Boise State's Kellen Moore among 19 quarterbacks invited to NFL Scouting Combine

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State’s Kellen Moore is one of 19 quarterbacks invited to the NFL Scouting Combine, according to the official list released Tuesday.

The other quarterbacks are:

— B.J. Coleman, Tennessee-Chattanooga
— Aaron Corp, Richmond
— Kirk Cousins, Michigan State
— Austin Davis, Southern Miss
— Nick Foles, Arizona
— Robert Griffin III, Baylor
— Chandler Harnish, Northern Illinois
— Jacory Harris, Miami
— Jordan Jefferson, LSU
— Case Keenum, Houston
— Ryan Lindley, San Diego State
— Andrew Luck, Stanford
— Brock Osweiler, Arizona State
— Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M
— Darron Thomas, Oregon
— Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State
— Russell Wilson, Wisconsin
— Patrick Witt, Yale

As previously reported, Boise State will have a school-record seven players at the combine — Moore, offensive tackle Nate Potter, tailback Doug Martin, defensive end Tyrone Crawford, defensive tackle Billy Winn, defensive end/linebacker Shea McClellin and safety George Iloka.

Alabama has nine combine invitees. LSU and Wisconsin have eight each. There are 327 total invites.

The combine is Feb. 22-28 in Indianapolis. Workouts begin Feb. 25 with the offensive linemen. Moore and Martin work out Feb. 26, the defensive linemen go Feb. 27 and Iloka goes Feb. 28.

Here’s the NFL’s explanation for how players are selected:

Participants are determined annually by a Selection Committee. The Directors of both National and BLESTO scouting services, which combined represent twenty-five NFL teams, are joined by members of various NFL player personnel departments to form the committee. The participating NFL executives can rotate on a yearly basis, and remain anonymous. ALL eligible players are reviewed and voted on by the committee members. Each athlete receiving the necessary number of votes, by position, is then extended an invitation. While it is not a perfect science, the goal of the committee is to invite every player that will be drafted in the ensuing NFL Draft.


Boise State center Cory Yriarte has received his sixth year of eligibility. News here.

Ya, I posted that info about 4 1/2 hours ago

I mostly did it to irritate that moron BDuck2009. It was fun to point out that Boise State has the same number of Combine invites as the two "best" teams in the Pac-12: Oregon and USC. It's hard to imagine how "unworthy" Boise State is when their players are getting such recognition.

BDUCK2009 is still ticked

BDUCK2009 is still ticked because we beat them twice. Fans from the so called 'big conferences' are also afraid of us.

BDUCK2009 needs to know

the big yellow 0 on Autzen stadum represents the number of times they have beaten BSU.


different subject all together. This is a plea to our new AD. West Virginia cancelled their September 8 game with Florida State. Since we play Michigan State on August 31 followed by a two week break until our September 15 home game with Miami (Ohio), why not pick up a chance to play the Seminoles on their home field? I recognize that it would be two cross-country trips in a row, but it would be a great opportunity to silence our critics about our schedule and enhance our reputation--win or lose. And, it would be a huge paycheck for the program.

I agree with you charlie

and as far as the distance thing is concerned, last season we basically had that same exact scenario. We opened in Atlanta vs UGA and then teh next game had the boys flew all the way to Toledo Ohio.

The only difference is that you're talking about playing two BCS teams in a row, which is a step that this program has never taken, which I why I agree that it could be great opportunity to silence our critics about our schedule and enhance our reputation.

We've proved that we can knock off a single BCS team, but Appalachain St and James Madison can say the same, so I think that if there's a good shot at getting FSU on the schedule, then they should do it.

Yes on Florida State

Perception around the country is that we graduated the whole team. Truth is we'll probably be as good as last year or better. Start off with wins over Mich State and Flor State, or even one win and a close loss, and we are right back in the middle of the Top 25..........also good for recruiting.

you me and RMS represent the minority of Bronco Nation

the majority is evidently afraid of the idea of BSU playing back to back BCS games.

