Boise State's Kellen Moore wins two of three events in All-Star Football Challenge

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State’s Kellen Moore won two of his three events Thursday night in the All-Star Football Challenge in Indianapolis.

The event will air Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. on ESPN2.

Moore was one of three quarterbacks in the event. The others were Nick Foles of Arizona and Case Keenum of Houston.

Moore finished third in the quarterback scramble event, behind Foles (first) and Keenum (second). No surprise there.

He took first in the routes competition, teaming with Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd, and first again in the full team competition. Moore’s team included Floyd, South Carolina defensive end Melvin Ingram and Texas linebacker Keenan Robinson.

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we all know km can't compete with these guys. after all, he is only 5'11 3/4. just ask joke doc, km will never make it. until he does.

new website

kelly moore

I hope he makes a team somewhere. I can't wait to see a 300 pounder make kelly moore his girlfriend.


kunan, if you can't make a comment that brings something to the table, why waste your time and ours? You are neither cute or funny and you are quite offensive. Wish you had learned a little more respect. Please go back and bash Linda Clark for a while and leave this thread for the more intelligent. Thank you

Unlike you who just

You must have been in prison recently. Memories still a little too fresh huh? Unlike you who just makes offensive comments, Kellen is going on to do much better things. Apparently that's just as hard for you to swallow.



Haven't you heard?

He's already been with your mother.


Let's face it, "she" is probably a disgruntled Vandals fan, who couldn't stand the bashing the Broncos have given "her" team over the years, and especially the way KM picked them apart the last four!!!

Hmmmm, BSU's O-line protected Kellen quite well

and despite his inability to scramble, opposing teams had difficulty getting to him or even putting pressure on him - point being, that surely whatever NFL team that ends up drafting him, is probably going to have an O-Line who at a minimum, will provide just as good, if not a lot better protection than what his Bronco line provided him, right?

Did you hear the Tebow quote the other day when he was responding to the speed and talent of the NFL? He said that coming in, he was told the NFL was going to be different than college football. But he disagrees. He says he's played with so many NFL-bound players in high school and at Florida that every Sunday felt like facing "LSU or Auburn." pretty funny, huh? Anyway, if Tebow is right, then based on how Kellen fared vs UGA, he's already a NFL MVP candidate!


Tebow did it 4 seasons in college...Moore did it for 1 game?? Get real hillbilly. Another potato head thinkin he know sumthin bouut da fooseball...go back to the moonshine and hee haw reruns and leave the football to those who know...

BDuck, Craig James, Mark May, Black mamba, Chip Kelly!!

It's called sarcasm BDuck

besides, the way Tebow's played so far in his NFL career, he's looked more like Jared Zabransky vs UGA than Eli vs the Pats. He was just talking smack anyway, as was I. Truth be told, nobody knows what Kellen's NFL fate might be.

ha ....he did it 2 games to

ha ....he did it 2 games to Oregon Ducks Freshman and sophmore years...passed for over 300 as afrosh at Oregon

KM's 300 pound Sista

Not to dip s*%t, Kellen will have his own 300 pounders watch'in his six. Just watch who Drew Brees always thanks on the sidelines.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

Not funny, Sicko

We don't need these kinds of comments.

way to embarass yourself and

way to embarass yourself and lose any credibility!


congrats. I will be watching Sunday and can't wait to see you play where ever you go.

GO Broncos

It's Kung FU Football

He is too: short, weak, can't throw, can't run, and is still attending High School; AS Reported Known Facts from the press. Unknown facts from the rumor mill: He doesn't shave, doesn't get mad, likes people too much and wants to be fair. Now for reality TV: He wins and wins and wins while the opposition just shakes its collective head and screams, "what just happened here"? Is there a Kung FU Kellen as good as he is?

Well, that's neat.

What a great opportunity!

Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 25, take 2

§ attempt to turn bold




§ Re: Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 25

Lost a spot in the "rankings" without even playing a game ... typical.

All because

He decided Ohio State, after not having the in the top-25, is now number 16.....

What poll wouldnt be complete...

Without ND in the Top 25, FSU OU and West Viginia in the Top 10... Are you kidding? Michigan St. Top 10? Um, sure it is. Throw some names in a hat (all BCS teams PLEASE) and pick the Top 10. What a phoney pile of flaming garbage Top 25.

Look how many Top 25 teams have to replace QB's...Only 7 or 8...and if you're ND you might have that an open job come spring. Out of the 7 or 8, theres some pretty good teams. LSU, Oregon, Stanford and MSU (both overrated) and Wisconsin.

Michael Landon...this aint the highway to heaven...

...typical whining...

Boise wont even sniff a real bowl game or get near a top 15 ranking...and you whine about dropping to have nothing coming back and you couldnt win your own weak azz non aq conference the last 2 seasons even with Boizees all time top team...

