Super Bowl commercials: Which was the best?

With all the hype and gazillions of dollars that go into Super Bowl advertising, you couldn't help but sit there open-mouthed yesterday, anticipating the commercial that would send you into seizures on the living room floor in glorious, gut-busting laughter.

Or not.

It felt like a down year for ads. I'm not saying that ad agencies are going to the dogs, but, well ... the only two spots that got me to crack a genuine smile were Bud Light's "Here We Go" and Volkswagen's "The Dog Strikes Back."

(OK, I'd be lying if I didn't admit I enjoyed the return of British rockers The Darkness, too, thanks to Samsung ...)

Update: There's an online poll on the home page of (scroll down on the right), but it doesn't include a couple of notable ads. ("Here We Go," for example, and the Chevy Silverado spot mentioned by a commenter below.)

So let's discuss here: What did you think about this year's Super Bowl ads?


The Chevrolet Silverado ad was the BEST by far and its not even in the Statesman's online poll. Classic Statesman being out of touch with their readership...

The Cheetah

on one of the car commercials. Pretty funny. The M&M was pretty funny, too.

I'm OK with cats, but

I thought the Doritos commercial about the dog that "eliminated" the cat was pretty doggone (boo hiss) funny. Oh, and it wasn't in the Staesman's online poll either...Sunny...

This cat lover loved it!

I love cats and I also thought that commercial was very funny. I did think at the end though that the PETA people were going to be furious (which just made it all the better for me).

post-it note...

You didn't see NUTHIN!


Didn't watch the ...


Dog in Skechers

I loved the bulldog in the Skechers doing the moon walk.

race dog!

Yep, that was my favorite, too. I was really rootin' for the little guy as he blasted down the home stretch! haha

The Pepsi commercial with Elton John as the tyrant-king, demanding entertainment, was pretty good too. (And at the end he's sent down trap door while his staff enjoys his Pepsi.)

Elton's company

The Flavor Flav twist at the end of that commercial was pretty funny too.

P.S. I just read an article that said that Skechers decided to go with the dog instead of an ad with Kim Kardashian in it. As someone who is not a fan the whole Kardashian phenomenon that made me kind of chuckle.

Definitely the Clint Eastwood ad

Loved the message

It's half-time in America!

Without question, the Eastwood ad!

It's time to pull together and win.


I can't vote for some stupid ad cause I didn't watch the stupid bowl....

Clint Eastwood

Made my day. And Obama's too!

Clint has said it wasn't for Obama. Might look it up.


VOICES is the only realy part of the Statesman LEFT. Guess McClatchy has finally killed the paper.

A Down Year For Ads

Sign of the struggling economy.....not as many quality Super Bowl ads this year. With consumer demand as low as it is why would companies spend as much money this year on a Super Bowl ad? However, the ad I liked was the Honda CRV ad that was a spin off of "Ferris Buellers Day Off"

I was in a daze...saw many of them on the NEWS.

Was not really paying attention to any of it. New York won though.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Those ads are ME. DIOCRE.


VOICES is the only realy part of the Statesman LEFT. Guess McClatchy has finally killed the paper.