It's not fear

it's recognizing that traveling across the country twice in eight days with a relatively inexperienced team is not a good idea. Now if Florida State was willing to come here, it would be another matter. The other part you need to take into consideration is that FSU is not going to want to pay $1M + to Boise State and possibly get beat, when they can pay that amount to the Idahos of FBS or even an FCS team and get a sure win.

yeah it's fear

sure, it's 8,500 miles. I get that, but last year, the team traveled 8,194 miles for it's first two games, so the travel excuse is just's an excuse.

You say that it's not a good idea to travel to FSU with an inexperienced team, right? Well, the fact that you mention the inexperience factor, then that leads me to think that you did it because you think that our inexperience would probably lead to a loss, so the way I see it is that fear of losing is what motivated you to come up with those excuses.

Here's how I'm looking at it. There's an innumerable amount with Bronco Nation who actually belive that BSU could be highly competitive in the SEC, Pac 12, Big 12 or Big Ten, and perhaps they could, but we'll never know until BSU starts playing more of a BCS type of schedule, right? We allknow that we can knock off a single BCS opponent in any h=given season, but I say lets up the ante and play two of them in consecutive games, besides, if "were" in a BCS conference, we'd still be fielding an inexperienced team, so in my view, by not trying to add FSU to the schedule, we're chickening out.

My take is that at the very least, BSU should try everyong within it's power to get the game on the schedule, and like you said, it probably wouldn't happen because of the money, but we should at least show the nation that we wanted them on our schedule and tried to get them, but they lowballed us in an attempt to weasle out of the challenge.

College football is all about money these days, but it's also about perception, and we need to give the perception that were on the prowl looking to gobble up any BCS team willing to schedule us, and who knows, maybe the money might be right, and we end up playing FSU at FSU with an inexperienced team and come away with a win, but unfortunately we'll never know

kid is right & kid is wrong

we should try to schedule as many sec, big ten etc schools as possible. common sense should also prevail. get us a home & home with the noles and it's on.


we move Miami(OH) up a week to the 8th, and schedule Florida Sate in Tallahassee on the 15th. Our schedule would then be:

Aug 31 Michigan St - Road
Sep 8 Micami(OH) - Home
Sep 14 Florida St - Road


Here's something to chew on. Oklahoma is in need of 2 non-conference games this year. I could see a 2-1 deal similar to the MSU deal. Oklahoma could play here this year and we could go there in 2017 and 2020 (best years for both) and BSU gets $1.2 or .3 million.

Just a thought......


I would love to just play Oklahoma, even if it was just a one-and-done in Norman for 2012. The Big 12 is pretty vocal about not coming to play in "such a small stadium". So, I doubt they'll make the visit.

I just want another AQ team, preferably one that has averaged a winning record over the last 5 yrs. I mean, I wouldn't want Duke or Kentucky coming here. If we were offered that kind of joke game, we may as well schedule an FCS team.

Well, Oklahoma

has away games at Tulsa (30,000) and at Army (40,000) coming up. They also played at Cincinnati (35,000) in 2010. Stadium size typically has nothing to do with scheduling games.

It's getting late to schedule a game and now they will need to figure out if they can get into the Big East this year. If we need to come up with $3M to $4M, then there is no question the 13th game will be a home game.

kid keeps forgetting

that there was a bye week between the UGA and Toledo game last year, huge difference.

And Boise State beat both Virginia Tech and Oregon State in the same 2010 season

"chickening out" = phrase of the day.

I didn't forget anything and that bye week was a very bad thing

We have a fan base that proclaims bsu could win the SEC or any other conference, yet what do we do after our first SEC game in 6 years? Yep, we schedule a freaking Bye week for crying out loud!