Now you whine about a 21 ranking...LOL!!! After the opening loss to Michigan State, Boise will be lucky to be a 7-5 team and play in the mac and fight hunger bowl...

Just take another drag on the corn cobb pipe and watch some reruns of Hee Haw...sounds like way more fun than anyone will be having on the pee puke stained "blue" turf in 2012-2020...

Oh yeah...get ready to stoke the fires of that intense rivalry with navy starting in 2013...LOL!!!!


YOU, SIR, KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BOISE STATE FOOTBALL! I have satched this program since 1950, when I started playin Jr. High football, at 11 years of age. using cardboard helmets and shoulder pads, and a jersey! No hip or tailbone pads, no knee pads! I watched Coach Smith turn BOISE J C, into a national powerhouse, and a NATIONAL CHAMPION! I watched Coach Knapp take it too the 4 year level, and all the way up to what we have NOW, A PROGRAM THAT DOESN'T REBUILD, IT JUST RELOADS AND FIRES ON ALL CYLINDERS!! i COACHED FOR OVER 50 YEARS, AND KNOW MY WAY AROUND A LOCKER ROOM!!! BSU will be in the top 10, not just the top 25! Schlabach doesn't have a clue, because he is from TSUN (THAT SCHOOL UP NORTH), AND HATES BSU WITH A PASSION!!
Me, I'm objective about the whole situation. I root for ALL OF OUR IDAHO SCHOOLS, except when they play BSU! Even when I was in the service, or living in San Diego, I would always look at the sports page, and check on IDAHO SCHOOLS! I could care less about the others.
TRUST ME, having been around the locker room for more than a week or two, BSU is JUST FINE!!
COACH GRIZ are correct to call me sir... sound like just another butt hurt, cowpie stuck to the bottom of your shoes, hee haw watchin hillbilly inbred bronco fan!!

Reload...yeah, we'll see how you reload. The best team in Boise history couldnt even win its own conference the last two seasons and if you have watched the QB and O line you have playin next season...well, lets just say it looks like another season without a conference championship...

You know your way around a locker room?? Been coaching for 50 years?? Well if you really had that kind of knowledge and experience you would know how remote the chances are that Boise starts the season in the top 15, let alone finishes there...I dont see donkeys flying anytime soon, so...

Why dont you leave the football talk to those who know a little about it, which, on this blog, is me and only me, and watch the mules crash and burn again...

Bwahahahahaha! You know

Bwahahahahaha! You know nothing about football...bwahahahahaha!


BSU is just fine, and will be in the top 10! THEY have some REALLY GREAT RECRUITS! Nick Patti will be starting QB, and will have a chance to break Kellen's record! This guy is THE TRUTH, when it comes to QB's, They have replacements for all of the spots on DEFENSE, and they have replacements for most if not all of the spots on OFFENSE!
As I say in a post below, I have watched this PROGRAM SINCE 1950, and I can give you chapter and verse of how they have done! My cousin played on the NATIONAL CHAMPION TEAM, (KELLY EMRY), and I had friends who played under Coach Smith and Coach Knapp. Just because YOUR AHEM TEAM! doesn't measure up, don't take it out on BSU!!!


Bleacher Report reoports the following draft order for QB's after of course the really big names (Luck, Griffin, Cousins and Tannenbaum)

Foles Arizona
Osweiler Ariz St
Lindley SDSU
Harnish NIU
Keenum Houston
Davis S Miss
Moore Boise 6th rd pick 183
Thomas Ore 6th rd pick 189

Just goes to show that a million wins against cupcakes and a 4 year starter for Boise equals...well...not much.

On the other hand, Thomas plays 2 seasons, forgoes his senior year and is basically seen as Moore's equal in the NFL

Poor Bcluck

When Martin, Iloka, Winn, and McClellin are taking before any Duck...

You'll be shaking your head trying to come up with some other stupid excuse...

it's too bad.

the first two words i read were "Bleacher Report" and the rest lost all credibility.

Osweiller from ASU...

...ranked so much higher than his clipboard holding Vegas bowl opponent, Jiffy Lube Moore...

Nice...way to win all those meaningless WAc/MWC games!!!!!

Oh Duckie I've Missed You So...

See your still up to your normal anti BSU talk. Somethings are so not refreshing. Still doesn't make it so the Ducks can beat the Bronco's. So Duckie, we beat a SEC team. Can you say that about Oregon. Come to think of it no Pac12 team has beat the Bronco's in a while. I wonder what that means. Yes, they lost to a Pac10 team 5 years ago. But oh the memories Duckie, the memories.

Doggystyleandponyshow...livin in the past...

...Oregon beat Tennessee in 2010 and will again in 2013. The last Pac12 team beating the Donks...I know Washington did in 2007, and Oregon lost in 08 and 09...But the heights Oregon soared to after those games and the lows the donks sunk to...well...

