neither does the stupid MWC media deal which requires people to have 4 totally different networks just to watch 12 games of football.

Well, that's four anxious posters with mold in their heads.

It ain't happening no matter how you pine, so put some anti-itch cream on it and GET OVER IT.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual

You're all freakin' hypermanic and the Mayans WON'T kill us!

Porridge will be made even if light bulbs aren't!


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual


I'm not sure what you smoke or partake of but it seems that you are on something. I do agree with your sub title - for the most part your writting is clunky, horrible and pretty much of little value.

Stop guessing, you're just wasting time and being a twit.


It's still clunky and the writing is horrible as usual