So... could we win in the SEC "week in and week out"? Who knows, because we evidently need a by week to prepare for Toldeo! In 2001 we opened the season with back to back games vs S. Carolina and Wash St, and in 05 we opened with back to back games ns UGA and Oregon St. Here we are six years later and our fan base doesn't think it's a good idea to try scheduling back to back BCS games again. It's too far...our team is too young...well, ya know what? boo frek'n hoo! That's what!

It's Division I football! It's the BCS! It ain't intramurals! So stop chichening out ... Go play intramurals, brother. Go play intramurals... ;-)

(as you can see, I butcherd up Hawkins infamously awesome qoute)

TBK....Your analysis is spot

on....and its what Ugly has been saying....

The goofy Bronco Fans always sqwack that everyone is afraid to play them, and so on....the fact is that if they want the BCS, then they must play the BCS....

If you talk the talk, then you must walk the walk....

If you want BCS, then play BCS....

This takes monies and revenue sharing....Bronco Stadium is very nice and generates monies, but not the monies for too many home-at-home with BCS schools....

and no, Memphis and Navy will not add to their the last famous bowl win in last 20 years by either Navy or Memphis? My opinion, the Big East is a Big Mistake....

Dont make Idaho too mad and isolate them....someday, you may need them again....

What would be interesting to know about the combine players is..

Who were the 5 star, 4 star, walk-on players in their first year at college. If BSU (or any program) puts several players in the combine and they were 2 and 3 star recruits, it would speak volumes about the coaching they received in college. Just sayin'.

data inconclusive

Here are the rankings for recruits. I'm not sure if this says more about coaching or that rating recruits is an inexact science for self proclaimed experts.

***** commits not listed below for 2007 - Jimmy Clausen, Ryan Mallet, Tyrod Taylor, Kodi Burns, Pat Bostick
***** commits not listed below for 2008 - Terrelle Pryor, E.J Manuel, Dayne Crist, Kevin Craft,

**** Kellen Moore, Boise State
**** B.J. Coleman, Tennessee-Chattanooga (Tennessee, 2007)
***** Aaron Corp, Richmond (USC, 2007)
** Kirk Cousins, Michigan State
NR Austin Davis, Southern Miss
*** Nick Foles, Arizona (Michigan St, 2007)
**** Robert Griffin III, Baylor
** Chandler Harnish, Northern Illinois
*** Jacory Harris, Miami
*** Jordan Jefferson, LSU
** Case Keenum, Houston
*** Ryan Lindley, San Diego State
***** Andrew Luck, Stanford
*** Brock Osweiler, Arizona State
— Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M
**** Darron Thomas, Oregon
— Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State
** Russell Wilson, Wisconsin (NCSt, 2007)
** Patrick Witt, Yale

Am I missing something or

can we not get to Chadd's blog from the new online newspaper format?

Something new

It reminds me of when my wife reorganized the kitchen. I still have to look the 3 cupboards for the cereal bowls.

This is how I got here.

Boise State's Kellen Moore among 19
quarterbacks invited to NFL Scouting Combine
Posted 5 hours ago on ccripe's blog

On the BSU Football page Under Bronco Beat, "ccripe's blog" is a link below the story headline that takes you to all of the blog posts for Bronco Beat.

File a complaint, I just did,

On the place on the online Statesman's main page where it says "Share your feedback on the redesign." Click on "I have a complaint," then put comments in the "Message" section. I told them to include Bronco Beat, Chad's column, in the drop down list under sports.


Chadd has no ("0")pull with Boise States new AD. If you have a so called "PLEA" email the AD. He may or may not read your PLEA, and he may or not return mail. Regardless you will know less the end result asking or seeking Chadd. Just saying

Know that,

just hoping that he might peruse Chadd's blog since Chadd does such an excellent job of keeping us informed on developments. I'm also pretty sure that the AD does not want his e-mail address know to fans of our ilk.


Or the number of first down for the ducks in the first half of their last meeting.

so u have some good players, you're still a second rate team...

you'll win 6 maybe 7 games this year ho hum same boring comments from u "hyped" bsu fans...