Oregon 3 straight Pac12 titles
Oregon Played for the NC
Oregon starred in a record rose Bowl win
Oregon played in 3 straight BCS bowls
Oregon recruits in the top 15 every season (Black mamba)

Boise last wins a weak teet conference title in 2009
Boise continues to recruit 1 stars
Boise bowls in Vegas the last two seasons
Boise joins yet another weak teet conference & begins rivalry with Navy
Boise wins a million games, but no one cares as their top 5 ranking is just a bone thrown to them by the substance in those wins equals no BCS bowls

Enough said doggyboy?? And dont give me "we played in the Fiesta Bowl against TCU in 2009"...another bone, a BCS bowl with two weak teet conference teams...didn't really count.

There you have it...rack me...AGAIN BABY!!!!!!!!!

Osweiler is 7-8 inches taller than Kellen

But, the Maaco Bowl proved that he was an average (at best) QB. He was embarrassed by the short guy. If you think he's getting drafted before Kellen, you are smoking crack.

Take a look at EVERY draft board Lamont...

...and face it...Osweiler WILL be drafted before "jiffy lube" Moore. Moore will be lucky to be taken before Darron "natty" Thomas!!

Rack it!!!!

When Jim Rome told you to stop call'n his show and to work

When Jim Rome told you to stop call'n his show and to work on your material, he didn't mean go to the obscure Idaho Statesman's website and start dropping some seriously lame smackdowns. Face it man, he doesn't want you calling in to his show because you're a loser and your takes are lame. Seriously BDuck..."jiffy lube" Moore???? C'mon man ya gotta do way better than that if ya ever want to get back into da jungle!

All this time...

I thought you'd gotten past the immaturity of making fun of my name. I sure was wrong.

Not sure where the "Jiffy Lube" name came from, or how it applies to Moore. Since you're the only one to bring it up, I can only conclude it surfaced from your own mind. Was it a pet name given to you by your cellmate? I guess he didn't wanna call you Ben Dover any more.

Jim Rome would not only rack this as one of his all-time greats, but probably put it down as his email signature.

You are such a tool.

how about you wait until the

how about you wait until the actual draft takes place rather than putting forward your wish list!

Tom Brady was the 199th pick

Tom Brady was the 199th pick what does it mean...Phil Simms Morehead what does it mean...Kurt Warner grocery what does it mean...Joey Harrington Oregon ahahaha what does it mean....

Can anyone say Zabriiinnnssskkkiii????

Just another noodle armed QB from Boise who benefitted from playing 1 BCS team a year, never had to face BCS competition week in and week out and now is all set to be drafted 6 picks ahead of a spread QB who dominated his BCS conference for the only two seasons he played...

LOL!!!! Rack it!!! hilarious!!!!!!!

Poor Bcluck

Living in the past as usual......

Lets play Jeopardy...

...Winningest QB in college history, he won a million games against cupcakes, parlaying his success into a 6th rd draft choice and 1 season of wearing his cap backwards, holding a clipboard and getting coffee for his teammates...answer is kellen "jiffy lube" Moore....!!


Poor Bcluck

Two of those "cupcakes" being the same PAC2 elite Ducky's........

BTW, Isn't $105,000 a little much to spend on a single street agent?

He won 2 of those 50

He won 2 of those 50 against Oregon....then they said no moore

Never gets old...

...I love me some bein right!!!!!

Rack me hillbillies...


I would rather be a proud hillbilly than a never was wearing depends and showing how stupid I am on a blog. But then you have that job all tied up.Is your life so pitiful you have nothing better to do than come on here and show your ignorance. So sorry you are wasting away with nothing to show for it. Sad really. BDuck, hope you find a life someday.

I'll grow old waiting

We're still waiting for you to be right after 3 years of crying about how the little Idaho school ruined your chances at an NC game. Easy fix, tho: refuse to schedule them any more. Yay! The easy path to NC game is here. Too bad you couldn't seal the deal. Kinda sucks having wasted all that effort into avoiding Boise State, only to choke in the NC game.

Kellen's nickname at the Senior Bowl

Seems he was known as "Jiffy Lube" Moore.

LOL!!!! I crack myself up...but seriously, I can see being ranked below Luck, Griffin, Tannenbaum, Osweiler, Foles, Cousins & Keenum...

But the guy from SDSU, the guy from S Miss and the guy fron Northern Ill...really, all ranked ahead of the greatest player in Boise history, the "winningest" qb in CFB history??

I guess thats why you actually have to play games that matter, not just rack up the wins against Toledo, La Tech, San Jose St, Idaho, Wyoming, Fresno St, Tulsa etc. etc. etc.

I guess body of work just keeps biting ole "Jiffy Lube" right in the MOONshine!!!

Rack me again...hey isnt it time for Hee Haw!!!!

Poor Bcluck

Speaking of Senior Bowl nicknames, there was the ones for all the Oregon players....

There was ah.....well what about ahhhhh......OK, so they gave them a "team" nickname