Would you care to bet

say, $100,000 for every game over six that Boise State wins? I'll pay you $100,000 for every game less than 6 they win. Yeah, didn't think so, just another idiot with a keyboard.

Great, another second rate comment

from a "hyped" up second rate hater..........

Give Idbound a break

I believe he/she is a Notre Dame fan, so you can understand his bitterness. All those 4 and 5 star recruits and a team that constantly underachieves, that takes a toll on a fan.


what's a second rate hater doing on a second rate blog?

Lightning in a bottle...

...Boise has as many combine invites as USC and Oregon...

When you win a million games, even if its against nobodies, people notice...however, not so fast my fine hooved friends...

Its never happened before and never will again...lets just see at the end of the day how many make NFL rosters, who bolts to the CFL and who goes back to changing oil and tires...

Boise's seven combine invites...

...Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then...

Kinda funny, Boise's best team in its history can only equal a normal, standard showing by Oregon and USC...

Have fun finishing out of the conference championship...AGAIN...LOL...comon, its the MWC and the WAC!!

Can't wait for that rivalry with Navy to begin!!

Oh yeah, and don't forget Rutgers and Memphis!!!

Nice conference move!!! Really strengthened Boises position as the laughing stocks of the football world!!! LOL!!!!

Poor bcluck

Jelousy hangs on you well.....

I hear ya on that Navy rivalry, BDuck

what gets me is that BSU and Oregon would make for a really good geographic rivalry, but it's a shame that Oregon is afraid to play us anymore.

Good point kid

Kinda like we get Navy and Oregon choose Portland St.

Oh wait, this year it's Tennessee TECH

(no offense to those of you that are Arkansas STATE fans)

Cosell's would be call...

...Hout gets clocked...Hout gets clocked...Hout gets clocked!!!!


Do you stay up nights thinking up these witty posts? Lack of sleep and you will not pass that math exam this morning.

cosell's would be call

ligarette runs like girl. ligarette is chicken shiite. these ducks can't seem to get a first down. down goes ligarette for a safety. into his bill goes bumdicks webfoot.

Broncos81...where has your...

...chicken sheeite azz been?? How about some comments regarding;

Boise's reluctance to join the Big Least for 2012...

The great anticipation of the insanely intense future rivalries with Navy & Rutgers...

Boise's lack of recent conference championships...comon its the WAC & MWC...why cant Boise win those weak azz champeenships??

We all eargerly await your typical weak, ,lame excuses BRONCOS 81...LOL!!!!!

Boise State doesn't have...

a multi-millionnaire fudning everything like the Ducks do. Boise State would join the Big East if given the opportunity. You know that, but you stir the pot anyway.

What's goin on??


Why hasn't Boise won a conference championship since 2009??

How can Boise expect to compete in the Big Least when they can't even win the WAC or the MWC??

Why is Boise traveling thousands of miles to establish rivalries that will embarrASSthem...(Navy, Memphis, Rutgers)

Why wont Boise just man up and join the Big Least for the 2012 season??

Teams and schools that matter not only answer questions about their legitimacy, they prove it by dominating their conference and participating in the BCS's games that matter season after season.

LOL!!! Rack me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


...Boise last won a conference championship in 2009...

Boise refused to join the conference in 2012 they sold their soul to join...

Boise continues to play ONE BCS team per season...

Boise'e recore ALL TIME against BCS teams is 9-16.

It all makes sense now...


Boise's all-time record against Oregon is 2-0.

The jersey says it all ...

O = the number of victories Oregon has against BSU. Every time I see an Oregon helmet, jersey, window sticker, or t-shirt, I'm reminded of the reality, that as much as the Ducks have accomplished, they have yet to beat Boise State.

Poor bcluck

Word is the Ducks are looking at USC type penalties. 30 scolly's, 2 year bowl ban, as well as some serious recuiting restriction .........

That 95 years for a Rose bowl win is going to look pretty good when the NCAA brings the hammer down.